Opposition grows among Christian Democrats

27 08 2010

Via DutchNews.nl:

With cabinet negotiations entering their third week, a weekend poll shows that 39% of Christian Democrat party members are against any form of political cooperation with Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam PVV.

Negotiations are continuing this week to form a minority right-wing government of Christian Democrats and Liberal VVD with Wilders’ party providing support on certain policies in parliament in return for getting some of his immigration policies accepted.

The poll, carried out by TNS Nipo for the Algemeen Dagblad, also shows that 13% of the 67,000 party members would give up their membership if Wilders is involved in a new right-wing government.

Read the rest.

Meanwhile, via Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Dutch Christian Democrat leader ‘too secretive’




2 responses

29 08 2010
Trevor Fitzgerald

Finally someone with the courage to say publicly what so many in the western world also believe,Geert you get my vote.

2 10 2010

Mine too, Trevor, if only I lived there. But he will always have my undivided loyalty and admiration.

Thank you Mr. Fitzgerald, for your recognition and support of our villified infidel leader.

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