Indonesian ambassador ‘unwise’ to say PVV voters may be ‘psychotic’

27 09 2010


PVV leader Geert Wilders has urged the Dutch foreign minister to summon Indonesia’s ambassador to the Netherlands because of his ‘scandalous statements’ about the anti-Islam party and its supporters.

Ambassador Yunus Effendi Habibie says in an interview with Thursday’s Financieele Dagblad that the planned October visit by Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhynono would be ‘very much in doubt’ if the PVV is part of the next coalition government.

‘Of course the president will not come here if there is someone in the cabinet who says Islam is backward. I do not want my president to be seen as a clown’ the ambassador told the paper.

The ambassador went on to say that the relationship between the Netherlands and its former colony would be hurt if Wilders joins the government.

And, he suggested, the people who voted for Wilders could be ‘psychotic’

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4 responses

29 09 2010

But it is backward. We do not abuse and oppress women and unbelievers as is done by Islam per its prophet and its god, Allah. Any ideology which does that to anyone – women children and men and animals – IS backward, not only that, but cruel, brutal. We must say it because it is true. All the problems relating to the Muslims stem from that backwardness, which harms us, all creation.

Facts have too long been swept under. This has created an attitude, an atmosphere by the Isamics that we must continue doing that, being afraid, being ‘ashamed’ of speaking truth. That is the whole problem.

And that is an interesting word he used, ‘psychotic’, coming from an Islamic man. Because of all the religions, Islam creates psychotics like crazy, this is not news, just look at the hijackers. Islam creates pychosis as malaria mosquitos create chills and fever. Islam creates psychopaths out of good people, out of pure babies, and good hearts, and this is a crime.
We don’t need or want, (indeed, can we accomodate any more) sick, warped criminal minds. And we certainly don’t help ourselves or increase our safety when we bend ourselves to suit the adherents of such a barbarian dogma. Submitting to their unfair, cruel demands is against not only us, but all of humanity. We have the duty to defend ourselves and our brethren. They, too, are our brethren, and so we must not aid and abet the brutality they are under by appeasing brutal tyrannists. When we do that, we are all dooomed.

30 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Frozen mind, living 1400 years behind time, dreaming for 73Virgins, believing Sun revolves around Earth, Earth is flat, stoning is the best policy, rape is man’s birthright is calling, voters in democracy as ‘psychotic’; obvious as per his standard of intellect.

1 10 2010

Exactly. and dreaming of the virgins to own to use and abuse it is pathetic, horrible and all due to the fact of how they are raised, in fear of women, in complete disrespect to the female, and to everyone, themselves, included. No normal relationship with a woman is possible. They are seen as things, inherently evil things, to own, to use, and to abuse like their donkeys. They are in a way seen as status symbols to prop up the poor image of the men. It is wicked, all round. Can you imagine, having a baby, pure and good, innocent, and doing all this indoctrinating it with this poison? worst kind of criminality. To be normal after decades of that is probably always impossible.

“…if there is someone in the cabinet who says Islam is backward”.
They don’t like dealing with the truth, they don’t know how, they aren’t used to it, are not comfortable with it, because they live under a multitude of lies, destructive horrible lies against humanity. Of course they don’t want any level of truth to be said, even the innocuous ‘Islam is backward’, which is putting it nicely, politely.

What he didn’t say was that Islam is not only backward, it is vicious. To its own people! Can you imagine this mind that you cannot admit that? To see it, and not be able to admit that? That, to me, will make a lot of its people psychotic! It is cruel, to the core.

3 10 2010
Faruuqe Ahmed

Hate merchant Ravi Ranjan Singh and cohorts,

Last year alone 40 000 farmers in India and 80 000 worldwide committed suicide! Did they do this to get virgins? Or is it the fact that these mostly non-Muslim farmers are not worthy of anything?

Please remove your prejudice and bigotry and answer me with evidence if you can.

Oh, the Jews of Messada! Why did they murder their own children and then committed suicide?

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