De Hoop Scheffer advises Wilders not to speak

15 08 2010


Jaap de Hoop Scheffer, former Nato general secretary, has advised Geert Wilders not to make a speech during the anti-mosque demonstration on September 11 in New York.

In an interview with NRC, he says people abroad do not know who is in the cabinet and who is in parliament. ‘When a Dutch politician appears at an event like this, then you have to assume they don’t see the difference between a coalition party and a party that is giving support,’ he told the paper.

De Hoop Scheffer, a Christian Democrat and former foreign minister, says he is personally against the building of a mosque close to Ground Zero. But he thinks it inadvisable for Wilders to speak as he will be seen as representing the Netherlands.

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4 responses

15 08 2010
Ellen Berman

Another out of touch soul. Too bad, Scheffer is so ignorant!!!

16 08 2010
alexanderrcm USA

If there is anything the world needs right now, it’s straight talk. Geert is amongst the living, the aware. Jaap can go talk to the dead, where I’m sure he’ll have a captive audience to hear his dribble. I don’t think Geert speaks for Holland, but if I was Dutch, I certainly would wish it to be so. I do think he is a man amongst sheep and that the Dutch can only thank him for showing them that men still exist in Europe.

18 08 2010

Oh, yeah, I’m totally with you there, Geert Wilders is my personal hero, chivalrous, extremely courageous, kind, good and strong, patient beyond any human I have ever seen, and – cannot believe that I just found out he exists by accident about 10 days ago! Doing some research on what the Koran does say, and found out that all this is going on, and media here totally ignoring his plight, the situation over there, and in England and in Sweden, gang rapes on Swedish girls, beatings by Muslims of gay men in their own country, not safe, Sharia, honour killings, female child mutiliation for no other reason than punishment for actually being female. I knew a lot already about the evil ways and beliefs of Muslims (had personally experienced severe abuse and threats to my life continually if I tried to get a ‘divorce’, my children’s lives and family, etc, he said ‘All Jews and Americans should be killed,’ ‘you deserve to be killed, if I was a good man I would kill you now’, etc. so I wasn’t totally new to islamic beliefs but after finding out this brave man Geert is going to trial in own country for making a documentary film about what the Quran teaches and Allah and Mohammed command them to do, I couldn’t believe it! So I watch Fitna last Friday, and was horrified that the problem is huge over there, and our presidents know this and look the other way, saying “Islam is a religion of peace!’ (what a blatant lie that is). What is going on? Why are so many Westerners refusing to look at this problem in our countries and why are we denying that we are afraid? Why are we afraid to say the truth, like Geert has? Who cares about names, racist, bigot etc, intolerant, they know they can intimidate that way and we are fools to let that matter, everyone knows that this is not hate speech to alert the public as to the real nature of the problem, it is their book’s commands, it is their prophet’s examples and commands, and they continually call for our destruction, and when a Dutch citizen makes a film, he is abused by not only these vicious Muslims but his own country’s judicial system and denied all but 3 of his 18 witnesses!! What the hell is happening to our sense of angry indignation? To me, Mr. Geert Wilders is beyond human in his understated logic, his extreme fairness and his kindness and love for all humanity, Muslims and non-Muslim, and that he has suffered too much personally for the last 6 years and has to run this gauntlet too, of the West’s vicious mischaracterisations, undercutting his every move, well, you can’t get any more corrupt than that. Let’s hope the majority of his fellow Dutchmen learn the seriousness of what he has brought to our attention – so unflinchingly fair. He has thought long and deep, has thought of the only solutions, and unless the Dutch and Europe (England?) get a grip and protect their native citizens’ freedom to be safe in their streets and homes, safe to speak their concerns and oppose the cruelty and inhumanity of Islam, and acknowledge the truths that Muslims – as stated in Quran are the avowed enemies of free infidels, speaking this truth themselves so plainly (& of destroying us completely – killing, beheading – is this not real ‘hate speech’? Threatening lives of others is a crime!) then, everything will be lost – destroyed and we of the lands of the free and the ‘brave’ will be ashamed forever. What will we tell our children and grandchildren when they are under the cruely of tyrants forcing them to bow to Allah the demon god who inspired Mohammed’s brutal vicious religion, heads savagely removed for their refusal to submit completely? Believe me, they mean what they say. I wish this were just a nightmare. It sure seens surreal, but it’s real, and is not ending unless we change it.

20 08 2010

What he means is he and the other cowardly polititicans are afraid, since Geert Wilders does speak for most people in the Netherlands, and his truth will become known finally (its a great venue, can you imagine? Our media blackout will go ‘poof’ and the lights will go on, we will all know, and their shame for appeasing the brutal murderers and intimidation and forcing Dutch citizens to suffer will all come to light. Then we might get angry enough to be brave and finally defend ourselves. And we will then demand leaders who will defend us as well.

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