The end of the Wilders Round-up

21 08 2010

Dear reader,

Well, it’s had a nice run, but I think it’s time that I retired the Wilders Round-up segment of this blog.

Defend Geert Wilders will still be going strong – I said that I would see this through until Geert Wilders’ trial came to a close and I meant it. But, quite frankly, it takes a fair amount of time and energy to keep on top of the pile of links and such that goes into a round-up. And that’s time and energy that I need for other projects, alas.

I’ll still be updating Defend Geert Wilders with the latest news – as best I can, anyhow. And there might be the occasional round-up of coverage surrounding particular events – like Geert’s time in court coming up in October.

But the Wilders Round-up, as of now, is officially retired. I hope it won’t be missed too dearly…




4 responses

21 08 2010
Phineas Fahrquar

You’ve done yeoman work! I’m impressed you were able to keep going as long as you did. Well done. 🙂

21 08 2010
walker morrow

Thanks, Phineas! I did my best 🙂

26 08 2010
Bob Smith

Thanks from Chicago for all the good work. If you get a chance check out my theory on Islam at

26 08 2010
walker morrow

Thanks Bob! Will do.

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