In The Wake Of The Wilders Trial

1 11 2010

Here’s another article that I’ve written for The Propagandist on the Geert Wilders phenomenon in Holland. Check it out, eh?

In The Wake Of The Wilders Trial:

As noted in an earlier article, the prosecution of Dutch politician Geert Wilders for group insult and incitement of hatred and discrimination went off the rails earlier this month. Not only did the Dutch Public Prosecutor advise that all charges against Wilders be dropped, but the judges handling his case were all dismissed after one of them – Tom Schalken – attended the same dinner party as a trial witness and apparently attempted to engage him in a conversation about the trial – a big potential for conflict of interest. Schalken is now facing proceedings launched by Wilders for influencing a witness. The trial is expected to start over from scratch, but in the interim there has been some rather interesting fall-out in The Netherlands.

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2 responses

1 11 2010
daughter of pig and dog (Ingrid)

Well, yes, and its amazing that the lawyer of Geert Wilders, Bram Moskowitz, has succeeded in his request that those corrupt ones have been removed from the trial. that is the very least that Geert should have, unbiased judges! But, it was a miracle to achieve, in itself!


Long Live the Great Bram Moskowitz, defender of Geert Wilders and all freedoms enjoyed by infidels in Holland!

11 11 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Long live Daughter of Humanity who has named herself with different name.
Long live Humanity.
death to anti-human cults,
death to anti- reason cults
death to absurd believes

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