Radical Australian imam says Wilders is satan

3 09 2010

Via DutchNews.nl:

A radical Australian imam has described Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders as a devil and satan in audio tape published on the Telegraaf newspaper’s website.

The paper says the speech was put on a closed jihadist website and is known to the Dutch security services.

In the speech, Feiz Muhammad refers to Wilders as the dirty politician from Holland.

‘What we’ve got to understand is that [he who] mocks Islam, laughs about Islam, degrates Islam, the punishment… is death,’ Muhammad says. ‘If there is a Muslim leader, the leader will say bring him forward…and if it has been confirmed, behead him, chop his head off.’

But in the tape on the Telegraaf website, Muhammad does not make any direct appeal to Dutch Muslims.

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7 responses

4 09 2010

Ha ha, these guys are so sick. They are the evil ones, and they call him this?
Because he speaks the truth, and he has blonde hair! (blonde is especially evil, as are blue or green eyes!) Keep listening people This man Feiz Muhammad is not radical, he is Muslim.

They are indoctrinated since babyhood with a brutal, inhuman philosophy which makes them psychotic. Really.

From ignorance
Our comfort flows
It is a wretched one
Who knows

please do not discount this as prejudice. I am not prejudiced. I just know from tragic experience that it is the truth. don’t learn this also the hard way.
Read up, infidel people, it is your only hope.

9 09 2010

Dear Wilders,

I am married with a Peruvian man, and still I give you my vote!.
Why? because you simply dare to speak out, what the Dutch public wants, you to stand up for our rights in common for a change!? Something that hasn’t happened for years. I think, since we have to deal with Europe and a cabinet .. before you!. What rights do we Dutch, have left?. I feel ashamed towards our grandfathers who worked so hard to build up, a safe place, to live in as Holland always has been, until now!. From this moment we hear about threatenings towards the ones who open their mouths, in our country “Holland”, a Democratic country I believe it was?? Do we give passage to those who seek a new future but also want to steal it from us, by changing our culture, and habits, the way we dress and behave, forcing us to live their livestyle, and teach in a church how to hate everything that has to do with a modern country, were women have a vote, are blond and managing their, manly teams. I have heard nothing else but, we should accept them they way they have their face and body covered, but I wonder if they accept us the same way! When I have to make a passphoto, it must show my face from the front, or the picture has to be taken all over again. Votes made by the Dutch, that suddenly don’t mean a thing, and are taken over by another governement, we, the middle class, lower class (that is what they call us, haha) do not apreciate that at all. Our grandfathers plow the earth and build dikes with their shovels, not lazy at all as some like us to believe. The reason for taking in foreigners was because they wouldn’t cost so much, is what my grandfather told me. We have our own history with labour, and are proud of it, those who profit from it now, building their moskees and claim everything as theirs. Wilders wants to give us the saftey back as it was for our children. He understands, we need to keep our eyes on the future. But countries who are fighting all their lives, don’t care about a live, it means nothing to them it seems. Killing is for them normal, like living in the stone age period were they had to kill to survive. But they use also airplanes to travel, and auto’s instead of camels, that also is modern, but panic when a young girl is wearing a miniskirt ? You are choosen by Dutch public. They give blond women a bad name, do we threat them same!? I like dark hair, my husband has it. I can write a book, about things that happen in our neighbourhood. Why are they always complaining about everything on tv? while getting houses, work, their children on schools, money from the municipality, have the same rights as us, but forget to tell in the open, they prefer to discrimminate Dutch people in front of our own government. What Democratic country do we have I wonder, we accept everything, took foreigners into our country as their country was difficult to live in, why would they leave it else?. And what gives them the right to threaten people in my own country!. Why does some one who believes in God or Alah thinks he has the right to kill ???

9 09 2010

Sam, I think I feel exactly your frustration and anger about this totally unfair, mixed-up situation.

Why do they think they have the right to kill if they believe in Allah? Because Allah said they should. It is not only their right (in their belief or in their own minds) but it is a duty for them. To destroy infidels for their reward and Allah’s honour. This is ingrained in them, unless they refuse it, which puts them in a risky position and causes them enormous inner conflict which many Muslims cannot sustain. I was one of them..I saw this, and they are not to be considered safe even when they pretend to be normal, in my experience, they will never be – unless you have those who are really really unusually gifted to overcome their programming and who see and hate the cruelty that their people adhere to.

The thing which I can’t understand is: knowing all of this, our ‘freedom-loving’ governments are letting it pass…all their threats to kill natives, peaceful infidels, dissenters get hurt, killed, and we continue to let them overrun us with growing power and intimidation, saying nothing…lest, like brave Mr. Wilders, he comes out proving their book is their source of hate and violent murders and abuse of their own people too – and he – speaking only the simple but ugly facts (or rather, reporting their facts, through their own sources and people) is the one taken to trial???? is this Holland, or the West? I am also ashamed like you, that our countries have dealt such lowly dirt to one of our own – who is only telling the truth. What a damnable travesty. You would think this would be happening in Iran or Iraq, not our free countries based on facts, truth, fairness and safety to speak out against tyranny. Sorry this so long, but I totally know how you feel. I think a lot of people who have had experience with many Muslims feel this way. I am not prejudiced but I know now having learned the tragic way, that Muslims are not at all like us in that their minds are filled with perverse things that simply do not make any sense, and are not kind, are not gentle, or fair and they are based – immersed in hatred for us. This will not just go away with our kindliness. That does not work. We must protect ourselves. Help who is desperate for help, truly, who wants out of Islam, (there are many who do, who are afraid for their lives), but we cannot help everybody, it is impossible. It is a hard, very bad situation. I would look around at the landscape and be pretty hopeless about it, our civilisation will fall, with who we have now as leaders and courts. But it could be tackled by – it would take someone – wilders – to do this. But the people have to become honest. I dont’ know if enough know enough facts to get to that.

9 09 2010

I mean to type “I was married to one of them’ , NOT ‘i WAS one of them’!

I was never Muslim, only married to one. Perhaps still am, I do not know, I am in hiding from him and he married me under one name, and threatened my life if I tried to divorce, living in fear with him for 19 years. Then, he gets a divorce after I managed to escape…under another name than the one he ‘married’ me under.
None of that can be legal. But he is getting away with it, and much more. Because they know our government is lax and lets them, won’t do anything, and we- the natives – suffer. I am still not safe, neither are my children. He also went to military training camps in our Rockies and all of that, funded by the Libyan government. No one even cares. His brother’s wife, an American girl, Reina, after years of beatings by him and her daughter molested by him, got or was almost finished with her divorce, which he forbade, under threat. Then, she died in her new home of unknown/unsolved means. Young, healthy, mother of three children. Happily away from her abusive Libyan, then, drops dead. They are really vengeful, and he always told her she would never get away with divorcing him and being engaged to another man. My ‘husband’ has always said the same.

18 09 2010
Steynian 422nth « Free Canuckistan!

[…] PRESBYTERIANS! Geert Wilders openly threatened with beheading; Radical Australian imam says Wilders is Satan …. […]

2 10 2010

Yes, isn’t it peculiarly perverse.
Those people who admire their creator, whose prophet called him (the spirit named Allah) ‘The Great Deceiver’ in admiration and awe, who murder innocents all the time in the most horrible manner they can, with such tangible hatred in their actions, manner, eyes and words, they are calling a good man ‘Satan’???!!!

Unbelievable, if I didn’t live here on earth and see it, witness it myself, I guess I couldn’t believe it was happening. This is the power of insanity produced by an evil spirit, to cause their minds to conceive of good being evil, to call it evil, to do evil, and to think themselves righteous!
Can you imagine being the owner of this kind of mind, to do and to say, believing, (or not believing, just having to say it?) I think it would be pure hell. I have seen people like this, and they are not in the least happy. but they do get a satisfaction, not happiness, out of destruction.
Take notice of photos of people of Islamic countries. Whether it is in their families, or on the street, with their own people, they are not your normal person, not natural, not innocent-looking like in other kinds of countries. They look to me as if they are suspicious, afraid, and psyched-out by something (like people on meth, I have seen that look in the eyes).

5 11 2010

Geert Wilders = Satan

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