Score three more for the PVV

8 09 2010

While I’m stealing content from Gates of Vienna, there’s this piece of news:

The latest polls show that Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV, has forged even further ahead of the other political parties in the Netherlands. The leftist dissenters within the CDA (Christian Democrats) have done nothing to improve their party’s standing; it remains at an all-time low.

If the election were held today, the PVV would hold almost a quarter of the seats in parliament. Matters seem abundantly clear, and yet the parties are unable to form a government, thanks to the cordon sanitaire around Geert Wilders.

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One response

9 09 2010

Long Live Geert our King! King of the Infidels all over the world…whether or not they are free to express this gratitude and admiration. Go Geert Wilders, Go Wafa Sultan, Go Aayan Hirsi Ali, we are all with you!! Thank you Thank you Thank you and Bless you All! We love you….

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