Acquit Geert Wilders!

27 09 2010

From Gates of Vienna:

The trial of Geert Wilders is about to reconvene, and although the proceedings are pre-cooked — “railroading” is probably too mild a term for what is being done to Mr. Wilders — some of the most prominent legal scholars in the Netherlands have spoken out against the case.

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29 09 2010

Well, thank those legal scholars. They will not have to partake of the shame which is the Netherlands for doing this to their man.

Hatred? That is SUCH A LIE! Geert Wilders is the most kind, generous and chivalrous man. He is fair and noble and tolerant. He is simply warning us, worried for us, and wants his countrymen and women to remain free and safe in their own country. To be threatened, raped, dominated, hated and murdered for being infidels, one may always visit in Islamic countries. However, not many avail themselves of those, for the reason of preferring life and freedom to a strong possibility of (and quite likely) brutal death.
“…must answer the charge of hate speech in court” : ? He is innocent. There was no hate and no hate speech. We would all know that if there weren’t a complete blackout of all of his speeches in our ‘free’ media. If facts and reporting our enemies’ beliefs from their own people and book is hate, then we are no longer living in reality, we are living under tyrannists’ oppressive lies and surrounded ourselves with another version of reality, theirs. This means, (unless we cease this delusionary thinking and submission to terror/fear) that our freedom no longer exists. We have become, are afraid of the honest truth. We are doomed if we don’t jump out of this wrong thinking. We doom ourselves by their successful intimidation of us. Fear is very very powerful, if we are trained in traumatic episodes and continually exposed to punishing actions which is what has been done. We must rise up and say No I will not. We will not submit, we are a country based on respect and your actions, declarations and belief system geared only to destroy us, our ideals, our free, safe people and countries will be no longer appeased and ignored, but dealt with as we deal with any stated and avowed enemy of a free country and people.
“He is accused of insulting Muslims and ethnic minorities (?) and incitement to discrimination and hatred”. All lies, all blatantly deliberate falsehoods. If statements of truth from their own Quran and their own Imams and own Muslim people quoting the teaching from their prophet Mohammed is called ‘incitement to hatred and discrimination’ (which it is NOT), then, we must be consistent and not speak the truth about anything, and there goes the objective, scientific method, for one thing. There goes reason, logic, and the freedom of thought. Analysis is broken, we are too afraid. Then we are as backward as the sorrry adherents of the irrational, hateful Mohammed who came up with Allah’s doctrines of utter domination of freedom. When Sharia gets a little more of a foothold here, we’re going to be sorry we were such coward fools. Geert Wilders, Alan Keyes, and Newt Gingrich and those who will speak the truth about this indoctrination of hate and destruction should be supported, not sidelined and ignored. We stick our heads in the sand at our own peril.

We do not discriminate against people, but we need to put ideologies through discriminating thinking, for ourselves and for our children and grandchildren. All facts, all history and all beliefs need to be examined. All are not equal, all are not benign. We need to quickly recognise this, learn the ways and words of the prophet, or we will cease to be free.

30 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

TRIAL OF GEERT, IS TRIAL OF fREEDOM, in era of political corrections.

1 10 2010

Hear, hear!

3 10 2010
Faruuqe Ahmed

Will you two be recommending posthumous award for Adolph Hitter for allegedly trying to save the Arian race and exterminating Greet Wilders good friend Jews earlier?

4 10 2010

What? Excuse me? Are you crazy?

4 10 2010

Forgive me, stupid question.

5 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

“The Jews have a disproportionate number of mental defectives, idiots, and imbeciles.” – Dr. Maurice Fishburg, Eugenic Factors in Jewish Life.
Remember Ronald Reagan of RR Mental Academy? He used call his opponents mental.
Dr Maurice and many more will support me.

5 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Zio-Nazi slave wilders won’t talk about Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine! He is not interested in free speech. He is an Israeli mouthpiece to incite against the Arabs and Muslims.

Theodor Hartzl

When Theodore Hertzl, the ideological founder of the Zionist movements in the 1890s, was asked what he proposed to do with the indigenous Palestinian population when his “state of the Jews” becomes a reality, he replied, “We will quietly spirit them across the boarder”.

Vladimir Jabotinsky

In 1923 Vladimir Jabotinsky, leading intellectual of the Zionist movement and father of the right wing of that movement,… wrote: “Zionist colonization must either stop, or else proceed regardless of the native population. Which means that it can proceed and develop only under the protection of a power that is independent of the native population – behind an The Iron Wall , which the native population cannot breach.”
First published in Russian under the title O Zheleznoi Stene in Rassvyet, 4 November 1923.

Joseph Weitz

Joseph Weitz, the head of the Jewish Agency’s colonization department, confirmed this in his 1940 diary. “It must be clear”, he wrote, “that there is no room for both people’s together in this country … not one (Arab) village, not one tribe should be left”.

Israeli Holocaust in the Occupied Palestine Was Conspired before Hitler’s Holocaust

5 10 2010

How can Geert Wilders be a Nazi when he doesn’t hate Jews?

You are such a twisted liar.

He is for everybody in humanity, he is against tyrannical, barbarian totalitarian evil called Islam and I agree with him, the Quran and its teachings have no place in civilised societies, because its only purpose is to destroy them, this is clearly stated over and over.

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