Geert Wilders openly threatened with beheading

6 09 2010

From Vlad Tepes:


Yahoo News: Muslim cleric calls for beheading of Dutch politician.

Radio Australia News: Dutch MP responds to reported beheading call.

The Huffington Post: Muslim Cleric Calls For Beheading Of Geert Wilders.




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6 09 2010


6 09 2010

“We know them by their fruits.”

Obviously Mohameddans need to be mocked.

“My the Lord have mercy on their souls.”

7 09 2010
old white guy

makes me want to take a similar action against them. no talking, just action to rid the world of the evil that is islam.

7 09 2010

Yes, Robert Buerkle, that is the same thing I’ve been wishing … it is a fantasy, but it makes perfect sense, that we, as free-loving infidels, should in fact find a way to make him our King – King of the Infidels – all over the freedom-loving world! Also, do you agree that we could also crown Wafa Sultan as Queen? Of same? King Geert Wilders and Queen Wafa of the Infidel Free Western World?

To me, (and if the world only knew them) we could ask for nothing better in this realm.
May they both be protected by the All Powerful, All Knowing One Who made them and loves them.
And may He have mercy on us for our mistakes in getting ourselves to this terrible low point in history.
Shall we sign a petition???! It must include a complete denouncement of the tyranny that now exists and holds sway. That must end. It is as evil as the tyrannical Islam is.

7 09 2010

The Quran states we who are infidels and unbelievers are Alllah’s enemy, and they are commanded to wage war on us, and scream this intent, this reality every day to us all. We hear it, but we are conditioned not to believe such nonsense. And we must not be intolerant. We are a nation of good-hearted, miseducated tolerant, fools. An enemy fueled by their incontrovertible word of Allah, the Quran, as told by Mohammed the prophet, has declared war on us. Repeatedly, continuously. We are engaged by the enemy and we refuse to acknowledge it. As Americans, we are too naïve and unaware. As Europeans, too tolerant, complaisant also. Our leaders lie to us, instead of defending us from our enemies. About them and their war book/beliefs Islam (Bush, Clinton, and Obama continually supports them). Why has our leadership refused to protect us from a stated, avowed and known enemy?

9 09 2010

This Muslim man is committing the degradation he falsely speaks of. This is degradation of the worst kind, to us. We never degrade them. We have only treated them kindly, forbearingly and now they get high and mighty with their ugly (and self-righteous?!) threats when someone has guts enough to take issue with their poisonous doctrines of murder and abuse, to speak their truths of their own sources? Oh, yes, Mohammed was the ‘greatest … who ever lived’ (may he be screaming in hell) for ‘marrying’ a 6 year old Aisha, forcing her to endure his sadistic sexual abuse ‘thighing’ her (during which time her trauma was so tormenting that she lost all her hair) – until raping her fully at ‘9’ lunar years (which is 8 and three quarters years old, not that it makes any diff), raped the wife Safiya of a tribe of Jewish people for being too beautiful to let the underlings have her, just after torturing her husband, father and brother that very same day…this is ‘marriage’ with Mohammed the holy man, who was the most vile, iniquitous evil man who probably ever lived on earth. Plus raping many other women and beat Aisha that favorite ‘wife’ on the chest which she said gave her a lot of pain. What a great husband. Who equates women with earth to plow into ‘however you will’, and says they are mentally deficient and in need of domineering control. No wonder their society is still so sick and perverted. Take a vacation to an Islamic country and see the respect they have for their women. They are sub-human to the men, and they abuse boys as well, in physical and sexual ways. Down with Islam and its cruelty. It is evil to the core and from the beginning. Read your Qurans and renounce this inhumanity to men, women, and children. (and animals). and get this evil man calling for Geert’s death out of the free country. and anyone who will not renounce his words. His words are from the Quran. They are not idle killing words, they are threats and that is against the law. Deport him or imprison him as the criminal that he is for threatening and encouraging the murder of innocent people in their own country.

18 09 2010
Steynian 422nth « Free Canuckistan!

[…] PRESBYTERIANS! Geert Wilders openly threatened with beheading; Radical Australian imam says Wilders is Satan […]

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