Paul Belien moves up in the world

8 09 2010

Via Gates of Vienna, we learn that Paul Belien, director of the International Free Press Society, and the man behind the Brussels Journal, is going to be Geert Wilders’ newest personal assistant.

Good for Paul. Whether or not you agree with Geert Wilders’ politics, Paul Belien is a good guy to have on your team.




3 responses

8 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Long Live freedom, Long Live Geert.
I will buy dutch goods where ever, whenever possible.
I appreciate Dutch for raising a saviour.
I appreciate Americans for their Mars Mission.
I appreciate Russians for Space Mission.
I appreciate Arabs for their intellect of washing camels.

9 09 2010

Oh Ravi Ranjan Singh, that is so funny!
Thank you, we needed to laugh at something now.
So true, so true. and that is being nice about it. (keeping camels clean.)

15 09 2010
Ravi Ranjan Singh

Thanks Ingrid

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