More infighting among Dutch Christian Democrats

18 09 2010

From Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

In a bizarre twist to the difficult coalition negotiations for a rightwing minority cabinet, it has been revealed that Dutch Christian Democrat party chairman Henk Bleker at one point wanted to break off the talks.

The revelations were made by ex-negotiator Ab Klink in regional Dutch newspapers. The chairman of the CDA party initially agreed with Mr Klink that the negotiations were heading in the wrong direction and that there were great risks in relying on the anti-Islam Freedom Party for majority support.

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22 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

The radicals and there stooges are suffering from Trutho-Phobia, Rationality-Phobia, Humanism-Phobia and Geerto-Phobia.

22 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

The radicals and their here and there stooges are suffering from Trutho-Phobia, Rationality-Phobia, Humanism-Phobia and Geerto-Phobia.
Geert is a Phenomenon, not only a person.

22 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Dutch will keep themselves busy in meaningless issues, while enemy will keep inching to end them.
After few years when camels will sit on Dutistan Roads, Camel riders will teach their children about the Holy Struggle of Killing the cars and importing Camels.
They will teach, while we made them “the Dutch’ importance of camel, rape and stoning and Dutch were getting influenced, one mad man Geert was talking of freedom, rights, culture, humanity and Science.
Iran was once a great Civilization, Pakistan was Hindu, what more proof you want from History dear Dutch Sisters and Brothers.

1 10 2010

Right, and they keep saying that anything said concerning the abuses of Islam is ‘Islamophobia”. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ISLAMOPHOBIA!
Because the definition of a phobia is an irrational, unreasonable fear!

Any person who learns the truth of Islam, of what Allah said, of what Mohammed did while he was alive, in his life, to other people, has to have a fear of it, and work to defend themselves and warn others about it. This is rational, reasonable, and the sign that one has not been brainwashed for years about it under traumatically cruel conditioning.

To proclaim ‘Islamophobia’ to try to shame us hurts not only the truth and harms people who cannot know, but also this lame lie proclaims clearly that those who say it are complete and utter IDIOTS. And they dont’ even know it! And they will continue!! Definition of idiot?

3 10 2010
Faruuqe Ahmed

Are you upset with the Muslims because they are far more advanced than any racist and fascist group? Read the last sermon!

The Last Sermon Confirms the Main Points from the Quran
by Shahid Athar, M. D.

“Oh Prophet, We have sent you as a witness, news bearer and a warner and as someone who invites people to God by His permission and a shining Lamp” (33:45-46).

Prophet Muhanimad (PBUH) who was sent to mankind as a news bearer and a wamer for he spoke the truth and did not invent something of his own. The purpose of this article is to confirm the statements made by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) during his farewell address during the last pilgrimage (10 AH).

After praising and thanking God, the Messenger said, “Oh people, listen to my words carefully for I know not whether I will meet you on such an occasion again.”

Sermon: “Oh people, just as you regard this month, this day, this city as sacred, so regard the life and property of every Muslim as a sacred trust. Remember that you will indeed appear before God and answer for your actions.”

Quran: “If anyone killed a person unless it is for a murder or spreading mischief on earth it would be as it he killed the whole mankind, and if anyone who saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of whole mankind” (5:32). “Then on that day not a soul will be wronged in the least and you shall but be prepaid in the needs of your past deeds” (36:54).

Sermon: “Return the things kept with you as trust (amanah) to their rightful owners.”
Quran: “If one of you entrusts (something) the one who has been entrusted with it should hand over his security and he should heed God and not hide any testimony. Anyone who hides it-has a sinfull heart” (2:283).

Sermon: “All dues of interest shall stand cancelled and you will have only your capital back. Allah has forbidden interest, and I cancel the dues of interest payable to may uncle Abbas ibn Abdul Muttalib.”
Quran: “You who believe fear God and write off anything that remains outstanding from lending at interest if you are (true) God and His Messenger If you repent you may retail your principal do not wrong and you will not be wronged” (2:278).

Sermon: “Oh people, your wives have a certain right over you and you have a certain right over them. Treat them well and be kind to them for they are your committed partners and committed helpers.
Quran: “Provide for them the rich according to his income and the poor according to his means, a provision according to the custom. This is an obligation for those who act kindly” (2:236). “Treat them politely even if you dislike them,. Perhaps you dislike something in which God has placed much good” (4:19).

Sermon: “Beware of Satan, he is desperate to divert you from the worship of God so beware of him in matters of your way of life.”
Quran: “Verily Satan is an enemy to you so treat him as an enemy. He only invites his followers that they may become companions of the blazing fire” (35:6).

Sermon: “Oh you people listen carefully. All the believers are brothers. You are not allowed to the things belonging to another Muslim unless he give it to you willingly.”
Quran: “Believers are but brothers so set things right between your brothers and fear God so that you may find mercy” (49: 1 0).

Sermon: “Oh people, no one is higher than the other unless he is higher in obedience to God. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab except in piety.”
Quran:”The most honored among you in the sight of God is (he who is) the most righteous of you and God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)” (49:134). “Who can be better in religion than he who submits his whose self to God, does good and follows the ways of Abraham for God did take Abraham for a friend” (4:125).

Sermon: “Oh people, reflect on my words. I leave behind me two things, the Quran and my example and if you follow these, you will not fail.”
Quran: “And obey God and the Messenger so that you may receive mercy” (3:132).

Sermon: “Listen to me carefully. Worship God and offer prescribed prayer, observe fasting in the month of Ramadan and pay the poor-due.”
Quran: “And establish the prescribed prayer, practice regular charity and bow down with those who bow down” (2:43). “Oh you who believe, fasting is prescribed to you as it was prescribed to those before you that you may learn self-restraint” (2:183).

Sermon: “Oh people, be mindful of those who work under you. Feed and clothe them as you feed and clothe yourselves.”
Quran: “Act kindly just as God treated you kindly” (28:77). “God has favored some of you over their provisions to those whom their right hand controls so that they become equal (partners) in it. Would they thus disclaim God’s favor” (16:71).

Sermon: “Oh people, no prophet or messenger will come after me and no new faith will emerge.”
Quran: “Muhammad is not the father of any of you men but he is God’s Messenger and the Seal of Prophets. God is aware of everything” (33:40).

Sermon: “All those who listen to me shall pass on my words to others and those to others again (and people did).
Quran: “Oh Messenger, communicate whatever has been sent down to you by your Lord. If you do not do so, you will not have conveyed his message” (5:67).

Sermon: Have I conveyed the Message of God to you? asked the Prophet facing towards the heavens. The audience answered in one voice, “You have, God is the witness.”
Quran: As the Messenger finished the following revelation came to him, “Today I have perfected your religion for you, completed my favors upon you and have chosen for you Islam as the way of life for you” (5:3).

4 10 2010

You are obviously a blinded brainwashed victim of this religion, it is nothing but lies, lies and more lies, which you are sold out to.
You have never answered any of the questions. Because you love evil and know you cannot defend it with rational answers, you only divert by twisting the issues, vilifying with broad brush those who expose your evil religion, and you completely ignore the problems today that are direct result of following the evil Quran’s commands. Your prophet was a mouthpiece for a very vicious, powerful demon named Allah, (maybe Satan himself, I cannot say) proven by the God’s inhuman commands to exterminate all people who do not submit to his horrible words. That his mouthpiece was evil incarnate has been proven by his own actions, during his lifetime, seen in your own sources and the historical record. Why do you continue to agree with him? May I ask Muslim women, something I have always wanted to do, why they (if they are not afraid for their lives, as in living in the West, and free from threat from their family members killing them), why they allow themselves to be dictated to by a rapist – of women AND CHILDREN, murderer, misogynist, torturer and BEHEADER OF HUSBANDS before raping them, same day, (Safiya), and even struck his own ‘favorite wife’ Aisha in the chest hard, which she said hurt (not a toothbrush or lightly). Reminder, women, Aisha was 6 when he obtained her from her father and mother, beginning his years of sexual abuse of that poor child. There you have your prophet, such a ‘beautiful example of Muslim manhood’. That is why your men are so messed up, and you women need to excuse yourselves from this evil religion. The men will come later, and then you all will be happy. No more cruelty and misery.

4 10 2010

The women who are free in the West, of Muslim background, must ally themselves with other ex-Muslims, and speak out against this evil.
You must take measures to be safe, but you are not safe within that religion, and you do not help your sisters still trapped there by saying nothing. You need to be brave. Be smart, but be brave. Say your piece, and be aware that we are in a war. A war of the spirit, and those sold out to that spirit are bent on revenge, which is the reason we do not hear more of your protests. I know the fear. Fear is terrible. Danger is horrible. But those of you who can, please, do, take your stand for your fellows in humanity, the more who will, the more who will be saved from it’s clutches. Here and there. Someone must speak out. Don’t leave it to all the others. One person at a time. Have Wafa Sultan and Aaayan Hirsi Ali as your examples, they are brave, they took giant steps for themselves, for honesty and for their fellow humans. They deserve medals for what they are doing. And damn those who threaten them, may their evil desires be turned back upon them, if they will not repent of them. Bless Wafa and Aayan, and all the other Muslim girls and women and boys who are trapped, we are with you in spirit. May your true Good Creator protect and see you through this time of tribulation.
I am praying for you all. Your creator is NOT Allah. And the prophet Mohammed is not for you or anyone in humanity or animal kingdom.

5 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

Islamophobic, geriatric and intellectually challenged Ingrid,

What Was The Status of The Indian Women?

Describing the status of the Indian woman, The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911, states: “In India, subjection was a cardinal principle. Day and night must women be held by their protectors in a state of dependence says Manu. The rule of inheritance was agnatic, that is descent traced through males to the exclusion of females.” In Hindu scriptures, the description of a good wife is as follows: “a woman whose mind, speech and body are kept in subjection, acquires high renown in this world, and, in the next, the same abode with her husband.” (Mace, Marriage East and West).

Abridged from:

What Was The Status of The Mosaic Women?

In the Mosaic (Jewish) Law, the wife was betrothed. Explaining this concept, the Encyclopedia Biblica, 1902, states: “To betroth a wife to oneself meant simply to acquire possession of her by payment of the purchase money; the betrothed is a girl for whom the purchase money has been paid.” From the legal point of view, the consent of the girl was not necessary for the validation of her marriage. “The girl’s consent is unnecessary and the need for it is nowhere suggested in the Law.” (Previous Source). As to the right of divorce, we read in the Encyclopedia Biblica: “The woman being man’s property, his right to divorce her follows as a matter of course.” The right to divorce was held only by man, The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911, states: “In the Mosaic Law divorce was a privilege of the husband only…”

Abridged from:

6 10 2010

Ahemm….Muslim women?
Where are you all? There have to be some of you who are safe and free fom fear of death and/or beating, to speak, speak out against that child-rapist, woman raping lying murderer of fathers husbands and sons and daughters.

Where are you all?
The world needs you to speak out, if you can.
Your sisters, daughters, cousins, sons, brothers, distant Muslims in distant lands all need your protesting voice.

7 10 2010
Faruque Ahmed

What Was The Status of The Scandinavian Women?

Among the Scandinavian races women were: “under perpetual tutelage, whether married or unmarried. As late as the Code of Christian V, at the end of the 17th Century, it was enacted that if a woman married without the consent of her tutor he might have, if he wished, administration and usufruct of her goods during her life.” (The Encyclopedia Britannica, 1911).
Abridged from:

What Was the Position of the Christian Church re Women?

The position of the Christian Church until recent centuries seems to have been influenced by both the Mosaic Law and by the streams of thought that were dominant in its contemporary cultures. In their book, Marriage East and West, David and Vera Mace wrote: “Let no one suppose, either, that our Christian heritage is free of such slighting judgments. It would be hard to find anywhere a collection of more degrading references to the female sex than the early Church Fathers provide. Lecky, the famous historian, speaks of ‘these fierce incentives which form so conspicuous and so grotesque a portion of the writing of the Fathers . . . woman was represented as the door of hell, as the mother of all human ills. She should be ashamed at the very thought that she is a woman. She should live in continual penance on account of the curses she has brought upon the world. She should be ashamed of her dress, for it is the memorial of her fall. She should be especially ashamed of her beauty, for it is the most potent instrument of the devil.’ One of the most scathing of these attacks on woman is that of Tertullian: ‘Do you know that you are each an Eve? The sentence of God on this sex of yours lives in this age; the guilt must of necessity live too. You are the devil’s gateway; you are the unsealer of that forbidden tree; you are the first deserters of the divine law; you are she who persuades him whom the devil was not valiant enough to attack.’ Not only did the church affirm the inferior status of woman, it deprived her of legal rights she had previously enjoyed.”
Abridged from:

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