Leaders fear for Netherlands’ image as anti-Islam populist turns kingmaker

25 08 2010

By Ian Traynor, via the Guardian:

The Dutch government has launched a damage-limitation campaign to try to counter what it fears is the disastrous international impact of the Islam-bashing populist Geert Wilders.

Wilders, whose success in June’s general election catapulted him into the role of kingmaker in attempts to form a new coalition government, is to travel to New York to take part in protests on 11 September against the proposed Muslim community centre near Ground Zero.

Maxime Verhagen, the acting foreign minister and Christian Democrats’ leader, has voiced fears that Wilders’s speech in New York will tarnish Dutch reputations. He has also taken the unusual step of circulating confidential orders to Dutch diplomats around the world on how to answer questions about Wilders’s influence in a new government and on the fallout for Muslims in the Netherlands.

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3 responses

27 08 2010

I laugh in derision, those leaders aren’t worried ‘about the Netherlands reputation’! they are worried abuot their own!
they know the people aren’t that dumb, and when Geert Wilders speaks, they will know he is honest, and they were lied to by those officials, who will be exposed for what they are – sellouts to evil and brutality and terror and oppression of all people – islam, They’ll have hell to pay for all the harm their lies amd aiding of our enemy has done. Islam is at war with all infidel nations/people – we are enemies of Allah. The Koran, holy manual of hatred and Mohammed pious teacher of throat-slitting, beheading, murdering and raping from the religion of peace say we (all infidels) should be stomped into complete submission for the glory of Allah’s hateful religion. They have already succeeded in lulling us by falsehoods (taquia, deliberate lies to fool) into trusting we are safe. You do not want your children forced bend knee to hateful Allah who is a hater of all, girls, boys, women, men and animals. Islam is against everything good and free, peaceful and joyful. Haven’t you noticed? For verification of where this comes, read the Quran entirely chronologically arranged (not short verses to longer ones, which only disjoints and hides the real picture.)
Those Dutch leaders who threaten Geert Wilders to frighten him from speaking in America on the 9-11 do not love freedom for the people, nor do they want the masses knowledgable. This is for complete control, they are corrupt, cowardly liars. Why have leaders who will not defend their people from an avowed vicious enemy? Why have ‘leaders’ who lie to us constantly? Thomas Jefferson said, ‘there is not a truth existing which I fear, or would wish unknown to the whole world.’ Geert Wilders is of the same mind and heart as Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln and others who loved the truth and freedom and education. WE NEED to hear the TRUTH, and they punish Mr. Wilders for it, he is suffering for giving us the facts, persecuted for speaking the truths of islam, from the Muslims own mouths and book to his fellow people. Persecuted by both the Islamic devout and obedient slaves to Allah’s evil commands, but also, now, by a perverse, corrupt judicial system. This court has denied him all but 3 witnesses to testify. Out of 18 he had to testify, they denied him 15! Truth is not wanted, they are not interested in the truth. This is complete tyrannical evil. Truth is hated by authorities and leaders who are corrupt. This is a fight between good and evil, freedom and slavery, truth and lies/ malicious intent to harm people who use their freedom of speech and expression. There are so many martyrs in this war. We are all in this war. We need to listen to the facts, as Abraham Lincoln said, and take the actions needed to save ourselves and our children. We in the free lands (as free as they are) owe to oppressed and persecuted people everywhere, to fight the oppressors for our freedom. Long Live Geert Wilders, and Bless him. Infidels, quickly, please educate yourselves. Support our brave hero Geert Wilders as he is fighting alone for us all against this tyranny.

27 08 2010

One man with courage is a majority. Thomas Jefferson

(true, but more are needed in this war!)

To stand in silence when they should be protesting makes cowards out of men. Abraham Lincoln

9 10 2010
Yacub Riaz

Christians are no better than Jesus – Most muslims are far better than Mohammad.

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