Amsterdam VVD leader opposes anti-Islam link-up

10 09 2010


Eric van der Burg, leader of the right-wing Liberal VVD in Amsterdam, is against his party forming a new government with Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV, local tv station AT5 reports.

‘The PVV says things about large parts of the Netherlands and large parts of Amsterdam which I do not recognise. That is the main reason I say ‘you should not want to work with the PVV.’

The national VVD, Christian Democrats and PVV are hoping to soon restart talks on forming a right-wing government.

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2 responses

10 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

I buy BhartiIndian Products so far as possible, now Dutch products are also my prefrence.
Geert is not anti-anybody, he is anti-anti-humanity.
Long Live Geert, Long Live Netherlands & Long Live Human Race.
Down with Devilish Apes

11 09 2010

Hear, Hear, the voice of a true, freedom-loving Infidel! May your truth now be heard by millions of infidels who can’t speak it, for fear. And may their opression/subjugation be defeated by The Truth this man and you speak!

Thank you from all of us, Mr. Singh!

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