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11 07 2010

Here at Defend Geert Wilders, we love to get feedback, tips, et al via email, any time. And someone has taken the time to do just that – with something that I thought quite worth posting:

Perhaps you can add to the context:

(1) I am an econometrician who worked at the Dutch Central Planning Bureau in 1982-1991.

(2) I designed an analysis on unemployment but this analysis was blocked from discussion and I was fired by its then-director Gerrit Zalm, with lies and an abuse of power.

(3) When Gerrit Zalm was leader of the VVD faction in parliament, he also dismissed Geert Wilders from there.

(4) Geert Wilders never asked questions in parliament about my dismissal and the integrity of science. Neither did Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

(5) If my analysis on unemployment would have gotten a decent treatment then the minority issue would not have been so strong and Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh would not have been murdered.

(6) If my analysis on unemployment would have gotten a decent treatment then we would not have had this world economic crisis.

(7) I advise to a boycott of Holland till the censorship of science in Holland is resolved.

See the links below.

Kind regards,

Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus




3 responses

12 07 2010
T. Gross

My Dear Friend
I think the problem of the Dutch and other Europeans is, that they don’t have enough children to keep their economy going, but then why not to bring in Chinese, or Christian Indonesians both groups of which will intermix with the present Dutch culture and people, rather them Muslims who will only intermix on their Islamic terms, and aim to dominate through violence, coercion and fear as soon as they will feel sufficiently strong?

12 07 2010
12 07 2010
Thomas Cool / Thomas Colignatus

@T.Gross: There is no urgent economic need for migration. When each nation develops its economy, people will prefer to stay and remain with family and friends. The key notion is that a nation must take control over its economy, by establishing property rights, courts, education, labour laws, etcetera. Our democracies are crippled by the Trias Politica construct and we need a fourth branch of constitutional powers, an Economic Supreme Court. See the links that I provided.

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