Geert Wilders gives historic speech in Berlin Oct. 2 2010

8 10 2010

Head on over to Vlad Tepes to see a video of Geert Wilders’ speech in Berlin a few days back. I’m having problems with embedding, for some reason or other – I think it’s because I’m too cheap to shell out for a video upgrade on this thing.

Meanwhile, at Covenant Zone: Geert Wilders’ speech in Berlin – The kind of talk Europe’s totalitarian elites want to ban.




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9 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Geert Wilders gives historic speech in Berlin Oct. 2 2010

This Israeli salve has been inciting violence against many ethno-religious groups under the guise of free speech! Yet, he is murdering other peoples’ free speech and moderating them!! He doesn’t mind to insult Jesus, mother Marry and Mohammed but not Moses!!!

He is scared of Israel.

Faruque Ahmed
Free Australia Now, Mobile: 041 091 4118

9 10 2010

You are a liar. Stop it. Take it back to Islamabad, where lies are acceptable and continual. We don’t like lies here. Stop lying about Geert Wilders. Do real men scare you?

11 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed


You and your disgusting leader Geert Wilders are hate merchants and congenital liars.

Both of you hide behind “‘moderation”. You are scared to say anything against Israel and Israeli crimes. Remember, Judaism, Christianity and Islam are Middle Eastern religions. Yet, you hate Islam due to blatant prejudice and bigotry. You don’t mind to insult Jesus and mother Marry, probably to make Israel happy. Surprisingly, you do not want to say anything against Moses and you find them blasphemous!!

Please make up your mind. Respect all religions or none. Insult all of them or none.

14 10 2010

You are the embodiment of depravity.
You are the liar.
You are the hate monger.
I do not hide, period, ‘behind’ anything or anyone. I am scared of Islam. Because I know it, and know what it has done to its people.
You are a very dangerous man. If you believe everything you spew here, you are a psychopath; we do not want yu to be in our free Western countries spewing that shit, and harbouring such virulent hatred towards us and all non-Muslim people. I would be scared to be on the street with you on it at night, with no one to defend me, because of your demonstrated hatred of women, Americans, Jews and good people in general. The reason why I hate Islam is that I have learned so much about it, its truth, its character, and it is demonic Satanistic sadistic destructive lies and pure undiluted hatred.
And you are only one of its products. Do not reply to me, though, because I don’t speak with liars who hate truth and someone great and brave and true, like Geert Wilders. You hate him, because you are not a man, and he is the epitome of what real men were meant to be.
I do not insult Islam, I only speak the truth, as Geert does; if you take the truth of your own religion and prophet as insulting you, something is WRONG WITH YOUR RELIGION, AND PROPHET, AND YOU KNOW IT, AND DON’T WANT US TO SAY IT. Truths should not be insulting, when you guys spout that same truth every Friday in Mosques. We are just reporting what you say and believe and it is a danger to us.

15 10 2010
Rahat Khan


You have not answered Mr. Faruque Ahmed’s valid points posted earlier. You are barking like mad dog. What coming out of your mouth usually drops from most people’s bottom! Anyway, substantiate what you are saying.

15 10 2010
Rahat Khan


Visit blogs like Mainstream politician comes out for Wilders and post a comment for judgment and do not hide between mum’s two legs called moderation.

16 10 2010

Still, NO MUSLIM has attempted to try to answer any of our questions.

16 10 2010

Are they too busy reading the websites Former Muslims,
Democratic Egypt Blogspot (written by an Egyptian man), or The Religion of

I hope so.

22 10 2010

Here are the most horrific things which are usual in Muslim countries:

The Province reported: Former Canadian Soldier Speaks Out Against ‘Disgusting’ Child Rape in Afghanistan, look at his eyes, he lives with that hell memory of what happened to that 6 year old boy at the vile hands of Afghan Muslim police every day


Planet Earth Peace Party reported: Afghan Police Sodomize Muslim Male Youth Every Thursday Night

and Trencherbone’s report of the Baby Neeha atrocity, rape (2 1/2 year old baby girl) for not being Muslim, then left on the roadside to die

Why is our Media and our ‘free’ press not reporting any of this?

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