‘There are many parallels between the PVV and fascism’.

7 11 2010

Via DutchNews.nl:

Until recently anyone in the least critical of immigrants would be called a fascist. But political correctness isn’t what is used to be, according to philosopher Rob Riemen in an interview with the Volkskrant.

Geert Wilders must not be called a fascist under any circumstance yet his style and ideas are reminiscent of pre-war fascism. He’s exploiting people’s dissatisfaction, making scapegoats of immigrants and turning against anything that is intellectual, cosmopolitan, or otherwise not ‘of the people’, writes Riemen in his pamphlet De eeuwige terugkeer van het fascisme (The eternal comeback of fascism) which will be out on Thursday.

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5 responses

7 11 2010
zvi gross

Rob Riemen,
You want the Elite to be respected, -and if you consider yourself as such- this article certainly doesn’t commend respect-at least in my eyes.
Imagine the Jews of Europe trying to unite pre second world war Europe for protection against a rapidly increasing,belligerent, domineering murderous ideological group-the Nazis? Would you call them Fascists? This is what Geert Wielders is trying to do. Seeing Islam as a dangerous ideological group, he tries to warn and protect his people before it will be too late to do so? Islam is much more analogous to Nazi ideology-especially in it’s blind anti Jewish hatred- then anything Wielders said and preached against Islam? Islam tolerates no freedom of conscience and/or expression, nor has any democratic values,is intolerant to the extreme, and the sooner we are allowed to have these issues in the public eye, and scrutiny without unjustifiable name calling, the better informed we will all be.
Too many “Elites” afraid of the truth, and guilty of clouded thinking and faulty logic, like the above article shows, while Geert, has to walk around with guards 24/7 for protection from assassination. Where is his freedom? And he is called “Fascist” rather then the proponents of the murderous ideology he is being protected from physically?

7 11 2010
Gutless Christian

Anti-Christ Geert Wilders Muslim hate will backfire.

7 11 2010
zvi gross

To Gutless and mindless, but definitely not a Christian,
Christ was a Jew, with Jewish parents, uncles nieces etc. He loved his own people, and would be horrified to witness the way His people were treated over the Centuries.
Geert Wilders- who tries to protect Jesus people- can’t be an anti-Christ, quite to the contrary, those who raise a finger against his people are.

11 11 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

He is there to save Humanity.
I am no Jew or Christian, I am a Bharti/an Indian, following one of the Bharat Panths (Indian Religion) but I feel Geert is fighting for me.

Like Edison, his efforts are not for his Country or Religion but to enlighten this planet.

14 11 2010
Lee Williams

Geert Wilders is a champion of freedom. The liberal Elite in all western countries are running in fear of a Islamic backlash if they dare say anything to the contrary of Muslims. What kind of backward religion theatens death via Fatwa to anyone who dares speak against them?
Islam is in the process of world domination via a fifth column every western country. Anyone who can’t see this coming is a fool.
They (Islamic lunatics) will kill anyone who stands against them and have done so on many occasions. And the loony left and liberals think that by appeasing them they won’t attack us. This only plays right into their hands showing them how week we are. They feast on political correctness to our detriment, while giving nothing in return only hostility and hate.
Anachy will reign only when good men do nothing!

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