The Wilders trial – latest updates

23 10 2010

Something I forgot to mention earlier, via Vlad Tepes: The other side in the Geert Wilders debate:


Bloomberg: Wilders’s Remarks About Islam Were Criticism, Not Defamation, Lawyer Says. Wilders’ inciting hatred trial enters final day.

Pajamas Media: BREAKING: Judges in Geert Wilders’ Free Speech Case Removed from Trial (UPDATED):

The trial of Dutch MP Geert Wilders will have an encore.

In the conclusion to a bizarre trial — in which the prosecution already called for the acquittal of the defendant — Wilders’ lawyer Abraham Moszkowicz today asked for dismissal of the three judges, and his request was approved by the dismissal commission of the court. Now, the trial will have to start over from the beginning.

Moszkowicz asked for a dismissal after the three judges refused to allow Dr. Hans Jansen to testify regarding a discussion he had with one of the judges of a higher court that ordered the prosecution of Wilders.

In May, Dr. Jansen was invited to attend a dinner party together with one of the higher court judges. This judge started discussing the Wilders trial, and his order to prosecute, with Dr. Jansen. Jansen revealed this on his personal blog last Wednesday. Moszkowicz wanted the judges to hear, in court, Dr. Jansen’s impression of this discussion.

Dr. Jansen had testified earlier in this case in a closed setting. Dr. Jansen is one of the foremost Islam experts in the Netherlands. (As is the case in the U.S., judges are not permitted to discuss a case outside the court — especially with an expert witness for the case.)

The court refused Moszkowicz’ request to hear Dr. Jansen. Moszkowicz subsequently asked for dismissal of this court, and after a short session the dismissal commission agreed with him.

Read the rest.

Vlad Tepes: Dutch MP Wilders to face retrial.

Blazing Cat Fur: Dutch MP Wilders to face retrial.

The Guardian: Geert Wilders hate speech trial collapses in Netherlands.

The American Free Press: Judges removed in trial of Dutch anti-Islam MP.

Exciting times.




4 responses

24 10 2010
zvi gross

I don’t know why the left hates Israel so much!! What is the commonality between the Lefts idiology of equality and women lib agenda and Islam? They are diametrically on opposite sides from each other, and how is it possible that the left is so pro Hamas, Hezbollah and other extremist Islamist ideology, which – given a chance- will wholly jeopardize the Lefts own existence?
May we add a few words in front of the Social, to explain my suspicion? Maybe the word NAZIOAL should be added to the present anti-Israel, anti-Jewish SOCIAL. This little change will clarify to us their idiological position, which is otherwise thoroughly illogical?

24 10 2010

What an utter shambles. The Dutch courts are making themselves a laughing stock throughout the world.

25 10 2010

Boy, I agree with both of you, wholeheartedly, their stance (weird, bizarre, illogical irrational) is CRAZY and totally perverse. None of is holds water, for instance, one particular aspect, is What about those Islamic WOMEN, IF THEY ARE SO OSTENSIBLY FOR WOMEN’S RIGHTS?
and – IF the leftists are so for children, (?) THEN WHY ARE THEY DEFENDING Islamics who do HORRIBLE THINGS TO THEIR CHILDREN, BASED ON RELIGIOUS indoctrination? All over the world? From strapping on bombs to their toddlers for early indoctrination, telling them to repeat horrible killing things when they are just talking, teaching them to hate women and girls, to think girls are inherently evil, to rape little boys and big boys, (part of the evil culture of abuse and destruction) to rape any woman they want, (wives get this abuse all the time, I have personally experienced this from a Muslim, who think marriage means a legal sanction to do anything to the woman, mere chattel, as well as children being sub-human chattel), cutting/gouging out girls’ clitorises, sewing up the vagina making childbirth impossible sometimes, (scar tissue hardened makes the baby trapped inside, with head ramming up against the mother for hours, then often dying before they can load her up on a camel to the nearest hospital to try emergency C-sections – who else does this except Muslims? No one!, yes, I know not all muslims do this but those who do it are always Muslim)

How can these leftists even sleep at night? How can they look themselves inthe mirror?

I hope Daniel that the Dutch court now (these judges) do feel ashamed of being against him and putting him through this. I think the one, (bald head) and the dark-haired younger one, did seem a little humbled at reading some of the witness testimony (which should have been on camera).
I hope they get the new judges. That one had a Moroccan side interest, besides.

24 01 2011
filthy kafur

This “TRIAL” is an utter disgrace and blatantly pro Islam……who knows….the judges may even be muslims????? Why else would judges carry on a trial when theres no prosecution? They clearly have some agenda.

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