Britons arrested at Amsterdam EDL protest

1 11 2010

From The Independent:

Five Britons were among several dozen people arrested during a demonstration by the right-wing English Defence League in Amsterdam.  Around 60 EDL activists turned up in the Dutch city yesterday to support Dutch anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders. The Britons were among 34 people arrested during the day, Amsterdam Police spokesman Rob van der Veen said. It is understood the five were held for not producing identification while on their way to the demonstration. Officers equipped with horses and dogs were among those out in force as the protesters gathered in a specially designated area between the city centre and port. Dutch authorities attempted to isolate the protest from anti-fascist groups and supporters of football team Ajax, both of whom urged their members to disrupt the afternoon demonstration. Mr Wilders – who was barred from visiting Britain before being allowed to enter last year – has reportedly said he has no ties to the EDL and did not support the demonstration.

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Meanwhile, via Taiwan News: Far-right English group demonstrates in Amsterdam.




4 responses

1 11 2010
daughter of pig and dog

Well, bless them! Thank you, for your support of our brave defender of the infidels!!

2 11 2010

Funny how the Independent fails to note that these five Britons had nothing to do with the EDL and were actually anti-freedom of speech, left-wing extremists who were in Amsterdam to attack them! No EDL members or supporters of Geert Wilders were arrested.

2 11 2010
walker morrow

Heh – funny that, eh Jethro?

3 11 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

These 5 Britons should have known it before any such activity that they are Britons and Christians, hence they have no right. Had they been from sadist cult in that case it is Right to demonstrate, hijack, kidnap, rape, stone and insult.

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