The Christian Democrat chairman is a whiner, says Geert Wilders

27 08 2010


Geert Wilders, leader of the anti-Islam PVV who is currently in talks on drawing up new government policy with the Christian Democrats and VVD, has called the CDA chairman ‘an enormous whiner’ on the micro blogging service Twitter.

Wilders was responding to Henk Bleker’s appearance on a tv talk show on Wednesday night in which he said the new government must unify rather than divide society, and that the PVV must accept that fact.

‘Can’t the CDA chairman Bleker go on holiday or something. What an enormous whiner,’ wrote Wilders. ‘And let’s make it quite clear, the PVV does not have to do anything.’

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One response

30 08 2010

How true. And that is so funny.

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