Dutch Coalition Talks Threatened as Lubbers Changes Mind on Wilders Party

27 08 2010

Via Bloomberg:

Three-time Dutch Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers, who brokered talks on forming a government between his Christian Democrats, the Liberal Party, and the anti-Islam Freedom Party, said he now opposed the plan, citing concerns about freedom of religion.

“My stance has developed from a ‘yes, but’ to a ‘no, unless,’” Lubbers wrote in an Aug. 20 letter to the Christian Democrat leader in parliament, Maxime Verhagen, and party chairman Henk Bleker published by Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant today.

Lubbers’s change of view may jeopardize the formal negotiations that started last month on establishing a Liberal- Christian Democrat government that would rely on the support of the Freedom Party, led by Geert Wilders, to get legislation through parliament. It would be the Netherlands’ first minority administration since World War II.

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2 responses

30 08 2010

‘Freedom of religion — also of Islam — and no discrimination based on religion or world view have to remain essential features of our

Wilders does not want discrimination. That is one of his main points. But natives are being descriminated against. By the guests. Another one is that he does not want for vicious murders and other violence which, commanded by the Quran, the Muslim book of war (against the host infidels) to remain protected activities, essential features of Dutch society. Just because it is ‘their religion’.

Death to the enemy, the infidel Dutch, is not protected freedom of expression of religion in Dutch constitution, is it?? Where does one go to be protected from death threats which are not prosecuted? The constitution was supposed to guarantee peaceful people’s liberty to worship as they want or not, safely, not hurt for what they believe. Liberty and freedom of religion was not meant by the constitution to mean these people have the right to threaten, rape, beat or kill others because they are infidels. Believe whatever you want. Just don’t start killing me ifI don’t agree with you.

Killing, murder, violence against others in the name of religion, is not a protected freedom, at least its not supposed to be. Can’t we just get that understood?

The brutal female genital mutilation also should be no one’s right, the girls should be protected, even though they are Muslim girls (DUH) even though Muslims hate and fear girls and natural relations. They do not have that right, at least in a civilised land. This land was our civil land. Now they are here. Live by our constitution. Abide by our humane laws. Also beating one’s wife is not their right, but it is, by their prophet’s words. They do not recognise our laws, our constitution, or our rights as infidels. They only obey this prophet, his book and Allah’s words, which the prophet speaks. This is an evil, hate-filled instruction manual, the Koran/Quran, and they should, if they are honest, and are peaceful like they lie to us about, tear out those killing maiming and mulilating verses. We wouldn’t accept it from any one else, if it were from Christians, Pagans, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus or Satanists. It is understood that ‘freedom’ does not include freedom to harm and murder. Why do we allow and say ‘do not offend’ when it comes to Muslims, who DO do these heinous things??

30 08 2010

‘Wilders receives police protection around the clock and faces trial in the Netherlands on charges of inciting hatred in his 2008 film “Fitna,” in which he calls on Muslims to rip out “hate-preaching” verses from the Koran. ‘

Wilders is being charged falsely. He is not speaking or inciting hatred. The Muslims are the ones who incite hatred. He is reporting the truth. Completely fairly. Showing the truth, will the government keep us all in darkness about the nature of this war manual, its intent, and the intentions of their priests, the Muslim Imams and regular Muslims who speak in that documentary film? They are allowed to scream those things, all over free lands, and nothing is said to them about our rights not to be threatened with violent acts and death. But now, when an infidel son reports these facts to his people, fairly, calmly, from their own sources, he is punished by his own authorities for telling the truth. Isn’t the freedom to seek/discover truth what is protected in the constitution? What is the crime? When corrupt rulers and tyrannical people have power, speaking truth is a crime. Fairness and safety are denied. To defend oneself and one’s people is an act of intolerance.

Since ‘hate’ is the suposed crime, let us be honest about hate here: he is not inciting or encouraging anything but learnign the truth, education of the trusting, suffering, infidel hosts to educate themselves about their deceptive guests’ teachings of their book – WHICH ARE hate. (The book is an incitement, or rather, a continual commandment to hate – hate us) Mr. Wilders is not inciting hatred at all. The adherents of the book, the obedient, devout ones, hate us – as taught by Imams for being us. Mr. Wilders’ film showed only their own people speaking, screaming, quoting, ver batim, making sense to us, finally, of this global brutality having one source, which all Muslims hold (vehemently) to be THE inerrant word of Allah, & incontrovertible. Their holy book demands obedience in waging jihad in every way possible against us. (the use of lies, deception, humbling, degrading, mutilation, and utlimately, death), the enemy (that’s all of us, infidels, all free people everywhere) who will not submit to the doctrine, Mohammed’s words. This is not what was meant by ‘freedom of religion’ in any constitution, which was instituted with the understanding that all people reading it and holding to it were civilised gentle people.

Demand that truth not be a punishable crime. Demand that those maliciously false charges are dropped. Demand that fairness and honesty which are Mr. Wilders’ rare qualities, especially in leaders, are supported, not punished. Then we may find, we may begin to retrieve our rights and safety which were given to us by our ancestors.

Infidels! Unite!
Unite behind Geert and the truth he defends, and speaks on our behalf!
Do not lose time. There is none to spare.

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