New minister’s dual nationality is not a problem, says prime minister

21 10 2010


Prime minister Mark Rutte does not consider it a problem that a junior minister in his new government holds both Dutch and Swedish nationality.

Last weekend it emerged junior health minister Marlies Veldhuijzen van Zanten-Hyllner had two passports. She was born in Sweden and has a Swedish father.

‘The fact that I was aware she had dual nationality should tell you I do not consider it a problem,’ Rutte told reporters during a visit to Belgium.

PVV leader Geert Wilders is to introduce a motion calling on the minister to renounce her Swedish nationality during next week’s debate on the government’s plans. He believes dual nationality gives rise to divided loyalties.

Read it here.

Meanwhile, via Today’s Zaman: Turkey expresses concerns on new Dutch government.




One response

22 10 2010

If ever anyone feels depressed, try this, it always works:

Watch the debate on here, of Geert Wilders debates Job Cohen.
You will feel your strength rise, your spirits soar and you will be infused with hope for human race and love for Geert The Brave defender of the Infidels and you will learn and renew your issues, as he speaks them so straighforwardly.

He is unflinching.

Yah’s love and strength is great in this man.

I almost at times, feltl sorry for the wicked Job Cohen, but Geert is honest, understated, and kind – he could always see the light and change his ways!

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