German minister lashes out at Wilders

29 08 2010

Via Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

The German Finance Minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, has issued a harsh criticism of far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders. In a conversation with foreign journalists on Wednesday afternoon, he called the Freedom Party (PVV) leader’s politics, “totally the wrong path for the world in the 21st century”.

The minister promised that Germany would cooperate as best as it could with a new Dutch government, even if it was dependent on the support of the PVV. But, he added, “Whether it’s a German or anyone else, we must combat every impulse to xenophobia.”

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2 responses

29 08 2010
Helga Schimmel

Dear Mr. Schäuble,

I saw your comments regarding Geert Wilders and I respect your right to express it.

There is one teaching in Islam which does, indeed, make me very frightened and Mr. Wilders is dealing with this exact problem for our society. Every Muslim believes that there will, one day, be only one religion and that is Islam. “Mohammed was the last prophet and Islam is the only ‘from God ordained’ right religion. The moderate Muslim will wait, but the Islamists are trying to force this issue. When Muslims reach a majority in Western countries, our freedoms will vanish.

Please consider my statement.


Helga Schimmel,
Barrie, ON, Canada

30 08 2010

Mr. Schauble believes that freedom is the ‘wrong path for the world’ in the 21st century!! He does not believe that others, (non-Muslims) have the freedom of speech now, or expression, or to live in safety from the Muslims? Why has he sold out, why have they all sold out except the few, like Geert Wilders and Madelener, where has love of truth gone? Are they so afraid? What is the matter? These are barbarians, everyone knows Islam is fascist, against freedom of any kind, and against happiness. The only happiness they are supposed to have is to put us down, degrade, humiliate and utlimately destroy us in the name of Allah. GET A GRIP PEOPLE! Mr. Wilders and Barry Madelener, are they the only ones with brains and backbone?

Enough of Tyranny! Enough lies! Enough collusion with our stated, avowed enemies. And enough threatening of those who are honest and speak the truth. Everyone knows this. It is worse than cowardly, it is treachery, wicked and treasonous. Listen to Geert Wilders, listen to the facts, Helga Schimmel knows them, heed her warning while you still can do something to defend your selves, your culture, your children and your land of freedom. Islamists don’t want you to have any of that.

Another lie: Geert is anything but far right. Why will they believe we are so stupid? It will come back to them.
‘Every impulse to xenophobia’ ?? Everyone knows the matter is not xenophobia. It is fear of losing our lives to those who vow to murder infidels because it is their religion to do so. And brutality should not be allowed because it is their religion. Brutality to us or to their own little girls, boys and women. Enough of inhumane cruelty, calls for blood from Imams, Muslims on the streets, (for speaking the truth!) threats to our lives (this is a crime, but apparently does not apply to Muslims in Holland, Denmark, or Germany or Sweden or England! Why?) This is not Xenophobic to want your freedom to live in safety back, Mr. Schauble. Stop twisting the issue. And stop lying to your people about Mr. Wilders.

Dutch government: drop the false charges you are holding over Mr. Wilders. Show the world you are not treasonous traitors to your own free native people. Defend your native Dutch people, who only oppose domination by Islam, murder and mutiliation, rape, beatings, that’s what they installed you for.. To uphold the perpetrators of continuous murder and crimes against humanity in their intimidation and threats in horrific abuse of your own people whose defense is your duty. You will live in eternal ignominy unless you do it. Punishing your honest man for defending his people from ruthless invaders who wage war against free people in free lands is absolute tyranny. Drop them and stand up with him in his effort to restore sanity and freedom to live in safety in Holland and in the West. If you persist in this outrage of punishing a good and honest, brave citizen who speaks for all of the people who want safety and freedom back, you will be outnumbered as infidels everywhere are sickened and angry from this tyranny.

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