Dutch minorities warn of risks from anti-Islam party

30 08 2010

By Marcel Michelson, via Reuters:

(Reuters) – Half a dozen ethnic minority groups in the Netherlands have warned in a letter that their rights could be endangered if a new Dutch government is formed that depends on the support of an anti-immigrant party.The groups, representing Turks, Moroccans and Dutch Caribbeans among others, wrote to the chairman of coalition talks between the Liberal Party (VVD) and Christian Democrats (CDA), two right-leaning parties that began discussions on forming a minority government a month ago.

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Meanwhile, via Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Increasing pressure from senior CDA members.




4 responses

30 08 2010

Why are Dutch Caribbeans worried at all? If they aren’t shouting threats, gang raping natives, vowing to kill us for not loving Mohammed’s criminal atrocities and commanded atrocities, for not submitting to their God Allah, if they will integrate and assimilate into the culture already established by our free-loving ancestors peacefully, then, they should not worry. Geert Wilders is against violence and brutality. He wants to make us safe again, like we used to be, about 50 years ago, before the huge influx of infidel-haters from Islamic countries. Period.

Many Muslims may say they are not violent, and they might not be, nor want to be, but it is taught thoroughly throughout the Quran. If you are Muslim you must believe the words – every one of them – in the Quran. This is a problem for some of them, who are eminently more humane than other victims of its brainwashing and indoctrinated inhumanity to man. If they disagree or are seen to hold back, if you become known as an apostate, an infidel, they become like one of us, and are in severe danger, surrounded by soldiers of Allah/Mohammed. This is why Geert Wilders is worried for our future safety. For our current level of safety is not what it used to be. Violent murder of infidels in this war is based completely on Mohammed’s Quran, which is Allah’s pure word. Violence is drilled as an honour, inculcated into the minds of Muslims. Really. We don’t really grasp or understand that. We have no common ground. If honesty is not regarded, there is nothing you can discuss with any meaning. Read the Quran, chronologically arranged, for the real deal Islam is a sick, perverted, murdering, raping, torturing warlord’s delusional vision of how the world should be in his twisted mind and his God, the demon Allah, demands obedience. Obviously he is still gettng it. This will not stop until we stop it in our own free realm, and we have to. Or else we are doomed to be destroyed. Just be peaceful and normal and not murderous raping beating and mutilating us or your own people while in this land of ours, and you will have nothing to worry about. Is that clear yet? Get the facts, people.. Facts are good, they are your friends. Do not lie!

The ‘free’ world has ebbed so long from misguided ‘tolerance’ (really fear) which has been programmed harshly into us for 30 years, and the entire free world has needed Geert and needs to all stand up for the truth he speaks. Demand the court drop those false charges, it is all vinidictive punishing of a brave and true man whose only desire is to protect us from barbarity and defend our freedom to live in safety as we used to.

31 08 2010

Very well said and this is very true. I just hope the stupid people in the west will wake up before it is too late.

31 08 2010
Prakash Bhat

I fully agree with the above comments. Look at History. The amount of violent destruction caused all over the world since the advent of Islam should open the eyes of any reasonable and right-thinking man. Justifying murder, rape, looting,forcible conversion and subjugation of people by force and deceit in the name of God is possible only to a perverted mind and is not at all acceptable to a civilised society. It is high time, the Governments all over the world forsake their fear complexes and come to a consensus and demand the Islamic Scholars to revise the Quran in accordance with the modern tenets of a free world. If they are not amenable to reason then ban the Book and practice of Islam all over the world as it is nothing but a source of unrest despite the protestations. As the followers of Islam believe Quran can not be revised, only the second option is feasible. The World is looking forward to
such fearless leaders who can salvage this world from this scourge called Islam.

1 09 2010

Thank you, both for your support. I agree with both of you too. Geert Wilders needs our support. I hope that people wake up. I know in America, we are very drugged and very conditioned. (by drugged I mean poisoned, by sodium fluoride as mandated in city water supplies everywhere, which irrevocably poisons the neurological system and brain becomes less and less resistant to a dominating authority. How else can we explain freedom-loving Americans sitting by for this? It is also a high ingredient in anti-depressants, which are prescribed for any slight depression, which in this world, is only natural to have, thusly narcotising the part of the brain we need to function to think clearly, logically, and independently – on our own. This way, we are easily maleable, which is the only explanation, besides the severely harsh indoctrination and programming we receive from school and media to not speak out or defend ourselves against others all-out attacks on us and our rights.
At least in Europe, they don’t fluoridate so many countries, they care about their citizens’ health more, like in Sweden, Denmark, Japan, Germany, all banned sodium fluoride, rate poison, for which there is no antidote, and after one year of minute doses of this poison a person will never again be the same person, mentally or physiologically — I don’t know about Holland’s water. They used to be known for being strong people, not fools like this, and not tolerating such foolish treacherous behaviour from their government to one of their own brave defenders.
Prakash Bhat, I know I’ve heard that India fluroidates some of their water supplies. Is this true, or are you in knowledge of this? It is said that countries which are under some degree of American influence still do this to their water.
I love this great man. He is a heaven-sent warrior for truth and defending us infidels, everywhere. Thank you both for supporting him in his fight against the lies. Have you seen today’s videos above? I’m blown away. Those people are a shame to humanity and to their gender, I am ashamed that they are

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