Geert Wilders on Aussie television

1 09 2010

Via Vlad Tepes:




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1 09 2010

Just saw the first video now. It’s too much hypocritical posturing, attacking and dissembling by the reporter, the Muslims in the video and they need to get another paradigm right now – that truth is what we’re after, and safety is what we deserve, and we will tolerate no more lies and vicious attacks on our people in the name of your prophet and God, Allah. If the Quran were such a peaceful and virtuous book then why are these Muslims here in HOlland? The social working Muslim woman without scarf and scarfed-up girl in white and green, would not be able to be social with the man, outside like that, as they are in HOlland, they would be killed as whores in many of their Islamic countries, just because he is not their relative. Then what are they doing putting down this man who is fighting their oppressive tyrannical ideology which they themselves stupidly defend? They are brainwashed and they are nasty to us. Even while we are trying to help them, free them from their oppression. You heard the man in Amsterdam he speaks for his people: in a free country, they are majority and they vow that should Geert Wilders, a free native citizen, dare to go into ‘their neighborhood’, Amsterdam, they would kill him. This man should be arrested for the crime of threatening to murder. This used to be a crime; it is not anymore, because it is the Muslims’ religion. Well, it’s not consitutional (they disregard our constitution) to kill us in the cause of your religion, becuase your book commanded you to do so. THis is not the freedom OUR forefathers were talking about. Especially when the natives who defend themselves and their countrymen and women from this kind of assault on us and our safety and freedoms and culture in speaking their truths from their holy writ, exposing their intent, worldwide domination and complete control of all infidel lands and people, – are castigated, punished and persecuted. This is tyranny itself. That the Dutch government and leaders would allow this travesty to take place. You cannot get any more perverse. Wicked does not get any wickeder than this display of hypocritical, craven corrupt submission to the enemy, as the Muslims say we are the enemies of Allah, Mohammed, and thus theirs, while simultaneously and vociferously, illogically attacking the people they were installed to defend and protect.
Stop the prosecution proceedings. Or else let Mr. Geert Wilders have all the witnesses he called, the full 18, (all but 3 were denied him!) and let’s have it on, the cruel brutality of Islam will finally be exposed for all to see, and let’s have it simulcast worldwide as it concerns the people of the world everywhere there are infidels. This must happen, we are in a war, and we must not be punished for exposing the invaders truths and the tactics of dissembling, convincing lies to deceive us, and we must call every truth to the tribunal’s seat, every fact and every expert he had asked for in the demonstration of truth, and defense of his people, their safety, their children, their future and their culture. This is world war III, people, and it was declared all along by the invaders who declare it in your streets. When a people united by an ideology declare as they do their goal which is utter tyrannical domination of another people, and we have been collectively trained not to fight for our lives and defend our own, to let, to allow, to be ‘tolerant’ to permit them to destroy, little by little, and we obeyed our leaders, being tolerant kind people. We did not know the truth of the people we invited to our land, and their doctrines. Even now, they will often dissemble to get out of being exposed as the haters of freedom that they are. They do not appreciate freedom. They are not like us. They do not come here for freedom, they come to establish outposts, they fight for Allah’s goal, tyrannical domination of all people, free people of every infidel country. Whether it be in the name of religion or not, should make no difference to our response to their declaration of war on us. Since it is religion-based, should only serve to show how serious this mindset is, and any means to defeat us in our attempts to defend ourselves are used, as taught by the prophet. We need to learn the real beliefs of our avowed enemy, or we will continue to be clueless. People, do not be stupid. They are not free to destroy their hosts! That they are allowed to say so repeatedly becuase it is ‘their religion’, shows the utter hopelessness of their rehabilitation as a whole; as adherents to this ideological hell who will attack us in their prophet’s name, they are intractable, completely indoctrinated and will obey their warlord’s instructions on how to kill us. ‘For a time, live with the infidel peacefully…’ (deceiving, weakening, discouraging, confusing, demoralizing, humiliating, then, the greater jihad comes in, beating, raping, slitting throats and beheading). This people is not our people. We cannot save them all, and by trying to be kind and save some who will, (this is really not our national business, is it?) we put our people in greater danger. Time is not on our side. Quickly then, start to read their holy book, and get a grip and act. Geert Wilders is the bravest man and should be made King of the Infidels. He is the only one standing up for our ancestors’ ideals. And for our children’s lives.

1 09 2010

I’m sorry that is so hard to read/long, I am very upset. Please bear with me, there are some truths people need to know.
Now i get ready to listen to part II. I think I need a beer.
Heaven help us.

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