Dutch court to hear anti-Islam case again

24 10 2010

Via the Edmonton Journal:

A Dutch court approved on Friday a request from anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders to have new judges for his trial on charges of inciting hatred against Muslims, forcing the court to start the case over again.

Wilders’ lawyer had asked the court to replace the current judges because of concern about their potential bias after they did not immediately approve a request to take testimony from a witness the defence considers crucial to its case.

The ruling is seen as another victory for the outspoken Wilders, who plays a key role in supporting the new minority Dutch government after his anti-immigration Freedom Party was one of the big winners at the June elections.

In ruling in favour of the defence’s request for new judges, the court said on Friday the defence’s fear of potential bias from trial judges was “understandable.




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25 10 2010

OMG, Yah, Bless the man and his darling lawyer. Don’t you love em.

These are strange and severely fascinating times of our suffering.

Yah help us all.

27 10 2010

There is a pathetic and totally illogical belief among what are called western liberals that, if only people would stop criticising Islam, the populations of western countries could peacefully continue with their lives and that a happy multi-cultural society would result notwithstanding an ever growing influx of Moslem immigrants. Thus countries like The Netherlands have so-called ‘hate’ laws restricting free speech and thus contravene their obligations under the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, in particular, Article 19 which decrees the right to hold opinions without interference.
The examples from history of the failures of multi-culturalism – Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empires, the 1947 violence in India, Yugoslavia, the Soviet Union, Sri Lanka, The Philipinnes and the inter-community violence between Shiite, Sunni and the Kurdish populations in Iraq – do not deter the believers. Logically we can assume that the proponents of multi-culturalism believe that, if only they all had possessed ‘hate’ laws, everything would have been peaceful.
Western countries collude with Moslem countries by not campaigning to have them expelled from the UN for contravening other provisions of that Declaration of Human Rights. For example, while the erstwhile apartheid regime in South Africa was expelled from the UN because of its racial discrimination laws contravened Article 20 (which forbids discrimination on the basis of race), no action is taken to expel Iran, Saudi Arabia and Sudan for their blatant contravention of the same Article which also forbids discrimination on the basis of sex or for their contravention of Article 18 which spells out the right of people to change their religion. Hypocrisy rules!
Furthermore, when the Netherlands MP, Geert Wilders, urges Moslems to excise parts of the Koran which offend against the provisions of the UN Declaration of Human Rights, he is put on trial, basically on the premise that he is a racist. Yet few people examine the Koran and inform themselves of the extent of exhortations contained in that book which blatantly flout the UN Declaration of Human Rights. For example, Sura 4.34 exhorts men to beat disobedient wives, and Sura 4.91 urges violence and death to be inflicted on infidels. Whilst apologists state that such Koranic quotations are “taken out of context”, no explanation of what different context we should consider. Meanwhile, in many Islamic countries (and, indeed among Moslem communities in the west) so-called ‘honour’ killings of women, genital mutilation of girls and “selling” of daughters occur – all in accordance with what the Koran’s adherents believe is right and just. The examples of the horrific killing of TV journalist, Atwar Bahjat in Iraq, and the frequent reports of the stoning of adulterers elsewhere in the Middle East and Pakistan, exemplifies what the Sharia Law, urged upon us by Moslem immigrants, could mean for us in the west.
Surely if a voice is needed to say “thus and no further” it is one like Geert Wilders. And, if even Chancellor Angela Merkel seems to concur with this, the Netherlands ‘justice’ system, by proceeding with Wilders’ trial, is set to make it an international laughing stock of itself.

30 10 2010

Thank you Geoff. Everything you say is right on.

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