Geert Wilders in Berlin

3 10 2010

Via Al Jazeera English:

A rebuttal from Eeyore at Vlad Tepes.



Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Wilders in Berlin: Dutch Christian Democrats are listening in.

Gates of Vienna: Dispatches From Berlin.




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5 10 2010

I am glad that European consciousness is awakening in the face of such devoted leaders as Geert Wilders. Let the international community assess the threat of islamisation and perceive of it as the westward invasion of the present era, a conquest that menaces to abolish Western civilisations.
Such countries as France and Germany are already having major problems with islamic fundamentalists, so other countries should draw lessons from what is already happening under the circumstances of overislamisation in certain parts of Europe. New legislation, pro-islamic law-suits, enormous cultural centres that disseminate extra-culture inside European countries threaten to diminish local perspectives on the social, moral and economic sides of life. Taking into consideration these facts I stad up for Mr Wilders and let justice and freedom prevail in all the realted debates!!!

6 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Greet will you ask your Israeli lords about their anti-Christian teachings below. Remember, the Muslims revere Jesus and his mother Marry unlike the Jews. They conspired to murder him. Still today, they insult Jesus and mother Marry. Got that you coward?

“A Jew to receive a high place in heaven if he kills a Christian”. –Zohar (L, 38b, 39a).

“If Jew kills a Christian he commits no sin”. –Sepher Or Israel 177b

7 10 2010

Faruque, the Messiah’s mother Miriam should not be revered. She is just a person. The messiah even said the people shouldn’t adulate/worship her, only Yah should be worshipped, was what he told someone who started into that, ‘Blessed are the paps which gave thee nourishment…’ he knew the allure of the feminine in religion, and where it would always lead…
Why do you feel such anger about the murder, horrendous as it was, of our Messiah, when in the Quran, it would have been demanded? something is wrong there, in your zealous anger about who you say, ‘the Jews’, (when it was also the Romans) and most Jews were with him, that was the problem, only a few religious Rabbinincal leaders, Sanhedrin, Pharisees, who had power they wanted to keep were against him, because he was so popular with the people, the Jews and the Romans. they wanted to find a reason to kill him in the start, because he was against a good deal of their teachings, and was telling the truth. But remember, it was not as you say, ‘the Jews’, it was some few leaders of religion and the Roman leadership also. Please don’t blame that on ‘the Jews’ as you keep doing.

7 10 2010

And he is not a coward, he is brave, anyone who is with Geert is no coward, believe me, it is the other way around.

7 10 2010

I agree totally with this German woman, always, I feel angry whenever I see the women under the veils and black tents. It is not right that I feel angry at them, I realize, they are victims, they have no say in the matter, but they go about as though they are superior, they look down on the free women, as sinners, which is their brainwashing, I understand all that, and I feel sorry that they are living under that indoctrination. But I see that submissive black cloak, know what they are trained to think about themselves, about us here, and it makes me angry. Why do they want to come here if they despise us so much, and our culture?
Easy. Because it is better. And thus, they want both to enjoy its perks, and destroy it, because their master told them to.

8 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Further to Burqa for Rev Fred Nile below, should you wish to see your mom naked and play with her ‘private enterprise’ then go ahead and make your day! However, who gave you the right to tell other people what to wear or not to wear, eat and shit on whose face? What kinds of elitist are you?

Burqa for Rev Fred Nile

Further to I Love Osama bin Laden and Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Galore in the Australian Media the political opportunist Rev Fred Nile is conducting modern day Inquisition, Conquistador and Crusade from Australia through his Christian Democratic Party.

His intolerant version of Christianity expelled tolerant Christian leader like Rev Gordon Moyes. Even his own children do not follow his divisive and vitriolic religious path. However, his anti-Muslim and anti-homosexual platforms gave him a cushy Parliamentary position since 1981.

Last week he spoke out against short dress, small bra and bikinis! This week he changed his mind and speaking out against burqa. Main stream media outlets and politicians are ignoring his idiocy. However, some tabloid media outlets are playing with him.

Generally speaking, burqa is not a political issue in Australia. However, his ill-motivated vendetta against Muslims making many people cranky and they are asking Fred Nile to wear Burqa and leave everyone alone.

Anti-Muslim Conspiracy Galore in the Australian Media

Are You a Party to This Conspiracy John?, Mike Jeffreys of 2UE and His Mission against Muslims, Rev Bill Crews and Burqa and are only a few more examples of Anti-Muslim Conspiracy!
Do You Think Osama bin Laden Is guilty or Innocent? and Who Invented Osama to Slaughter Arabs and Muslims? are further examples of Anti-Muslim Conspiracy too.

Are You a Party to This Conspiracy John?

John Kerr appears to be one of the better radio announcers of Sydney. One night, in his 2UE Midnight to Dawn Program he allowed someone to say a few good words about Muslims. Shortly thereafter he disappeared from the radio and later came back at a much smaller weekend show only. One can assume that he may have been punished by some one for some reason. Possibly for allowing someone to say something good about Muslims as it is unusual in this town!

Faruque Ahmed has been fighting for truthful and accurate reporting. During the process he made a few powerful enemies and lots of good friends. Legend says, some radio stations have installed “Faruque Meter” and they do not pick up his phone calls and they also do not provide him air time too. The use many tricks and techniques to silence him and some of those scenarios are narrated in Convicted Genes Oriented Judgment? and Lawless and Gutless Chris Smith of 2GB. Nonetheless, his long association with talk back radio are appreciated by the community in general and loathed by the influential Israetards, Israeo-Nazis and Zio-Nazis!

Last week the producer of John Kerr failed to call back Faruque Ahmed without any valid reason. Last night (Sunday Morning, May 09, 2010), both Faruque Ahmed and the producer of John Kerr had a nice chuckle about a few issues after midnight. The producer also promised Faruque to call back about the carefully crafted and nurtured anxiety and paranoia over the `burqa’ issue. During the program a few people made a few untrue and devious claims about Muslims and burqa to incite against Muslims. Some of those claims were accidentally exposed during the show too. One pro-Muslim contributor also got the unusual axe during the conversation! Nonetheless, no one called Faruque!! It happened, even a couple of time during the shift the programmed died down due to lack of contributors.

Suspicious Faruque rang back after 4.00 AM and made some inquiries. The well spoken producer was defensive and friendly with Faruque. However, Faruque smashed the defense line by saying, “only a few minutes ago a female caller made very unusual claim against Islam and Muslims deliberately to cause injury to Muslims” (paraphrasing). The producer was moved a bit and he promised him to give air time next week. During that conversation Faruque also reasoned with the producer that it is fairly clear that someone is censoring against Faruque!

Faruque Ahmed is the author of Belgian Prejudice and Bigotry and many other webs, blogs, sites (Crimes Exposed, Sydney Taxi Corruption, …) and documents! All of those instruments are good enough to destroy and weaken lies, prejudice, bigotry and vendetta promoted by many disturbing media outlets!

Therefore, the obvious question is, “are you a party to this conspiracy John”?

5/9/2010 6:56:03 PM

Mike Jeffreys of 2UE and His Mission against Muslims
For more: Sites

Mike Jeffreys is afraid of debate. He hides behind four walls and telephone operators. Today (Monday, 10 May 2010) he allowed a professional caller named “Debbie” without any question whatsoever. This “Debbie” has been sprouting anti-Muslim sentiments at every available radio shows and stations using questionable stories about burqa. Mike Jeffreys also allowed another caller “Mohammed” to incite against Muslims in a very cunning way. I suspect both of them could be similar to Australian Reporter according to Australian values, culture and tradition. Surely people like them gave us Australia, Australian values and Psyche and consistently inciting against many groups of people like Muslim Hunt Continuum and Australian Media and The Sydney Morning Herald and Zionised Erik Jensen.

Last time (from my memory) Mike made a few allegations against me. When I asked him to substantiate those allegations, he failed miserably in his own show! Since then he is not giving me any opportunity to talk to his show.

Surely nothing is stopping Mike to use valid information of Rev Bill Crews and Burqa or provide us a right of reply before embarking on a mission against Muslims! He is also welcome to place his response in those links should he wish to do so.

Faruque Ahmed
Moderator, Free Australia Now
Mobile: 041 091 4118, Monday, May 10, 2010


9 10 2010

Yes, Greg, the lesson is right there, unfortunately, in front of us, across the Atlantic; and the weird thing is, our so-called ‘free press’ does not let us see any of that news, of the Islamic damage, brutality, rapes and killings. Here, wherever they do their brutal murders, it is totally ignored. Like the wife in New Jersey, I believe, last year, who was beheaded by her Pakistani husband, for wanting a divorce. He beat her, she was afraid, she was with him as partner in a TV or radio station promoting Islamic understanding. She was not allowed her divorce, has children with him, afraid for them, her relatives in South Africa knew the woman’s fear of this man called ‘husband’, and he killed her brutally.
Another father in Arizona tried to run over his teenage daughter for ‘being too Western’ but this is never put on the news! (not only dishonest of them, but accomplices to these crimes, because it keeps us in the dark about the reality of Islam and its true character, which puts us all at risk).
As Abraham Lincoln said, I believe the American people will rise to any national emergency, if they are well-informed. The main point is to bring them all the facts”. (paraphrased a little cause I couldn’t remember it verbatim).
Well, yeah, if he were alive for a few hours today again now, he would, I am sure, as well as Thomas Jefferson, die of shock and horror, disbelief, all over again.
We are in heap big trouble. Yah help us all. And may He be with Geert for trying so valiantly to bring us those vital facts about our enemy, Islam. Bless him.

9 10 2010

His name was Muzamil Hassan, I think, and his ‘respected’ wife whom he beheaded and beat during their slave-captor relationship called by Muslims ‘marriage’, (know about that, been there), was ALSO MUSLIM.
A pretty, submissive, subservient fearful little thing.
Now here darling children have no mother. But they still have a monster father. poor things.

10 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Women in Ancient Civilizations:

One major objective of this article is to provide a fair evaluation of what Islam contributed toward the restoration of woman’s dignity and rights. In order to achieve this objective, it may be useful to review briefly how women were treated in general in previous civilizations and religions, especially those which preceded Islam (before 610 AD). Part of the information provided here, however, describes the status of woman as late as this century, more than 13 centuries after Islam.

(1) Describing the status of the Indian woman, The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911, states: “In India, subjection was a cardinal principle. Day and night must women be held by their protectors in a state of dependence says Manu. The rule of inheritance was agnatic, that is descent traced through males to the exclusion of females.” In Hindu scriptures, the description of a good wife is as follows: “a woman whose mind, speech and body are kept in subjection, acquires high renown in this world, and, in the next, the same abode with her husband.” (Mace, Marriage East and West).

(2) In Athens, women were not better off than either the Indian or the Roman women: “Athenian women were always minors, subject to some male – to their father, to their brother, or to some of their male kin.” (Allen, E. A., History of Civilization). Her consent in marriage was not generally thought to be necessary and “she was obliged to submit to the wishes of her parents, and receive from them her husband and her lord, even though he were stranger to her.” (Previous Source)

(3) A Roman wife was described by a historian as: “a babe, a minor, a ward, a person incapable of doing or acting anything according to her own individual taste, a person continually under the tutelage and guardianship of her husband.” (Previous Source). In The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911, we find a summary of the legal status of women in the Roman civilization: “In Roman Law a woman was even in historic times completely dependent. If married she and her property passed into the power of her husband . . . the wife was the purchased property of her husband, and like a slave acquired only for his benefit. A woman could not exercise any civil or public office . . . could not be a witness, surety, tutor, or curator; she could not adopt or be adopted, or make will or contract.”

(4) Among the Scandinavian races women were: “under perpetual tutelage, whether married or unmarried. As late as the Code of Christian V, at the end of the 17th Century, it was enacted that if a woman married without the consent of her tutor he might have, if he wished, administration and usufruct of her goods during her life.” (The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911).

(5) In Britain, the right of married women to own property was not recognized until the late 19th Century, “By a series of acts starting with the Married Women’s Property Act in 1870, amended in 1882 and 1887, married women achieved the right to own property and to enter into contracts on a par with spinsters, widows, and divorcees.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, 1968). In France, it was not until 1938 that the French Law was amended so as to recognize the eligibility of women to contract. A married woman, however, was still required to secure her husband’s permission before she could dispense with her private property.

(6) In the Mosaic (Jewish) Law, the wife was betrothed. Explaining this concept, the Encyclopedia Biblica, 1902, states: “To betroth a wife to oneself meant simply to acquire possession of her by payment of the purchase money; the betrothed is a girl for whom the purchase money has been paid.” From the legal point of view, the consent of the girl was not necessary for the validation of her marriage. “The girl’s consent is unnecessary and the need for it is nowhere suggested in the Law.” (Previous Source). As to the right of divorce, we read in the Encyclopedia Biblica: “The woman being man’s property, his right to divorce her follows as a matter of course.” The right to divorce was held only by man, The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911, states: “In the Mosaic Law divorce was a privilege of the husband only…”

(7) The position of the Christian Church until recent centuries seems to have been influenced by both the Mosaic Law and by the streams of thought that were dominant in its contemporary cultures. In their book, Marriage East and West, David and Vera Mace wrote: “Let no one suppose, either, that our Christian heritage is free of such slighting judgments. It would be hard to find anywhere a collection of more degrading references to the female sex than the early Church Fathers provide. Lecky, the famous historian, speaks of ‘these fierce incentives which form so conspicuous and so grotesque a portion of the writing of the Fathers . . . woman was represented as the door of hell, as the mother of all human ills. She should be ashamed at the very thought that she is a woman. She should live in continual penance on account of the curses she has brought upon the world. She should be ashamed of her dress, for it is the memorial of her fall. She should be especially ashamed of her beauty, for it is the most potent instrument of the devil.’ One of the most scathing of these attacks on woman is that of Tertullian: ‘Do you know that you are each an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age; the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway; you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree; you are the first deserters of the divine law; you are she who persuades him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack.’ Not only did the church affirm the inferior status of woman, it deprived her of legal rights she had previously enjoyed.”

Foundations of Spiritual and Human Equity in Islam:

In the midst of the darkness that engulfed the world, the divine revelation echoed in the wide desert of Arabia in the seventh Century with a fresh, noble, and universal message to humanity, described below.

(1) According to the Holy Quran, men and women have the same human spiritual nature:

O mankind, fear your Lord, who created you from one soul and created from it its mate and dispersed from both of them many men and women… (Quran, 4:1, see also 7:189, 42:11, 16:72, 32:9, and 15:29).

(2) God has invested both genders with inherent dignity and has made men and women, collectively, the trustees of God on earth (see the Quran 17:70 and 2:30).

(3) The Quran does not blame woman for the “fall of man,” nor does it view pregnancy and childbirth as punishments for “eating from the forbidden tree.” On the contrary, the Quran depicts Adam and Eve as equally responsible for their sin in the Garden, never singling out Eve for blame. Both repented, and both were forgiven (see the Quran 2:36-37 and 7:19-27). In fact, in one verse (Quran 20:121) Adam specifically was blamed. The Quran also esteems pregnancy and childbirth as sufficient reasons for the love and respect due to mothers from their children (Quran 31:14 and 46:15).

(4) Men and women have the same religious and moral duties and responsibilities. Each human being shall face the consequences of his or her deeds:

And their Lord responded to them (saying): Never will I allow to be lost the work of (any) worker among you, whether male or female; you are of one another… (Quran, 3:195, see also 74:38, 16:97, 4:124, 33:35, and 57:12).

(5) The Quran is quite clear about the issue of the claimed superiority or inferiority of any human, male or female. The sole basis for superiority of any person over another is piety and righteousness not gender, color, or nationality (see the Quran 49:13).

The Economic Aspect of Women in Islam:

(1) The Right to Possess Personal Property: Islam decreed a right of which woman was deprived both before Islam and after it (even as late as this century), the right of independent ownership. The Islamic Law recognizes the full property rights of women before and after marriage. They may buy, sell, or lease any or all of their properties at will. For this reason, Muslim women may keep (and in fact they have traditionally kept) their maiden names after marriage, an indication of their independent property rights as legal entities.

(2) Financial Security and Inheritance Laws: Financial security is assured for women. They are entitled to receive marital gifts without limit and to keep present and future properties and income for their own security, even after marriage. No married woman is required to spend any amount at all from her property and income on the household. The woman is entitled also to full financial support during marriage and during the “waiting period” (iddah) in case of divorce or widowhood. Some jurists require, in addition, one year’s support for divorce and widowhood (or until they remarry, if remarriage takes place before the year is over). A woman who bears a child in marriage is entitled to child support from the child’s father. Generally, a Muslim woman is guaranteed support in all stages of her life, as a daughter, wife, mother, or sister. The financial advantages accorded to women and not to men in marriage and in family have a social counterpart in the provisions that the Quran lays down in the laws of inheritance, which afford the male, in most cases, twice the inheritance of a female. Males inherit more but ultimately they are financially responsible for their female relatives: their wives, daughters, mothers, and sisters. Females inherit less but retain their share for investment and financial security, without any legal obligation to spend any part of it, even for their own sustenance (food, clothing, housing, medication, etc). It should be noted that before Islam, women themselves were sometimes objects of inheritance (see the Quran 4:19). In some western countries, even after the advent of Islam, the whole estate of the deceased was given to his/her eldest son. The Quran, however, made it clear that both men and women are entitled to a specified share of the estate of their deceased parents or close relatives. God has said:

For men is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, and for women is a share of what the parents and close relatives leave, be it little or much, an obligatory share. (Quran, 4:7)

(3) Employment: With regard to the woman’s right to seek employment, it should be stated first that Islam regards her role in society as a mother and a wife as her most sacred and essential one. Neither maids nor baby sitters can possibly take the mother’s place as the educator of an upright, complex-free, and carefully-reared child. Such a noble and vital role, which largely shapes the future of nations, cannot be regarded as idleness. However, there is no decree in Islam that forbids women from seeking employment whenever there is a necessity for it, especially in positions which fit her nature best and in which society needs her most. Examples of these professions are nursing, teaching (especially children), medicine, and social and charitable work.

The Social Aspect of Women in Islam:

A) As a Daughter:

(1) The Quran ended the cruel practice of female infanticide, which was before Islam. God has said:

And when the girl (who was) buried alive is asked, for what sin she was killed. (Quran, 81:8-9)

(2) The Quran went further to rebuke the unwelcoming attitude of some parents upon hearing the news of the birth of a baby girl, instead of a baby boy. God has said:

And when one of them is informed of (the birth of) a female, his face becomes dark, and he suppresses grief. He hides himself from the people because of the ill of which he has been informed. Should he keep it in humiliation or bury it in the ground? Certainly, evil is what they decide. (Quran 16:58-59)

(3) Parents are duty-bound to support and show kindness and justice to their daughters. The Prophet Muhammad said: {Whosoever supports two daughters until they mature, he and I will come on the Day of Judgment as this (and he pointed with his fingers held together).}

(4) A crucial aspect in the upbringing of daughters that greatly influences their future is education. Education is not only a right but a responsibility for all males and females. The Prophet Muhammad said: {Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim.} The word “Muslim” here is inclusive of both males and females.

(5) Islam neither requires nor encourages female circumcision. And while it is maybe practiced by some Muslims in certain parts of Africa, it is also practiced by other peoples, including Christians, in those places, a reflection merely of the local customs and practices there.

B) As a Wife:

(1) Marriage in Islam is based on mutual peace, love, and compassion, and not just the mere satisfying of human sexual desire. Among the most impressive verses in the Quran about marriage is the following:

And of His signs is: that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them; and He placed between you affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought. (Quran, 30:21, see also 42:11 and 2:228)

(2) The female has the right to accept or reject marriage proposals. According to the Islamic Law, women cannot be forced to marry anyone without their consent.

(3) The husband is responsible for the maintenance, protection, and overall leadership of the family, within the framework of consultation (see the Quran 2:233) and kindness (see the Quran 4:19). The mutuality and complementarity of husband and wife does not mean subservience by either party to the other. The Prophet Muhammad instructed Muslims regarding women: {I commend you to be good to women.} And {The best among you are those who are best to their wives.} The Quran urges husbands to be kind and considerate to their wives, even if a wife falls out of favor with her husband or disinclination for her arises within him:

…And live with them in kindness. For if you dislike them, perhaps you dislike a thing and God makes therein much good. (Quran, 4:19)

It also outlawed the Arabian practice before Islam whereby the stepson of the deceased father was allowed to take possession of his father’s widow(s) (inherit them) as if they were part of the estate of the deceased (see the Quran 4:19).

(4) Should marital disputes arise, the Quran encourages couples to resolve them privately in a spirit of fairness and probity. Indeed, the Quran outlines an enlightened step and wise approach for the husband and wife to resolve persistent conflict in their marital life. In the event that dispute cannot be resolved equitably between husband and wife, the Quran prescribes mediation between the parties through family intervention on behalf of both spouses (see the Quran 4:35).

(5) Divorce is a last resort, permissible but not encouraged, for the Quran esteems the preservation of faith and the individual’s right -male and female alike- to felicity. Forms of marriage dissolution include an enactment based upon mutual agreement, the husband’s initiative, the wife’s initiative (if part of her marital contract), the court’s decision on a wife’s initiative (for a legitimate reason), and the wife’s initiative without a cause, provided that she returns her marital gift to her husband. When the continuation of the marriage relationship is impossible for any reason, men are still taught to seek a gracious end for it. The Quran states about such cases:

And when you divorce women and they have fulfilled their term (i.e. waiting period), either keep them in kindness or release them in kindness, and do not keep them, intending harm, to transgress (against them). (Quran, 2:231, see also 2:229 and 33:49).

(6) Associating polygyny with Islam, as if it was introduced by it or is the norm according to its teachings, is one of the most persistent myths perpetuated in Western literature and media. Polygyny existed in almost all nations and was even sanctioned by Judaism and Christianity until recent centuries. Islam did not outlaw polygyny, as did many peoples and religious communities; rather, it regulated and restricted it. It is not required but simply permitted with conditions (see the Quran 4:3). Spirit of law, including timing of revelation, is to deal with individual and collective contingencies that may arise from time to time (e.g. imbalances between the number of males and females created by wars) and to provide a moral, practical, and humane solution for the problems of widows and orphans.

C) As a Mother:

(1) The Quran elevates kindness to parents (especially mothers) to a status second to the worship of God:

Your Lord has commanded that you worship none but Him, and that you be kind to your parents. If one of them or both of them reach old age with you, do not say to them a word of disrespect, or scold them, but say a generous word to them. And act humbly to them in mercy, and say, “My Lord, have mercy on them, since they cared for me when I was small.” (Quran, 17:23-24, see also 31:14, 46:15, and 29:8)

(2) Naturally, the Prophet Muhammad specified this behavior for his followers, rendering to mothers an unequalled status in human relationships. A man came to the Prophet Muhammad and said, “O Messenger of God! Who among the people is the most worthy of my good companionship?” The Prophet said: {Your mother.} The man said, “Then who?” The Prophet said: {Then your mother.} The man further asked, “Then who?” The Prophet said: {Then your mother.} The man asked again, “Then who?” The Prophet said: {Then your father.}

D) As a Sister in Faith (In General):

(1) According to the Prophet Muhammad’s sayings: {women are but shaqa’iq (twin halves or sisters) of men.} This saying is a profound statement that directly relates to the issue of human equality between the genders. If the first meaning of the Arabic word shaqa’iq, “twin halves,” is adopted, it means that the male is worth one half (of society), while the female is worth the other half. If the second meaning, “sisters,” is adopted, it implies the same.

(2) The Prophet Muhammad taught kindness, care, and respect toward women in general: {I commend you to be good to women.} It is significant that such instruction of the Prophet was among his final instructions and reminders in the farewell pilgrimage address given shortly before his passing away.

(3) Modesty and social interaction: The parameters of proper modesty for males and females (dress and behavior) are based on revelatory sources (the Quran and prophetic sayings) and, as such, are regarded by believing men and women as divinely-based guidelines with legitimate aims and divine wisdom behind them. They are not male-imposed or socially imposed restrictions. It is interesting to know that even the Bible encourages women to cover their head: “If a woman does not cover her head, she should have her hair cut off; and if it is a disgrace for a woman to have her hair cut or shaved off, she should cover her head.” (1 Corinthians 11:6).

The Legal and Political Aspect of Women in Islam:

(1) Equality before the Law: Both genders are entitled to equality before the Law and courts of Law. Justice is genderless (see the Quran 5:38, 24:2, and 5:45). Women do possess an independent legal entity in financial and other matters.

(2) Participation in Social and Political Life: The general rule in social and political life is participation and collaboration of males and females in public affairs (see the Quran 9:71). There is sufficient historical evidence of participation by Muslim women in the choice of rulers, in public issues, in Law making, in administrative positions, in scholarship and teaching, and even in the battlefield. Such involvement in social and political affairs was conducted without the participants’ losing sight of the complementary priorities of both genders and without violating Islamic guidelines of modesty and virtue.


The status which non-Muslim women reached during the present era was not achieved due to the kindness of men or due to natural progress. It was rather achieved through a long struggle and sacrifice on woman’s part and only when society needed her contribution and work, more especially during the two world wars, and due to the escalation of technological change. While in Islam such compassionate and dignified status was decreed, not because it reflects the environment of the seventh century, nor under the threat or pressure of women and their organizations, but rather because of its intrinsic truthfulness.

If this indicates anything, it would demonstrate the Divine origin of the Quran and the truthfulness of the message of Islam, which, unlike human philosophies and ideologies, was far from proceeding from its human environment; a message which established such humane principles that neither grew obsolete during the course of time, nor can become obsolete in the future. After all, this is the message of the All-Wise and All-Knowing God whose wisdom and knowledge are far beyond the ultimate in human thought and progress.

15 10 2010
Ingrid, infidel daughter of dog and pig

If you are Muslim, you are taught that women are inferior, inherently evil, and it is as though the passage at the top of women’s shame, is accurately describing Islam’s beliefs about women’s nature.

The rest, all bullshit, comletely, as usual. Such lies. How can you live with yourself, knowing you are such a liar?

15 10 2010
Ingrid, infidel daughter of dog and pig

What is equal about raping women who are captives?
what is fair about forcing a little 6 year old girl to take Mohammed’s horrible ‘thighing’ (Mufa Khathat or something like that) as he ejaculated between her legs, which is a beautiful model of perfection according to Muslim faith and belief. You all say what he did is your own model. I know not all Muslims do that, probably a very small fraction, hopefully. However, why do not the whole lot of the rest of you denounce him as the sadistic pervert demoniac that he is???
what is fair about Mohammed saying that most of the inhabitants of hell are women>?
what is normal or kind about saying that women are mentally deficient, and will go to hell for not being grateful enough to their abusive controlling, disrespectful, hateful husbands?
What is right or fair about 72 virgin girls having to take the slave life forever in serving one man, who was probably there due to taking innocent lives?
Who asked the virgins?
How could they decide, being mentally inferior and deficient?
How is this a good religion?
IT is obviously not. It is obviously tyrannical and domination of those helpless to defend themsevles.
Muslims, get real, become empathetic like you were born to be, and denounce this evil doing man, Mohammed and his evil spirit God Allah who commanded all of this, Mohammed’s adored ‘Great Deceiver’.
Do it, you are losing time. Become who you were supposed to be.

15 10 2010
Ingrid, infidel daughter of dog and pig

Muslim women, would you actually like for your 9 year old daughter, (actually, 8 and 3/4 years old girl) to be ‘married’ to a man, of 54, whose mind was filled with hatred and disrespect for females, who only wanted to rape her, daily, and ruin her mind, emotions and spirit?
If not, then, renounce that evil prophet.

15 10 2010
Ingrid, infidel daughter of dog and pig

The raping started, the hadith in Aisha’s own words, ‘consumated’ completely full penetration at her tender age of 8 3/4 years.

Before that, to be clear, from 6 to then, was his forcing her to stay there on the bed and or in his lap, taking his penis between her little thighs to satisfy the hatred of this vile horrible human being called by Muslims a holy prophet.

What is wrong with this?
What is right with this?
How can you Muslims sleep at night, worshipping this?

15 10 2010
Ingrid, infidel daughter of dog and pig

And the asshole made her wash off his horrible semen after the prophet did his ‘thighing’ to her. Then he went and prayed, still wet with semen and her wash water. Aisha said this.

You really respect women by treating them this way.
Get out, Muslim women, Muslim boys, Muslim men, get OUT OF IT.

15 10 2010
Rahat khan

Love child of Adolph Hitler have your short victory of cheating.

15 10 2010
Rahat khan

Yeah, offer your there year old daughter to you Israeli masters!

“Rabbi Joseph said, ‘Come and hear. A maiden aged 3 years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition”

Mishnah: A girl of the age of 3 years and a day may be betrothed, subject to her father’s approval, by sexual intercourse.

16 10 2010

Answer questions, not interested in bullshit.

22 10 2010

Besides Trencherbone who reported the rape of baby Neeha,

there is this:

Former Canadian Soldier Speaks Out Against disgusting child Rape in Afghanistan

see that poor man’s eyes
He has seen hell

and Afghan Police Sodomize Youth Males Every Thurday Night

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