Berlin Politician in Trouble for Inviting Dutch Populist Wilders

29 07 2010

Via Spiegel Online:

A local Berlin politician from Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives is under fire for inviting Dutch populist Geert Wilders to a meeting on Islam on October 2. Rene Stadtkewitz, who is known for his anti-Islamic views, has refused to cancel the invitation, and now faces eviction from his party’s parliamentary group in the city assembly.

A local Berlin politician is in trouble for inviting Dutch right-wing populist Geert Wilders, who is known for his provocative positions on Islam and immigration, to a political event in Berlin.

Rene Stadtkewitz, 45, a member of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative Christian Democrats (CDU), looks set to be excluded from the CDU’s parliamentary group in the Berlin city assembly after inviting Wilders to Berlin on October 2 to discuss integration and Islam. He had also discussed founding a branch of Wilders’ Freedom Party in Germany. Frank Henkel, the CDU’s regional parliamentary group leader, gave Stadtkewitz an ultimatum: Withdraw the invitation by July 26 or face the consequences.

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2 responses

29 07 2010

Are all the politicians afraid of the Arabs that threaten us or do they get money from them, to hush up? Amazing how intolerant people are allowed to do anything, but those that don’t accept such behaviour are the so called trouble makers and threatened by their own government/people? Keep fighting, we must not let Islam take over the world.

3 08 2010
mina makki

hi dear friend

Here me and my partners have a questionary which will survey the essential needs of
muslim minorities.
Can I ask you see the link below and answer to short questions please? All data you give
will be kept.

I am grateful!

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