The Dutch Coalition

8 10 2010

Some news: Christian Democrats approve coalition agreement.

Reuters: Dutch Christian Democrats back pact with Wilders.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Another Dutch Christian Democrat resigns.

The Australian: Dutch Queen approves new government backed by anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders .




5 responses

9 10 2010
Brandon Chris

I don’t know why everybody is on this guy’s back. The whole world wants to crusify this guy for speaking his mind. I fully support him because there are many religions that teach hate and islam is one of them and when someone stands up and says something about it, the west and the muslim world puts him on trial. I think before we judge him we should look at the facts and we will see that it’s the west and islam that caused this whole mess in the first place. I believe that there are good muslims out there but there is something is wrong with the way islam is being promoted today, and as for the west, I think because of greed they victamize poorer people to try and keep their prestige. So let’s look at the real perpetraitors and put them on trial.

9 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Wilders is hypocrite and he is trying to incite violence between various ethno-religious communities. He is misusing free speech to promote hate. He supports the idea of insulting Jesus and Mohammed but not Moses as he is scared of Israelis! Geert is working for Israel.

9 10 2010

Faruque, your latest contributation to this debate is idiotic and as far fetched as the religion of islam itself. Please do not mislead readers about Wilders. He is using his god given right to say what is wrong with islam. He is a modern day crusader, who will save Europe and its institutions from turning nto a bastion of sharia law, which no doubt you are secretly angling for.

11 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Idiot Max

Do not call names. I suspect, may be you do not your father or lacking manner. Wilders is an Israeli slave. He is hiding behind moderation and I got evidence. I challenge you and your leader for an open debate anywhere. In the meantime, do not incite against Muslims and other ethno-religious groups as it is very dangerous and illegal.

Geert Wilders is a hate merchant and congenital liar.

Geeert and his supporters hide behind “‘moderation”. They are scared to say anything against Israel and Israeli crimes. Remember, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Middle Eastern religions. They hate Islam due to blatant prejudice and bigotry. They don’t mind to insult Jesus and mother Marry, probably to make Israel happy. Surprisingly, they do not want to say anything against Moses and you find them blasphemous!!

I say to them, please make up your mind;
1. Respect all religions or none. Insult all of them or none.
2. Inciting against Muslim is not a good deed.
3. Inciting against Muslim based on false and fabricated materials is wrong.

14 10 2010

Greetings Max. Thank you for your contributions, and to everyone else too.
Except this man F.A. is a pathological liar just like my children’s father, who is Muslim. His thought proceses insomuch as you can call them that, are not sane, or benign, because they are not his, but a symptom of an evil within due to intense daily brainwashing of Islamic sadistic evil.
It is no use to try to reason or discuss with people like this. My so-called ‘husband’ was exactly the same, same responses. They do not like truth, they don’t know how to think it, they only repeat in their brainwashed pathways of demented indoctrinated hatred of truth and light. Truth has no place in their minds. They are slaves of The Liar and Destroyer.
I am serious. Examine more of them, discuss (try to) with many more, over many years, and you probably will come to the same conclusion. I don’t like that he can get on here and get away with lying about our hero, the brilliant and brave Geert Wilders, though. He doesn’t deserve to speak his name, let alone slander him. Long live Geert, lforever, long live truth, down with Islam, down with Islamic destruction and lies, and down with abuse of women, children, and infidels of both sexes all over the world, and down with the abuse of animals as Muslims like to do with their overflowing hatred for all creation.

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