The Wilders round-up, June 22nd 2010

22 06 2010

Here’s a quick little round-up of links for today. Apologies that things are falling out of date on this site – I’m trying to keep up with the news as best I can.

At any rate, here we go.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Party for Football enters Dutch politics tongue in cheek – PVV ‘ready to rule’ with CDA, VVD: Rutte doubts PVV economic policy

NRC Handelsblad – Retired Dutch politicians critical of Israel

Demotix – Rhythm Against Racism – Stay away from the PVV, says former CDA premier

The Arrogant Atheist Forum – Wilders is an A**hole

The New York Times – The Integrationist

View From The Right – “The World’s Most Wanted: A Moderate Islam” – Heresy Trial

VDARE Blog – Calling Sam Lipsyte

Nieuws uit Berkelland – Verkiezingsposter Geert Wilders beklad

Wake Up Americans Before It’s Too Late – HJJ – I Have Talked about Europe Being Lost Now Hear It From One OF Their Own

Wandering Somewhere – Islam in the blogosphere and elsewhere.

Jacques Littlefield – Wen: Koreas must push for peace

The Jewish Chronicle – What does The JC think about Geert Wilders?

Workers’ Liberty – What has Europe ever done for us?

Ed’son de Pary – Who will be the next Dutch prime minister? – Wilders accuses the Telegraaf of censorship

Autonomous Mind – Zakir Naik: Cameron needs to grow a pair

NRC Handelsblad – Anti-immigration Wilders runs a muted campaign

Norman Tebbit – As the Laws case shows, the rules governing public life are all over the place – Cohen still favourite for prime minister, but VVD leads polls

The Associated Press – Country-by-country look at Europe’s debt crisis – Die Türkei Und Die EU – Oder Die Türkei Und Der Islam – Oder Islamische EU?

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch party leaders not answering tweets

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Immigrant vote accounts for ten seats

The Daily Caller – Country-by-country look at Europe’s debt crisis

Report On Arrakis – Britain lets in radical preacher of hate

Southwest Radio Ministries – ISLAM RISING DVD

Airjordan – The Integrationist

International Viewpoint – Islamophobia sets the terms – The Netherlands calls for Gaza inquiry, Dutch activists in Israeli jail

Centurean2’s Weblog  – Turkey and the EU – Or Turkey and Islam – Or Islamic EU?

View Obama – Wake up, America

Conservative American News – Autographed Copies of the Post-American Presidency ON SALE NOW

Britannia Radio – A selection of recent media reports

The Irish Times – Dutch liberal leader topping polls ahead of next week’s election – Everybody Draw Geert Wilders Day

Gates of Vienna – The PVV Demands an Apology from the Turkish Minister for European Affairs

Cubachi – Geert Wilders defends Israel. Will not side with “the rest of the wolves” in condemning Israel

Presseurop – Geert Wilders, persona non grata

Anne’s Blog – Vision vs Politics? – Islam Rising 12-17

Jules’ Klimaatblog –

Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers – DUTCH HAMAS LOVE – Squatting becomes a crime as senate backs ban


Deutsche Welles – The Netherlands: How well will the extreme right do?

Bill Warner Private Detective – UPDATE on BMW Direct aka Base Connect Inc aka Freedom’s Defense Fund Scam Congressional Candidates And Keep The Cash To Support Right Wing Radical Causes Where Is The FBI ?

Atheist News and Views – Who is behind the Detroit bus ads – “Leaving Islam?” – American Atheists AANEWS – American Atheists

Tablet Magazine – Yes We Cohen!

No Pasaran! – Every Dutch party now holds positions concerning immigrants’ obligations to Dutch society that might’ve been called fascistic by the left a decade ago 

Cempaka Belanda – Immigrants doomed to failure? Not us, say the yeppies

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Immigrants doomed to failure? Not us, say the yeppies

Gaea Times – Debate over Muslim immigration makes way for balancing the budget in Dutch elections

The Irish Times – Dutch anti-Islam firebrand may be brought in from cold – Dutch Muslims fear impact of far-right vote

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch voters looking ever more certain

The Rochester Post-Bulletin – Emphasis should be on mutual respect, not the burqa

Fatpie24 – “Leaving Islam” campaign – What’s missing from this picture?

The Richard Dawkins Foundation – Who is behind the Detroit bus ads – “Leaving Islam?” – Femke Halsema, Job Cohen most popular political dates – Geert Wilders: Agenda van hoop en optimisme.

Grendel Report – Hopefully an Anti-Islam Wave Is Hitting Europe

Search Engine Watch – Search & Social Media in the Dutch Elections, Part 1: Twitter

M3 Report – Mexican Hysteria Over Taser Victim

EuropeNews – The PVV Demands an Apology from the Turkish Minister for European Affairs

The Student Room – Will Geert Wilders become the new PM of the Netherlands next week ? – Wilders in power would mean international isolation: D66

FiveThirtyEight – Is an Anti-Islam Wave Hitting Europe?

Wouter Tulp – Geert Wilders for HPdeTijd




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