Prosecutor requests part acquittal for Wilders

15 10 2010

Courtesy of Reuters:

Oct 12 (Reuters) – The Dutch prosecutor requested a Dutch court to acquit lawmaker Geert Wilders on a charge that he insulted Muslims as a group, news agency ANP reported on Tuesday.The prosecutor was wrapping up its case against Wilders on Tuesday and Friday and still needs to present its sentencing demand for charges that Wilders incited hatred and discrimination against Muslims. (Reporting by Aaron Gray-Block)

Read it here.


Gates of Vienna: Acquittal for Geert Wilders on One Count.

FrontPage Mag: Wilders’ Trial: Win One, Lose One. Geert Wilders trial continues with prosecution case.




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16 10 2010
Disco Mowlana

Do You Call It Islamic Terrorism?
For more: Do You Call It Islamic Terrorism?

A. The Muslims are not burning anyone’s holy book.
B. The Muslims are not insulting anyone’s holy prophet.
C. The Muslims are not insulting and attacking other people’s religious values and sensibilities.

In fact, the non-Muslims are:
1. Burning Muslim holy book.
2. Insulting Muslim prophet.
3. Insulting and attacking Muslim religious values and sensibilities.
4. Initiating xenophobia, racism, sectarianism and all other forms of discrimination against the Muslims.

Ironically, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Middle Eastern religion. Yet, Islam is treated as pariah!
Why is it so? Is it because the Muslims:
1. Did not conspire to murder Jesus?
2. Revere Jesus as a prophet?
3. Revere mother Marry?

The non-Muslims love to insult Prophet Mohammed! Is it because of his last sermon?

All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood. Nothing shall be legitimate to a Muslim which belongs to a fellow Muslim unless it was given freely and willingly. Do not, therefore, do injustice to yourselves.
Source: Last Sermon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

The non-Muslims love to launch sexual insult against Prophet Mohammed! Is it because of his declaration below?

O People, it is true that you have certain rights with regard to your women, but they also have rights over you. Remember that you have taken them as your wives only under God’s trust and with His permission. If they abide by your right then to them belongs the right to be fed and clothed in kindness. Do treat your women well and be kind to them for they are your partners and committed helpers. And it is your right that they do not make friends with any one of whom you do not approve, as well as never to be unchaste.
Source: Last Sermon of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)

Luckily, the Muslims are no devastated by endemic sexual scandals. The Muslims don’t have;
1. Fritz of Austria
2. Fritz of Australia
3. Fritz of USA.

Most importantly the Muslims are not confronting with tragedies like:
a. American women had sex with her son
b. Australian man had sex with his mother.

Should anyone dares to examine all messages of Geert Wilders Home, you may discover Geert Wilders and his supporters are using insanity and profanity, blatant prejudice and bigotry based on totally false and fabricated reasons and grounds! Wilders and his supporters’ fanaticism and anti-Muslim vendetta are illogical, immoral and ought to be illegal. Their vitriolic language, deliberation, style and application are dangerous to any society.

Most importantly, militant atheists love to insult Jesus (PBUH) and mother Marry. They find fun in Piss Christ! They also love to insult Mohammed (PBUH) and they made historically inaccurate and deliberately offensive cartoons!! However, they find a half naked Moses (PBUH) sucking cock is blasphemous!!! Surely, this gives away the origin and real stand point of these so called atheists i.e. they are closet Zionists. they are using free speech to

In short, do you call it Islamic Terrorism or Zionist Conspiracy?
For more:

16 10 2010

GET OUT, F.A., you and your demonic infestation which used to be your mind.

16 10 2010

Islam is a scourge within Western societies. It will not adapt, it will not reform, and by its’ very nature runs contrary to the democratic ideals evolved over the centuries from reformed Christian principles.
There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.
Islam only seeks to conquer.
It cannot be trusted.

17 10 2010
Christian and Jewish Pedophile

Why are you launching irrational attack against Muslims? Is it to hide Christian and Jewish Pedophilia?

18 10 2010

All Americans who get even a glimpse of the truth that’s been withheld from us, or we’ve never looked into seriously before, are angry.

Islam is a vile ideological tyranny over mankind.
It is anti-woman, anti-girl, anti-boy, anti-man, anti-animal, racist, cruel and barbaric to its evil core and inspiration, Allah, the demon, and his human mouthpiece and example to all Muslims, Mohammed.

And what they want to do to this country, our people, and all of Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the West Indies, South America, Africa, etc., all infidel nations, is exactly why we are angry now. Cause we found out your plan and goal, spoken ver batim by you, your Imams, your prophet, your God in the Quran, and all Muslims who do not believe those verses, (are there any of you?) should now speak up against them, renouncing those hateful violence-commanding murderous doctrines.

We’re ready, we’re waiting to hear the protesting ‘moderate’ Muslims!?

(Not holding my breath). Just giving you another rhetorical chance. You can do whatever you like, but murder is against the law here, and so is threatening us.

18 10 2010

And so are most of the Sharia law tenets against the law here.

Muslims, where are you, why aren’t you protesting Sharia law?
All of it is evil!
Beating your wife is evil, not giving her a chance to speak in court is evil, molestation of children is evil, cutting out their clitorises is evil, teaching your boys to hate girls is evi, teaching your girls to be forever ashamed is evil, treating black dogs like devils is evil, treating black people as slaves is evil, (like is common in Sudan, by Muslims), – Anything here worth protesting?

Muslims, come on. Come out of it. Speak out. You are human beings.

22 10 2010

well, I am back.
Still there have been no Muslims to attempt to answer why they worship a child rapist and obey vicious commandments to ruin innocent lives because they don’t want to obey or worship a vicious God?

How many Muslims are there?

Not one!

23 10 2010

Are there any honest Muslims out there at all?

Who are also in a position to speak out and protest that what Mohammed did was evil, a position which would require they be kept safe from other Muslims vying to kill them for speaking out, even family members – still – it IS POSSIBLE, IN SOME CASES, for this situation to exist: for instance, for Muslims now living in the West – why are you not speaking out here, against the vile stuff that Muslims are doing, in the name of their religion, Allah, and Mohammed, who are all vile. Just read it and check that I am telling the truth, it is well-documented that the vileness comes from that man called their ‘prophet’.
A prophet of the devil, that is.

23 10 2010

Fomer Muslims United website

University of Southern California has Quran available online

The Saudi Arabian government has an online Quran and Hadith about Mohammed’s life and commandments, including Aisha’s own words, which tell how he raped her at age 9 (really, not even 9, lunar years = 8 3/4 years old when he fully raped her, full penetration, (this is your prophet, guys?) after the years from 6 on during which she was forced by him and all the others to be held down as he and his vileness brutally went between her little 6 year and 7 year old thighs, and 8 years old, ejaculating on her, and then made her wash his semen off his clothes after the ordeals. That’s respecting women? That’s criminal demented child sexual abuse, spirit abuse, mental abuse, emotional degradation in the cruelest way, not to mention, it damaged her physically also, she was never going to be normal after that, and her family did not object. her own mother took her obediently to Mohammed, by the hand, and Aisha KNEW SOMETHING WORSE WAS GOING TO BE DONE TO HER, YOU CAN READ IT HOW SHE WAS GASPING IN ANXIETY AS SHE WAS YANKED OFF HER SWING AND TAKEN BY HAND TO HIS DOOR. Can you imagine this poor undefended little girls life, she had no childhood allowed to her, his hate and depravity and their collusion destroyed her. May he burn always forever in hell, may his screams never stop.
Muslims – you are supporting depravity by following the commands of this man and defending ‘your religion’ which is NOT A REAL RELIGION, IT IS A TOTALITARIAN DOMINATION OF AND SUBJUGATION AND DESTRUCTION OF HUMANITY. Speak out – you are also its victims. Everyone must object to this horror, it is continuing even now, children are being raped even right now because of this ‘religion’ and its hatred for the good.

23 10 2010

Just check it out, it is not new:
Here are just a few examples of this pernicious Muslim crime:

(The Province)
See the man’s eyes, he, having seen them do this, will never be happy or OK, really, as its forever imprinted in his memory, which he will always be traumatised with, so – he has seen hell itself, but the child they raped (sodomized, he was a little boy) can you pray for him, his mind, his soul, his spirit, his poor little pure damaged body, his emotions, to be completely healed, and ask Yah for complete overhaul of the world for this to STOP, COMPLETELY, LIKE NOW, AND HAVE THIS BOY, AND ALL THE OTHER BOYS, AND GIRLS HEALED COMPLETELY. PLEASE PROTEST THIS CRIME, PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. Our governments are covering this crime up. We are being kept in the dark about this horror, even as it is being perpetrated, continually.

also see: Planet Earth Peace Party reports

Please write your leaders and demand that actions to defend these children are taken immediately, strong and severe actions.

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