More Christian Democrats trust Wilders

22 08 2010


Confidence in anti-Islam PVV party leader Geert Wilders among Christian Democrat party members is growing, according to the weekly poll by Maurice de Hond widely published on Sunday.

His rating among this group rose from 3.1 in June to 5.2. With Liberal VVD supporters, it increased from 4.6 to 5.6.

Among all respondents though Wilders scores the lowest of the party leaders with 3.8. Liberal VVD leader Mark Rutte rates highest at 5.3. Labour leader Job Cohen saw his score fall from 5.5 in June to 4.5, just ahead of Christian Democrat leader Maxime Verhagen on 4.3.

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There is still opposition from within the Christian Democratic Party, however. Via Radio Netherlands Worldwide: Christian Democrat MP upsets Dutch coalition talks:

Coalition talks in the Netherlands are facing a new hurdle. The three centre-right parties working towards a government coalition are relying on the support of a minimal majority of 76 seats in the 150-member parliament. A report in Friday’s Trouw daily suggests, however, that at least one member of the Christian Democrat CDA party has objected to the proposed coalition agreement. This would deprive the prospective cabinet of its majority in the Lower House.

The MP’s objections centre on the participation of Geert Wilders’ anti-Islam Freedom Party in the coalition agreement. The Freedom Party has agreed to give support to a minority cabinet of CDA and the free-market liberal VVD party, but the MP, who wishes to remain anonymous, refuses to unconditionally agree to such a set-up.

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