Twists And Turns In Wilders Speech Trial

28 10 2010

Here is an article that I, dear reader, have just written for a fine up-and-coming online magazine called The Propagandist on the Wilders trial: Twists And Turns In Wilders Speech Trial. Check it out, huh?

Here’s an excerpt:

In Holland, things have to get worse before they can get better. At least, such is the case with Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician being brought up on charges of group insult and inciting hatred and discrimination because of his skeptical, even hostile, view of Islam.There are obvious reasons why a politician being prosecuted for his words and opinions on religion should be a disturbing sight in a country with a liberal background like Holland. That’s particularly so in this case, where the odds seem rather stacked against the defendant.

For instance, the outgoing Justice Minister for Holland, Hirsch Ballin, seems to have had some personal involvement in Geert Wilders’ prosecution. Not only that, but Hirsch is a member of the Christian Democrat CDA party, which recently joined with the liberal VVD party in a coalition backed by Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV). This coalition was opposed by Ballin, who is a vocal critic of Wilders.

Need another example? During a screening of Geert Wilders’ Islam-skeptic film, Fitna, as part of the court proceedings in his case, one of judges presiding made what could be seen as a biased remark. During the proceedings, one of the complainants present said that she did not want to see Fitna, to which Justice Jan Moors said: “I can understand that.” This prompted a rebuke from Wilders’ lawyer which Moors brushed aside by saying that he was not passing judgment on the film with his comment. Despite his assurances, one can see how his words could easily be construed as criticism.

Another example? Alright. Frans Bauduin, the president of the court of substitution which ruled that certain statements by one of the judges handling the Wilders case were not prejudiced against Wilders, also happens to have a stake in the outcome of Wilders’ trial. Bauduin serves as a board member for a group called the Morocco Fund, which works to stimulate Moroccan development aid. The Morocco Fund exists thanks to government funding, which might well come into question should Geert Wilders’ Islam-skeptic PVV continue to exert influence in the Dutch parliament.

In other words, we’re seeing what could be perceived as conflicts of interest down the line.

Read the rest here.




2 responses

1 11 2010
daughter of pig and dog (Ingrid)

Yes, and that black woman without a head covering would be stoned if she were living among Muslims in a country of Islamic leadership, for simply wearing no headscarf.

What a bitch.

1 11 2010
daughter of pig and dog (Ingrid)

You can see what happened and what the judge said, (thank goodness and Bram Moskowitz that he’s gone, right?) in reply to her (which he denied was a value judgement, the slimy liar) over on Klein Verzet, day one.


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