The Wilders Round-Up, July 9th 2010

10 07 2010

Alright, here goes.

Argue With Everyone – ‘We have no problem to be tolerant of the tolerant’

The Times Online – Where now for the crisis-hit European Left?

Rightchik – Why do they hate us?

HubPages – Geert Wilders

NZ Conservative – Geert Wilders – an honest liberal

Herbal Smoking – Geert Wilders Fitna – Koran – Quran Bathroom Tissue? – Geert Wilders heading for coalition government?

Wis[s]e Words – Geert Wilders not wanted anywhere

The Freeman – Who Hijacked Reality / #99 Fitna the movie today. It should still scare the crap out of you.

Yahoo! Answers – Why do they brand Geert Wilders as fascist?

The Blogmocracy – Wilders: “The Netherlands chose more security, less crime, less immigration and less Islam.” – Wilders: a Dutch revolution

World News – Geert Wilders on course for Dutch cabinet seat

Musalman Times – Geert Wilder’s to be Tried under Anti-Racism laws

Progress Online – Geert Wilders wins bronze

Alternate – Geert Wilders, Prime Minister of the Netherlands?

UK Independence Party – Wilders becomes Dutch kingmaker

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders’ bid for power fails

Australian Conservative – Wilders is ascendant. Is Europe awaking?

Presseurop – Wilders unlikely to enter government

Topix – Geert Wilders,European hero.

Congressman Ted Poe – Geert Wilders — Champion of the public liberty 

Andrew Brons MEP – geert-wilders.jpg

Wins Third Place: Huge Victory for Holland — Geert in Line for Cabinet Role

Clipmarks – YES!!! Geert Wilder’s Freedom Party Picks Up 22 Seats!

Your Freedom and Ours – Curious

Winds of Jihad – Zakir Naik Proudly Presents: “Out of Context”

Exposing & Fighting Against Global Anti-Semitism and Racism – Islamophobia Watch – Documenting anti Muslim bigotry – Wilders and …

Greenyourope  – Greens win in Dutch and Belgium Elections

James Wolcott – Henceforth All of My Online Purchases Will Be Made Thru PayPal! – Holland’s KKK, David Duke aka Geert Wilders upset because the new government will not give him the respect he deserves (or are they?)

Max Blumenthal – So Who Are The Nazis? Meet Atlas’s Thugs

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Balkenende lost, ‘but it was a great campaign”

Britannia Radio – Not Inayat A Nice Way – Councillor Wilders cost The Hague €50,000

Kandigol’s Weblog – Down these mean streets your blogger walks

MPAC UK – Dr Zakir Naik Responds to the Home Secretary – UK Muslim Groups Sleep As Usual

FilesFromToni – Geert Wilders: Jordan Is Palestine

Zimbio – Geert Wilders: Jordan Is Palestine

The Spirit Mind – Islam Rising Trailer

Klein Verzet – A view from outside

Free Republic – Jordan is Palestine ( Geert Wilders ) – Little movement on coalition, queen said to be concerned

Tribune Magazine – Pitfalls of going Dutch on immigration

Open Salon – planetrussell: Dutch PVV leader Geert Wilders: Change Jordan’s name to Palestine

PopModel – Interview with Geert Wilders [ video ]

Scottish Socialist Youth – UKIP: absolute nutters in the shit

Der Spiegel – Are Women’s Rights Really the Issue?

Republicans United – The Monster in the Closet of American Media


Stand Up To Hate – Cabinet formation talks between Anti-Islamic VVD and PVV continue on Tuesday

The Simple Truth Online – “Jews are our staunchest enemy” – Dr. Zakir Naik

Muxlim – “Really Dutch:” On Consumerism and National Identity

Debiao660 – power leveling

Miller-McCune – Eurabia, Eurabia

A New Dark Age Is Dawning – Wilders’ chance of Dutch cabinet post

The National –  A question of faith

The Christian Science Monitor – After Israel’s Gaza flotilla raid, is Turkey rejecting Europe?

Independent Research Network – After Israel’s Gaza flotilla raid, is Turkey rejecting Europe?

Flyertalk – Anti-Muslim Party of Geert Wilders loses parliamentary candidate to Israel’s Mossad

Ask500 – Do you know Geert Wilders?

Bakfiets en Meer – A Trip to Limburg

FrumForum – Bawer: Will the Norwegians Arrest Me?

Berrocscir’s Banner – A mixed bag

Comment Is Free – Bogus and misdirected, yes. But the Tea Party has a lot to teach the left

EuropeNews – Bruce Bawer “I’ve Become an Enemy of the People for Speaking the Truth About Islam”

FrontPage Mag – Burqa Prejudice

Financial Times – Dutch party rules out Wilders talks

Americans For Constitutional Government Reform – Dutch voters boost far-right party of Geert Wilders

The International Civil Liberties Alliance – English Defence League Represented At Counter Jihad Zurich 2010

Fortress Outpost – The Post – American Presidency

NIS News Bulletin – Cabinet with PVV impossible

Fousesquawk – Anti-Semitism Continues in The Netherlands

Centre For European Reform – The eurozone retreats into a beggar-thy-neighbour cul-de-sac

National Review Online – David Calling

Reuters – Deficit-taming rightist Dutch government less likely: aide

deMoravia – Geert Wilders

Centre for Local Policy Studies – Elections, The Budget and Europe: What’s the role of the Voluntary and Community based organisations

Centurean2’s Weblog – Dhimmi Camerons’ No Change Policy!!! Muslim Lied About The BNP is Illegal and Benefit Cheat!! – and GEERT WILDERS WINS 24 SEATS- UP FROM JUST NINE …………….

Socialist Worker Online – Disillusion and despair feed far right in Dutch election

Drawing Muhammad – Retarded Islamic Culture, Geert Wilders

Bloomberg Businessweek – Dutch Coalition Should Exclude Wilders, Adviser Tells Queen

Bruce Bawer, for Pajamas Media – I’ve Become an Enemy of the People for Speaking the Truth About Islam

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch coaliton talks may stall

Las Vegas Sun – Dutch election winner visits queen before talks

The Escapist Forums – Dutch Elections and Geert Wilders

Financial Times – Dutch must now redouble efforts at integration

Luay’s Posterous – Friday 18 June – What’s Happening

Gates of Vienna – Leftists and Muslims React to the PVV Victory – and Slouching Towards Zurich

Gayandright – Why do they hate us???




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