The Wilders Round-Up, July 27th 2010

28 07 2010

Alright, here goes. – Geert Wilders – “I do not hate Muslims”, but laments Islamic fatalism

Advice Goddess Blog ( Amy Alkon ) – Wilders On Islam

Big Peace – The Hit List: Nine Infidels in the Crosshairs

John Hendrix – Dutch Islamologist about Islam and Fitna

Interfaith Forums – Response to Europe’s “Burqah” issue

Irish Left Review – Nina Power: One Dimensional Woman

FilesFromToni – Dutch Lawmaker Geert Wilders Launches Anti-Islam Group

Jerusalem Pulse Radio – Why Dutch Politician Geert Wilders is against Islam – Geert Wilder’s Speech to Holland’s Parliament

What are we thinking – Geert Wilders: Wisdom and Courage | EuropeNews

Five Feet of Fury – Geert Wilders to launch international ‘freedom alliance’

Sky News – Dutch Politician Forms Anti-Islam Coalition

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders discloses more on Ground Zero Mosque – and Dutch government cofinances the ground zero mosque?

Paula Nowlin – Did islam liberate women ! هل الإسلام حرر المرأة *mirror*

Eine Kleine Nichtmusik – More fascist thuggery

Enlargepills – Muhaddith Quran Miracles Islamic Videos Refuting Misconceptions 

Right Side News – Fanning the Flames of Jihad

EuropeNews – Geert Wilders: Wisdom and Courage

Gates of Vienna – Geert Wilders is Coming to Berlin

Riteman – Geert Wilders Freedom Alliance

Hi, I’m Greg! – Europe’s stain

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Holland on Hold

Free Republic – Geert Wilders’ PVV discloses Dutch government support for ‘ground zero’ Mosque 

Earth Times – Invitation to Wilders triggers criticized in Berlin – Merkel party in row over invitation to anti-Islam Dutch MP

Beltway Blips – Geert Wilders to launch international ‘freedom alliance’

British Democracy Forum – Nick Griffin, genius publicist.

Star Network – October 2009 – Press Review Thursday 22 July 2010

Demotix – Party leaders walk again to the negotiation table

Andrew Bostom – Geert Wilders: Wisdom and Courage – Quotables by Walesa, Pence, Wilders, Coolidge, the 2011 budget, etc.

Berlingezswitscher – Rechtspopulist provides for discord in citizen of Berlin CDU

Sikkim Commerce of Commerce e.newsletter – Fanning the Flames of Jihad

The Third Jahada – THE REAL ISLAM

What on Earth? – Quotables by Walesa, Pence, Wilders, Coolidge, the 2011 Budget, Etc.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders: a right-wing cabinet, with or without me – Wilders Calls on Muslims to Reject Qur’an, Announces International Freedom Alliance

Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion – Breitbart’s Mullah Omar Story Under Fire

The Legal Project – Geert Wilders

Face Our Flag & Be Heard USA! – Geert Wilders and Fitna at CPAC

Mefeedia – Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance

Assalam-u-Alaikum – 21st Century Western Imperialism and the Return of the Caliphate – Geert Wilders Forming International Anti-Islam Alliance

Netherlands – The Wilders Round-Up, July 7th 2010

Pakistan Patriot – Holland goes berserk: Wilders next Dutch Premier – German politician Frank Henkel (CDU) stinks of cowardice

Bare Naked Islam – GERMANY: Christian Democrats showing their Nazi roots?

Winds of Jihad – Greetings from Germany!

Jewish Indy – Geert Wilders Forming International Anti-Islam Alliance

Musings of a Durotrigan – Review Article: ‘A New Inquisition: religious persecution in Britain today’, Jon Gower Davies, Civitas, London, 2010.

The Blogmocracy – My response to those who claim it is a ‘human rights violation’ to protest mosques.

US Message Board – Nationalism: The Pendulum Swings

The Holland Bureau – Only a Queen can save us…..

Dutch Politics…In English – Paars Plus negotiations fail

Rupee News – Holland goes berserk: Wilders next Dutch Premier

World Latest News – Row over Danish plan to cut immigrants’ pay

Good Pork Bad Pork – Should France Ban the Burqa? — By: NRO Symposium

Berlingewitscher – Stadtkewitz does not unload Rechtspopulisten

The English Defense League Extra – The Muslim Defence League

Kitman TV – Complete Islam Rising – Geert Wilders Warning to the West

Matavuvale – The Europe you know is changing [destroying the free world]

The Hesperado – Wildersianism (the new Wilsonianism) and the distinction between Islam and Muslims

The Third Jahada – Archive of Articles From Islam Watch

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – This week in the Netherlands


Tweetpress – Turkish columnist says that “liberal Muslim” Mustafa Akyol is actually an Islamic supremacist working for restoration of caliphate

Weblog GeertWilders – APNewsBreak: Dutch lawmaker forms anti-Islam group – Wilders, Rutte and Verhagen urged to talk about talks

The Winnipeg Free Press – Anti-Islam lawmaker Geert Wilders to join informal talks about forming next Dutch Cabinet – Wilders anti-Islam party to enter government talks



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