Wilders nominated for free speech prize

11 07 2010

Via Weblog GeertWilders:

Dutch Euro-MP Barry Madlener, who is a member of the Freedom party, has put forward his party leader Geert Wilders as a candidate for the Sakharov Prize. The prize, named after the Soviet dissident Andrei Sakharov, is awarded annually by the European parliament to individuals and organisations that have contributed significantly to freedom of speech. “It’s a scandal that someone in a European country should be prosecuted for defending a basic right such as freedom of speech” Mr Madlener commented, in reference to the court case involving Mr Wilders’ anti-Islamic short film Fitna.

Mr Madlener is busy collecting the 40 MEP signatures which are required for a nomination. The winner will be selected by the leaders of the parties within the European parliament.

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2 responses

16 07 2010

Thank god someone has seen the light and the great danger the West facesfrom the muslim invasions of our countrys, they cant do it by force so they are doing it by moving to our countrys and breeding like rats, and anyone thats is not blind can see that is whats actualy happening, eventualy as the muslims openly boast they will in years to come outnumber the countrys native population and then we will see Sharia Law implimented in every country that is taken over by the Muslim hoards and then all females will be dressed in black and treated like cattle as they are in the East this brings back memorys of not so long ago when the last tyranical fanatics the Nazi blackshirts tried to do the same and the west sat back and watched it happen and look what happened, it took 6 years and millions of innocent deaths before the nazi hoards were finaly stopped in 1945, here we are in 2010 with the same senario starting all over again and once again the west is sitting back doing nothing, what the hell is the matter with our Politicians are they blind, deaf, dumb,stupid, or maybe they just dont give a damn as long as they stay in power and fill their pockets at the taxpayers expense.
What a bloody joke, we have our troops over in the middle east dying fighting the Muslim Fanatics and possibly the muslim fanatics that they are fighting are from their own country/town/city in the West who have left their familys at home collecting social security and all the other welfare benefits that they can rob from the country/state that they live in, like paracites feeding of the host untill it eventualy dies. the Native population are terrified to say anything in the end because they are instantly accussed of being Racist and Anti-Muslim, so if action is not taken soon to stop the inevitable from happening then those of us who are not Muslim had better start doing something to stop it before its to late

18 07 2010
Steynian 16rd « Free Canuckistan!

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