Geert Wilders to protest NYC Victory-Mosque

12 08 2010

Via Vlad Tepes:




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13 08 2010

Geert you are loved and respected. I wish more people would be brave as you. Many politicians believe what your saying and as time passes, more speak out against Islam. The last week, I’ve heard Fox News speak out about Islam and the mosque. Finally and I hope they keep it up.

19 08 2010

Yes he is. I just only found out about Geert Wilders during the first week in August, and on Aug 7, saw Fitna. I can’t believe that although I had personally experienced the brutish cruelty of one Muslim and who said ;all Americans and Jews should be killed!’, (also beat me almost to death, saying ‘ I should kill you now’, you ‘deserve to be killed’ and other things very heinous, and this man was vicious), I was still so horrified by the facts of this film that I didn’t know. But my hellish life with him just underlined the verses in the film, and those guys in the film, Imams and Muslims, well, now I know where he got it. This is surreal to us, and it is real, and it is hell we are facing, hell from a book inspired by a demonic spirit who desires us all to be miserable and then tormented and then killed. Please see Fitna, and educate yourselves, we are far too trusting. They are bent on total control, not just ‘mine’ (my abuser-Muslim), but all those who have been taught the Koran and who don’t have the courage to get out of this religion. It twists their minds and turns people into hate-filled things of murderous intent. Mine meant every word he said, and although they lie without compunction, we need to know that that is what they do to fool us and achieve their goal of total domination. I am still in fear of mine. He does not know where I am. My children are in danger still. This is serious, this is reality, and I was trusting and dumb and believed in the golden rule. Our golden rule doesn’t work with the Muslims, they take it as a sign that Allah is with them even more to hurt us even more, take it from someone who has suffered all of 25 years and still suffers because of Muslim/Islamic belief and handiwork. Believe what I say, they are not here for good. Anyone who thinks otherwise and looks the other way is asking, inviting tragedy. I do love Geert Wilders. He is fair, chivalrous brave and kind, he speaks for all of us who are/have been too intimidated to speak out, and we are indebted forever to him for his ongoing fight for our safety and children’s safety and freedoms.

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