The latest in the Wilders trial

21 10 2010

A few stories: Anti Islam Wilders’s Trial Continues.

Bloomberg Businessweek: Dutch Muslims want anti-Islam lawmaker convicted:

Muslims witnessing Geert Wilders’ hate speech trial claim the anti-Islam lawmaker’s speeches have led to attacks on Dutch Muslims and pleaded with judges Monday to convict and fine him.

Read the rest. Wilders not trying to create conflict and divisions, says lawyer.

Enerpub: Defense for Dutch politician Wilders says trial is ‘unfair’:

Dutch media reported on the the first day of the defence testimony in the trial of Geert Wilders, a controversial member of the Netherlands parliament who has been charged with hate-speech because of his far-ranging statements on Islam and the place of Muslims in European society. According to local media, Wilder’s attorney said that the current trial unfair and claimed the court had decided from the very start that his client was guilty of group defamation, and incitement to hatred and discrimination. 

Read the rest.

Musalman Times: Dutch ‘Justice’: Prosecutors support Defense in Wilders ‘trial’. ‘Wilders denied fair trial’.

The Associated Press: Anti-Islam lawmaker asks for hate speech acquittal.




One response

23 10 2010

Why you keep blaming others, quit your absurdity, once you come out of, you will laugh at the stupidity you once practiced. Give reason a chance, give life a chance. Don’t be slave because you have stared loving slavery. Instead of making others victims of absurdity, try come out of it.
Try understand Geert, try understand life, science, art.
Life is more than rape,stoning, loot, murder, enjoying 71 virgins and child abuse, bombing and war.
You too can be normal human, just quit absurdity like some quit smoking.
Wishing you wisdom and happiness.

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