VVD Liberals overtake anti-Islam party in latest poll

27 09 2010

From DutchNews.nl:

The right-wing VVD Liberals have overtaken Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV in the latest Synovate opinion poll, news agency Novum reports on Friday.

The VVD is now on 32 seats, one up on its total in the June election, while the PVV is on 31, up seven.

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18 responses

30 09 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Greet Wilders of Indonesian mother and Dutch father is audaciously anti-Muslim and shamelessly pro-Israel similar to infamous Ayaan Hirshi Ali and “expired” Ershad Manji!

During a lecture, Geert Wilders quoted:
“The war against Israel is not a war against Israel. It is a war against the West. It is Jihad. Israel is simply receiving blows that are meant for all of us. If there would have been no Israel, Islamic imperialism would have found other venues to release its energy and its desire for conquest. Thanks to Israeli parents who send their children to the army and lay awake at night, parents in Europe and America can sleep well and dream, unaware of the dangers looming.

Many in Europe argue in favor of abandoning Israel to address the grievances of our own Muslim minorities. But if Israel were, God forbid, to go down, it would not bring any solace to the West. It would not mean our Muslim minorities would all of a sudden change their behavior, and accept our values. On the contrary, the end of Israel would give enormous encouragement to the forces of Islam. They would, and rightly so, see the demise of Israel as proof that the West is weak, and doomed. The end of Israel would not mean the end of our problems with Islam, but only the beginning. It would mean the start of the final battle for world domination. If they can get Israel, they can get everything. Therefore, it is not the West that has a stake in Israel, it is Israel”.[92]

Therefore the obvious question is, “who is aiding and abetting them? Israel, USA or any other warmongers?!

30 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

be happy in your day/night dreaming of 73 Virgins, don’t disturb humans. Geert is for truth, those who are scared of truth and progress can say anything, human race is not concerned.
World has moved from camel racing to 2010.

1 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

What truth and humanity are you talking about? Burning the beach alive at the pier and killing women for dowry?

Do you like to burn your wife alive?

Few reliable records exist of the practice before the time of the Gupta empire, approximately 400 AD. After about this time, instances of sati began to be marked by inscribed memorial stones. The earliest of these are found in Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, though the largest collections date from several centuries later, and are found in Rajasthan. These stones, called devli, or sati-stones, became shrines to the dead woman, who was treated as an object of reverence and worship. They are most common in western India.[2]
Muslims made attempts to save Hindu women!

In the Upper Gangetic plain, while it occurred, there is no indication that it was especially widespread. The earliest known attempt by a government to stop the practice took place here, that of Muhammad Tughlaq, in the Sultanate of Delhi in the 14th century.[23]

Humayun issued a royal fiat against sati, which he later withdrew.

Guru Nanak, the first Guru of the Sikhs spoke out against the practice of sati.

On 4 December 1829, the practice was formally banned in the Bengal Presidency lands, by the then governor, Lord William Bentinck

Following the outcry after the Sati of Roop Kanwar,[44] the Indian Government enacted the Rajasthan Sati Prevention Ordinance, 1987 on October 1, 1987[45] and later passed the Commission of Sati (Prevention) Act, 1987.[6]

Source: https://sites.google.com/site/crimesexposed/do-you-like-to-burn-your-wife-alive

1 10 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Stoning, rape 71 & Virgins, think beyond that. Humanize first, discuss Sati or anything after.

1 10 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Anyway, how is Geert related to Sati?

1 10 2010
Faruuque Ahmed

How is Geert related to “73 Virgins” “humans” and “camel racing to 2010”. Isn’t he a pro-Zionist mongrel who is inciting racism and sectarianism?

Anyway, how do you find 73 virgins? By burning the beach alive as used to happened in India!

1 10 2010

Ravi that is right! So right! What you said! All of that I second. And if people only knew this Islam, everyone of sound mind and pure heart would agree.

Making a muddle of blaming of ancient sati practice is to assuage his conscience. Instead of that, please Mr. Ahmed, lets look at reality and address those things.

Do you know the life of Mohammed?
Then, let us talk.

And you cannot blame Geert Wilders for being anti-Muslim, even ‘audaciously’ anti-Muslim. Even rambunctiously anti-Muslim would be a virtuous stance, when truth be known. Of course, he cannot be rambunctious, he is a diplomat. But what he says is truth, and it is enough to state the truth with dignity.
Please face your facts about Islam and Allah and Mohammed, with dignity.

Thank you

2 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

It is very difficult if not possible to debate with dignity when two of my postings in response to Ravi Ranjan Singh were murdered! It is fairly obvious that you people love to insult and attack Muslims with false and fabricated reasons and grounds. You are not interested to expose Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, … !

Yes, it is true that Islam saved millions from the evil of sati, dowry and many notorious and inhumane practices!

Rabbis Teachings on sex with infants and animals: Jewish Teachings on sex with infants:
“A man can have sexual pleasure from a child as young as a baby. However, he should not penetrate. If he penetrates and the child is harmed then he should be responsible for her subsistence all her life. This girl however would not count as one of his four permanent wives. The man will not be eligible to marry the girl’s sister.
“The complete Hebrew text of this saying can be found in “Rabbi Joseph in Talmud: Bammidber raba and Jalkut”

Source: http://sites.google.com/site/burqahandenemies/rabbis-teachings-on-sex-with-infants-and-animals

Jewish Shariah (“hadith”) and Stone to Death

…[in the event of sex between a Jewish man and a Gentile woman] the main punishment is inflicted on the Gentile woman ; she must be executed , even if she was raped by the Jew .” (from: Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Israel Shahak, p87)

Source: http://sites.google.com/site/burqahandenemies/jewish-shariah-hadith-and-stone-to-death

2 10 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Once treated of Arab Absurdity Mania all Great Races like Persians, afghans, Tazaks etc. will be humans again.
Regarding Arabs they will be either camel washing or be in most popular item in Magic Shows, Museums and Zoo.

3 10 2010
Faruuqe Ahmed

Gutless Greet Wilders and His Racist Supporters
For more: https://sites.google.com/site/burqahandenemies/gutless-greet-wilders-and-his-racist-supporters

Further to Greet Wilders and Freedom of Speech below (Faruque Ahmed (14:18:22) : Your comment is awaiting moderation) gutless Wilders and his supporters venting racism while hiding between mum’s two legs!
“2 10 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh (16:49:27) :
Once treated of Arab Absurdity Mania all Great Races like Persians, afghans, Tazaks etc. will be humans again.
Regarding Arabs they will be either camel washing or be in most popular item in Magic Shows, Museums and Zoo.”

Probably Ravi Ranjan Singh does not know the fact that without advent of Islam and Christianity, the Indians would have no choice but to become homosexuals today! Remember, it was the Muslims who influenced and saved Indian women from mass murders emanating from Satidaho, dowry and many other barbaric practices. Kopalkundola and many great works of Hindu reformers are only a few examples in support of my statement unlike false and fabricated anti-Muslim incitements of gutless Greet Wilders and his racist supporters due prejudice and bigotry. They are megabyte Nazis indeed.

5 10 2010

You lie. And your ugly absurd assertions of hatred about Indians which are lies based on untruths reveal how you yourself see sex.
It is not communion, to you, it is animalistic and opportunistic.
You are a barbarian.
Perhaps there were some Muslims that saved some Indian women. There have always been cruel people, repropbate rich rulers sold out to evil, in every kind of people. But I am also not seeing you treat your women any better than those ancient rich repropbate rulers. Poverty and evil abound together, greed is our greatest enemy in all lands – dowry murder is common, and a human rights violation. This dear man is against that. You on the other hand being Muslim do not believe in equal rights for women, period.
You are the Nazi, you are the racist, misogynist rapist apologizer you were told to be, by your Quran and your prophet’s example to you. Jump out of it, if you value your worth as a human being. Do not continue to be the oppressor of creation. It is up to you. Not Mohammed. Allah is a cursed thing, and you need to become a real, human man. Love your women as human beings, treat your animals as the gifts that they are, and your children allowed to think freely as they were made to do. Humanize, as Ravi says, first, yourself. Then, let’s talk more.

5 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

“The Jews have a disproportionate number of mental defectives, idiots, and imbeciles.” – Dr. Maurice Fishburg, Eugenic Factors in Jewish Life.


You and your beloved greet are same as those Jews of Dr. Maurice.

You irrational and illogical blind prejudice and bigotry are merely evidence!

6 10 2010

Faruque, why are you saying that? If that is true, should you not feel sorry for them?
I don’t know if that is true, it did seem to be the opposite, they seem to me to have a higher-than-average number of geniuses in proportion to their population.
That may be due in part to their tradition of really nurturing their children in ways that make them very confident. But it may also be genetic, of course.

6 10 2010

I don’t know either way, but that’s just what I thought. What is your point in saying that? What does it have to do with the subject, either way, Faruque?

Remember the subject here is Geert Wilders, his right to speak freely in his own land, under his country’s constitution, and his forefathers’ intentions for the land and their descendants.
Please stop trying to turn this into something else.
The core of the matter, is he is being denied his rights as a citizen of a freedom-founded country, denied his safety, denied his freedom, and being punished by his court/government for simply speaking his concerns about a very violent, unabashed enemy of all non-Muslims, which are coming into his country in droves, exacerbating a huge problem there already due to their beliefs.

7 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Yes, the debate is Greet Wilders! So stop attacking Islam and Muslims unfairly. I know Greet Wilders and you are using “made in Israel” i.e. deliberate lies against Muslims. Please think very carefully, the Muslims are not attacking anyone’s religious believes or cultural sensitivities! So, why other people are attacking Muslims? Why Greet wilders loves Christ Killer Jaws? Why does he visit Zio-Nazis Israel? Is it true that Greet wilders is an Israeli puppet?

Because when ever Israeli is in trouble we find modern Muslim leaders like Ershad Manji, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, Greet wilders, … ! Do you know the loaded, misfit and promiscuous Ershad wants? She wants to re-write Quran to accommodate homosexuality and promiscuity! Do you know what Ayaan wants? She wants to express her love for Zio-Nazi Israel and attack Muslims at any cost!!

7 10 2010

None of that is true, Faruque.

7 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Please visit this link and post a comment or two! I never post inaccurate items.

Tariq Ali and Paul McGeough
For more: http://jewishliesadeception.blogspot.com/2010/10/tariq-ali-and-paul-mcgeough.html

Further to Further to Controlling the narrative in Israel and Palestine, Dershowitz packs Central, BEYOND THE SINS OF THE FATHERS and Israel Centric Monkey Dance I went to attend Tariq Ali lecture “WHAT WE CAN LEARN FROM TERRROISTS” at the Sydney Opera House; Tariq Ali was superb and very professional. Tariq exposed American and Israeli state sponsored terrorism and millions of wrong doings by them around the world. It was superb and balanced.

One lovely Australian born grandmother told me, “what he is telling to us is well-known to us – we want to know more and in a passionate manner”. My response to her was, “he has to be balanced and objective”. Tariq also reconfirmed what the neo-cons do not want to hear and tell others that both misadventures in Iraq and Afghanistan are totally tragic failures. Mr. Ali also smoothly exposed blatantly obvious, cruel, illogical and irrational pro-Israeli policies of USA, UK, … and shameful sufferings, mistreatment and demonisation of the people of Palestine over the last sixty years. He continued about the American madness of:
1. Exporting democracy and free speech with bombs and bullets.
2. Wining hearts and minds of people with blatant and cheap propaganda.
3. Manipulating religion and race did not work before and won’t work in future.

During the question time 18 speakers spoke and I was the 20th one and therefore I missed out. 16 of those contributors were decent, genuine and knowledgeable. Only two Zionist/Zionist supporters made a fool of themselves. One asked, “what do you think about Iranian President’s recent infamous comment where he said 9/11 was an inside job”? I could not control my anger of this boring Zionist lie and I shouted across the hall, “he never said this” (you fool). Mr. Ali gave him a very penetrating response and exposed his stupidity too with a diplomatic flavor.
Anyway, I was surfing the crowd with my proud T-Shirt which displays, “Zionist Criminals I Love Osama”. I welcomed the Deputy American Terrorist Leader Dick Cheney and Chief Terrorist Leader George Bush respectively with my Shirt. Both of those occasions were hilarious.

Most of the time people look at the message with interest and curiosity, some times funny or intelligent discussions appeared in the horizon but I have encountered two groups of idiots only! Once at Leichardt and today at the Opera House!!
One Zionist buffalo shouted, “it is fascistic”.

I turned around with an attitude so that he can see my T-Shirt properly and get an opportunity to debate with me. Alas! He had a scared face while other peoples looked at us with interest. I also had few good chuckles with some people. I knew that if I were a frail old lady or unarmed little kid then mighty Zionist/Israeli buffalo would have attacked me with Abraham Tank or F 18! Anyway, I continued to the box office to purchase the next session’s ticket.

One grandmotherly figure touched my T-Shirt and said, “I like the top part but what is this Osama business? Do you like him?”
I whispered, “I am a peace loving person, why would I be interested in CIA pinup boy?”
She responded, “I thought so, you don’t look like a violent person”.
After a nice talk, this lovely lady offered me her ticket free of charge as she had other engagement at that time slot. I gladly offered her money and coffee.

On my way out of Opera House I accosted brave and articulate Paul McGeough. He was friendly and open minded. He understood my T-Shirt and smiled. We parted and I went for a coffee.

After a bit of adventure I came back to attend “AFTER THE FLOTILLA: CONTROLLING THE NERRATIVE IN ISRAEL AND PALESTINE” of Paul. It was a superb hour and half lecture based on facts and historical evidence exposing and condemning Israeli and American never ending wrong doings. The pin drop Opera House audience was the testimony of the brilliance of Paul McGeough.

The question and answer session was also exiting. Mostly thought full, humane and intelligent people made their valuable contributions apart from one and half Zionist’s nitrogenous waste.

I was the last one to speak and I had to apologise to my sister like figure Green Senator Sylvia Hale who just returned from Palestine with her invaluable contributions and sacrifice.

I knew that we need more than diplomatic lingo and polish approach to hit it hard and wake up the mass as Australian media outlets are disgustingly pro-Israel and silent the least about this burning catastrophe.

I started, “Diaries and testimonies of Theodor Hartzl, Vladimir Jabotinsky and Joseph Weitz are evidenced by First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878, United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949 and Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000 clearly show that Palestinians are not guilty at all. Above links also clearly support the fact that Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine Was Conspired before Hitler’s Holocaust. Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, Pre-Contemporary Jewish Quotes About non-Jews, The 1952 Law of Entry, The 1952 Citizenship Law, The Law of Acquisition of Absentee Property, … remove the last iota of doubt that the slow motion and most painful concentration camps known to mankind located inside occupied Palestine with a stamp of infinity are operated by the generations of Israelis.”. I continued, “A Palestinian kid who is playing in his/her mums cradle, backyard, schoolyard, … is a terrorist!?! People who are racing from all over the world to the holy land and terrorisng the Palestinians are victim continuum!! Israeli ethnic cleansing is justified. Hitler’s ethnic cleansing is not justified! What a double standard and hypocrisy!?! Why are we tolerating these barbaric acts?” Everyone was silent.

Paul knew I was right. He basically said what I said but he was more articulate, smooth, professional and convincing. At one stage the MC closed the meeting.
Many people paid attention to me. One educated gentleman with IT background followed me and argued his points. We continued our mature debate. During our interaction a few Zionists were looking for opportunities while a few Palestinians encircled me to ensure my safety.

This gentleman was a thinker but not a critical thinker. I answered his tabloid trash based questions with Osama bin Laden! Guilty or Innocent?, Osama bin Laden to Slaughter the Arabs and Muslims, Afghanistan! A Graveyard of Western Prejudice and Bigotry?, Afghanistan! Another Ancient Crusade of Our Time!, Afghanistan to Dickensian England! What Do You Think About It?, Afghanistan is Good and USA Must Quit Afghanistan Now. Finally he blamed Palestinians for the breakdown of peace talk! I offered documents like The Genuine Offer of Ehud Barak at Camp David (2000) and Distorting the Camp David negotiations. He was unconvinced! I offered him $100 then $1000 reward should he finds any error in my documents! I also offered statistics like All Terrorists are Muslims…Except the 99.6% Aren’t!, Is it also true that 7% of American terrorism emanated from Jews? …. . He replied that he does not believe in statistics! I told him, “you must have a close mind and further discussions may not be very fruitful”. We chuckled. Yet, I kept the communication line open by saying, “you got my web, blog, discussion group addresses and my phone number; please throw your word of wisdom when you are ready”.

24 10 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Christians follow Christ, who never killed anyone, Jihadis follow whom ?

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