Geert Wilders and the Koran on Trial

29 09 2010

From Gates of Vienna:

Sergei Bourachaga returns with a follow-up to his earlier article about the Koran’s hate speech, extending his argument to take in the legal case against Geert Wilders.

Rotterdam Mosque, Geert Wilders
Geert Wilders and the Koran on Trial
by Sergei Bourachaga

In early October 2010, the Dutch Ministry of Justice will move ahead with the prosecution of Geert Wilders, a democratically elected member of Parliament who leads the most popular opposition party in the Netherlands. By now it is very clear to all those who followed the chronological development of this “kangaroo-type” prosecution that the Dutch government is not motivated by a quest for justice, but by an overzealous drive to silence what is politically incorrect to express in public, even if it is rooted in scientifically observed, measured, and validated facts. In other words, prosecutors have been instructed to sever the head of a very vocal person and display it in a highly visible place, as a reminder of the price every person in the kingdom has to pay for refusing to tolerate Islamic intolerance of Western values.

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29 09 2010

‘Truth is turned away backward in the streets’. There is no justice any more.
Money and power can buy injustice, though.
My prayers are constantly with Geert. May Yah see him through this and strengthen him, this is perverse, evil and tyrannical.
Holland will go down in the anals of history as the persecutor of our most-needed saint today. This shame on Holland will never be lived down, until this realm is wiped away.
I love Geert Wilders. Long live Geert.
Geert Wilders for king of the Infidels. Geert for ever!
Americans, please support your hero Geert Wilders in this darkest hour for our freedom. Thank you.

30 09 2010
Sergei Bourachaga

Dear Ingrid,
May God answer all your prayers, and may his caring hands shield your saint from all forms of harm, and may the leaders of the free world remember the following warning of Sir Winston Churchill every time they try to appease the dark cult called Islam:

“The Mahommedan religion increases, instead of lessening, the fury of intolerance. It was originally propagated by the sword, and ever since, its votaries have been subject, above the people of all other creeds, to this form of madness.” Sir Winston Churchill

30 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Truth is being put to trial in wind of Political correctness and Social madness.

1 10 2010

Thank you Sergei Bourachaga, for that, and as always, thankyou Ravi Ranjan Singh for everything you say. Wow, I hadn’t known Winston Churchill said that, that is something, quite strong, isn’t it, and no one is ever mentioning this! Our past heroes and heads of state, etc. have been dead set against Islam, and its encroachment, probably never dreaming that we would have let it come to this point in our very own lands, abusing our own citizens as well as all of their own.

He said it so very well, concisely, and passionately. Because he was thoroughly knowledgeable about Islam. What more can one say, after that? That says it all, in a nutshell.

The current reaction by those who do know, in power, is making me incredulous. And so our people don’t know anything, but accept their lies. Then, I am very angry, then, realising the situation of our people being so defenselessly ignorant and trusting, (due to our horrible media/leaders who lie) I become hopeless that we can survive Islam. We are living (blessed to be living now?) in a weird era, perversity and madness are the rule. May Yah keep you safe, you are exceptionally good noble and strong, and your loved ones, may they be protected, and all the others who are helpless or unaware of what we are facing.
Thank you again, the world needs you both very much. Many Blessings to you.

2 10 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

We shall overcome, Humanity will win and Camels will bear the weight of Lunatics.
Poor Camels!

3 10 2010
Faruuqe Ahmed

The Muslims are not burning Bible, Torah, … and I oppose such a barbaric and intolerant act by anyone! One must wonder why do we have a few hate merchants who are deliberately inciting hate against Muslims?! Who is intolerant and barbaric here? Who is inciting hate based on racism and sectarianism?

Does any Muslim trotting the globe and inciting hate against the Christians like Wilders? The answer is no.

Does any Muslim calling to behead the Catholics (an old practice of England) for the existence of 10% child molesters in the church? NO.

Could you kindly let us know;
1. Which part of Quran permits Muslims to kill non-Muslims?
2. If anyone was killed simply for not being Muslim?
3. How many Muslims were stoned to death?
4. Why is it that when non-Muslims commit suicide, no one mentions anything about virgins or the afterlife?

6 10 2010
Sergei Bourachaga

Dear Faruuqe,
It seems that you missed too many lessons while taking “The Koran 101” course, that it is you are unable to fathom the depth of your own ignorance of Islam. Allow me to humbly present a few samples out of hundreds of verses inciting hatred in the heart of Muslims:
“ Know that we send down to the unbelievers (Jews and Christians) Devils who incite them to evil. Therefore have patience: their days are numbered”.
Koran 19:87
This verse is often chanted during the beheading rituals we often see on radical Islamic websites. For the pious Muslim beheading his defenceless hostage, it is an act of heroic proportion, because he is slaughtering the Devil incarnated in the human form of an Infidel.
“ Satan has gained possession of The People of The Book (Jews and Christians) and caused them to forget Allah’s warnings. They are the confederates of Satan; Satan’s confederates shall assuredly be lost in hell. The Believers are the confederates of Allah (Hizbollah); and Allah’s confederates shall surely triumph”. Koran 58:19
Another verse recited frequently in the background of beheading rituals, to reinforce the view that by slaughtering Christians and Jews, a pious Muslim is killing Satan not an innocent captive.
“We will put terror into the hearts of the unbelievers (Jews and Christians). They serve other Gods for whom no sanction has been revealed. Hell shall be their home; dismal indeed is the dwelling place of the evil-doers”. Koran 3:149

6 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

You failed to add any evidence! You are talking like a mad dog. Your leader Wilders loves Zio-Nazi Israel! These Zio-Nazis do not respect women or even Jews!

…[in the event of sex between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman] the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman ; she must be executed , even if she was raped by the Jew .” (from: Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Israel Shahak, p87)

Cow of Palestine: “One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland”
Source: ….Izaak Greenbaum

6 10 2010

Thankyuo Sergei. That is just what was needed here. Facts from their Quran.

Faruque why do you not believe the Koran now? Why do you totally disregard its verses, they are the inerrant word of Allah, through Mohammed, his only prophet?
So you are disagreeing with the Quran, you say, ‘it is no evidence’.
Good! I am glad you are beginning to be ashamed of its contents. There may be hope that you will not be sent to hell for supporting that liar and his evil spirit who inspired it. Keep on trying to seek the truth. Your enemy has stolen many years from your life, Faruque, in useless, hateful attitude of blaming of Jews and non-acceptance of your beliefs as evil. If you see through his lies, then you will begin to be free.

6 10 2010
Steynian 424nth « Free Canuckistan!

[…] SUPER-CUDDLY Mohammedan cleric calls for beheading Dutch politician; Geert Wilders and the Koran on Trial …. (, […]

7 10 2010
Sergei Bourachaga

Dear Faruuqe,
It is bad to be blind and not see, but it is worst to have eyes and yet fail to see. The evidence was placed right in front of you, and instead of refuting it you changed the subject. The Arab (Syrian) philosopher Al Maari is known to have said that “Islam created two categories of men, one who has faith but no reasoning power, and one who has a strong reasoning power but no faith”. You fit perfectly well into the first category, your blind faith has convinced you that “Islam is the Perfect Deen(Arabic for religion)”, but remember it was a perfect religion for tribal warriors who were always bloodthirsty and obsessed with invading, looting, and pillaging. After all, in Medina the founding father of Islam was a bandit who made a living by robbing caravans, an activity that, combined with collecting and marrying women-including a nine-year old child named Aisha at age 54, forced him to disobey the very first command of Allah:
““Read, in the Name of your Lord who created, created man of a clot, and your Lord is the Most Gracious, who taught with the pen what he did not know. 96:1-5
Your beloved prophet did not invest a single minute in his entire career of 23 years of prophecies to read or learn how to use a pen. He always hired others to read and write his words. I guess when you are too busy looting caravans, and collecting women, you are exempt from the total surrender/Islam to the will of Allah instructing you to read.

7 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Damn you Europeans, Americans and Christians! You fight and die for Israel. You reward Christ killer Jews!!
1. Iraq Was Invaded to Secure Israel,’ Says Senator Hollings
By Mark Weber
July 16, 2004

Cheney: Iraq pullout would hurt Israel
By • March 25, 2007

2. Invasion of Iraq is an act of Terrorism

3. To cover up the Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine

You lots are no different either! You and your leader Wilders are in love with Israel because their forefathers conspired to murderer Jesus! Even today, they insult Jesus and mother Marry!!
Your and American behavior prove
“Nations will gather together to bring their homage to the people of God; the whole fortune of nations will pass into the hands of the Jewish people, they will march behind the Jewish people, in chains as captives, and will prostrate before it.” – Isador Loeb, Le Probleme Juif.

“We Jews have spoiled the blood of all the races of Europe. Taken as a whole, everything is Jewdified. Our ideas animate everything. Our spirit reigns over the world. We are the Lords.” – Dr. Kurt Munzer, The Way to Zion.

“In everything, we are destroyers–even in the instruments of destruction to which we turn for relief…We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever. Nothing that you will do will meet our needs and demands.” – Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, pages 152,


P.S. Do you know, what is the first problem with the Christianity? They follow corrupted Bibles by the Jews! We Muslims do not accept the corrupted version of the filthy Jews. We got our own.

23 10 2010

Planet Earth Peace Party
AFGHAN POLICE SODOMIZE Muslim Male Youths Every Thursday Night in Afghanistan

The Province

Baby Neeha, Two and a half years, is raped and left to die on the side of the road
Her destroyer was Muslim and hated her for her family not being Muslim
She lives, but how, in what condition? (in Canada now)

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