The Wilders Round-Up, June 23rd 2010

23 06 2010

Alright, here goes.

Read News – In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders stands virtually alone in defense of Israel flotilla attacks

Stand Up To Hate – MARSEILLE’S MUSLIMS WIN RIGHT TO BUILD MOSQUE (France) – A Real look into Islam’s March and Invasion into Europe

Financial Times – Austerity pledge woos Dutch votes

DC Comics Message Boards – What if Batman fought Geert Wilders

Topix – Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders makes strong showing in local polls

LiveLeak Forums – Dutch PVV in Power would mean International isolation for the Netherlands

Warrior Times – Geert Wilder’s warning to America

Have Coffee Will Write – HOW TO BIRTH A TEABAGGER…

The National – Marseille’s Muslims win right to build mosque

Investment Journal – TU Delta – News: Little extra money for research

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders at the House of Lords, 5 March 2010

Mark Steyn, for NRO’s The Corner – News from Eutopia 

Bloomberg Businessweek – Dutch Vote Winner Rutte Meets Queen, Mulls Wilders Coalition

The Jewish Internet Defense Force – (VIDEO) Geert Wilders Praises Israel for Fighting Jihad: Israel is the Canary in the Coal Mine

Mohammed Abbasi – Zakir Naik’s incendiary words

Bare Naked Islam – SOUTH CAROLINA: ‘ISLAM RISING’ Billboard raising eyebrows

Libertarian Republican – Geert Wilders: Jordan is the home for Palestinians, they already have their own Country

Socialist Worker Online – Minister caves in to Islamophobia

Global News Blog Headlines – Middle East News – Iran Security Officials Call West s New Sanctions Illegal

Little Green Footballs – Geert Wilders pushes “Jordan is Palestine” line

Woman Honor Thyself – Geert Wilders: Right again

Middle East Monitor – Jordan is Jordan… and Palestine is Palestine

Jim Taylor’s Weblog – Trusting

People’s Daily Online – Jordanian group condemns right-wing Dutch leader’s remarks

Global Anti-Semitism and Racism News – Geert Wilders declares “Jordan is Palestine” — upsets Jordan

Original Dissent – Geert Wilders Speech in New York – Am I Missing Something?

Read News – Geert Wilder’s policy of No Welfare for Immigrants good for the Dutch, Canadians, AND the USA

The Progressive Realist – Geert Wilders Pushes “Jordan Is Palestine” Line

The Guardian – Zakir Naik’s incendiary words

The Jerusalem Post – Wilders hails Israel ‘fighting jihad’ – The Next Churchill

Red County – “The best of times, the worst of times” – Geert Wilders says Jordan is Palestine – Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party picks up 24 seats in Dutch Elections – and Geert Wilders could join next Dutch Cabinet

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders declares “Jordan is Palestine” — upsets Jordan

Arab News – Parliament blasts Dutch politician for calling Jordan Palestine

Beltway Blips – Geert Wilders: Change Jordan’s name to Palestine

ReDiscover 9/11 – European Far-Right Funded By U.S. Neocon “Anti-Jihadists”

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch won’t get “Purple Plus” government

Bushittinus – Geert Wilders tegen Hindoestanen

EurActiv – Belgium to move quietly on EU enlargement policy

The Holland Bureau – Voices from the Village – Geert Wilders: Change Jordan’s name to Palestine

Standing For God – A Dutch political leader says that Jordan should change its name to Palestine

Read News – Geert Wilders: Jordan is the home for Palestinians, they already have their own Country





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