Geert Wilders’ Mohammed cartoon plan scuppered

22 06 2010

Via Radio Netherlands Worldwide:

An election stunt by Dutch daily De Telegraaf has gone awry as Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders is accusing the paper of censorship.

De Telegraaf has offered five party leaders one page each in the Monday edition of the paper, which they can edit according to their own ideas.

Mr Wilders was planning to include a cartoon depicting the prophet Mohammed on his page, where the anti-Islam politician wanted to discuss freedom of expression. Telegraaf Editor Sjuul Paradijs has said such cartoons are “needlessly offensive”.

Freedom of expression
The Dutch maker of the disputed cartoon, who is using the pseudonym Nekschot, was briefly arrested in 2008 on charges of discrimination and incitement to violence. Mr Wilders and other politicians were outraged at this arrest, quoting the constitutionally enshrined freedom of expression. The public prosecutor’s decision to investigate Mr Nekschot was considered ill-judged and premature; no court case followed the arrest.

Mr Wilders has told the press he will fill his page in the Monday Telegraaf, but leave an empty space where the cartoon would have been, captioning it with a brief explanation. He will publish the cartoon, however, on the Freedom Party website.

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23 06 2010
Blue Sapphire

jUNE 22, 20


The plan should consist of rites of exorcism

A) Change and develop yourself within

B) Exorcise the demons and entities from within

C) Jesus Christ Issa was good at that

Best wishes Blue Sapphire

18 08 2010

So, having a carttoo should be banned, for being ‘needlessly offensive’, who cares about freedom of native Dutch people’s expression – and the jihadi instransigent haters of infidels are continually allowed to brandish their threats to kill, slit throats, behead, conquer populations of infidel natives, who are forced into being their captive audience, citizens made to listen to their unceasing hatred of free people, – apparently this is not banned because it is ‘needful’? Who exactly are the judges of offense, freedom of speech is not freedom if you cannot say truth that might offend someone. Dutch authorities are dishonestly refusing to admit they are scared of the Muslims. Let’s admit that it is not a shame to admit you are afraid of violent enemies, self-avowed enemies – let the West not be afraid any more to do what Geert Wilders and everybody else with common sense knows needs to be done. Stop spinelessly ignoring our enemies constant crimes, threats, and vile incitement to murder – is this a crime to threaten people’s lives in Europe any more? All those Muslims are criminals then. Why must the tolerant and kind citizens of a freedom-loving country be told they must not tell the truth and speak about the threat facing them, because it ‘is needlessly offensive to them’? Where has common sense fled, basic concept of fair play and right and wrong? Oh, it has been drummed out of us, it is racist, it would be bigoted, it may anger the guests in our country. Then, we must say nothing, we must submit completely becuase they are highly frightening and intimidating. That way, they can be free to carry out therir vindictive, vengeful, hatefilled threats, like they did to Theo, and so many other infidels. We surely don’t want the shame of printing a cartoon or making a documentary examining the Quran, and the example of Mohammed’s life and the connection between those commands and their brtual deeds (Mohammed’s life is the example for all Muslims, who are rewarded for their obedience to lie, deceive, fool and then murder the infidels ‘wherever you find them’) To keep silent, tolerating this hatred in action, to be banned from expressing our disagreement because it would offend our enemies, is as twisted and craven a policy as ever could be. How will we raise our children this way, to allow the most vile, most violent and frightening bullies to do whatever they want to them?? Tolerance of abuse only increases it. I was taught this, and it is suicide, any way you look at it, personal, collective, individual or mass destruction. Enough of being craven spineless weak infidel cowards. We have a historical legacy of freedom and rights to protect and we don’t come from cowardly people. Who has taught us to be cowardly? They are not our friends. Way past time to stop being shoved around, cowed and fearful for our lives, because our conditioning to react wrongly towards intimidation, threats, fear of the violent ones who vow to kill and dominate. We must not relinquish what our forefathers and mothers suffered to give to us – we must not cave in and submit to our enemy, or bow to the cruel Allah and perverted sadist they call holy prophet. Corrupt leaders, stop attacking fair, brave Dutch people like Geert Wilders. Media, we know you aren’t free, but no one can force you to lie, so stop lying, stop viciously mischaracterizing good people, or quit your vile jobs smearing and twisting things. We know who you are. But you can change your evil ways, and ask sincerely for our forgiveness. We are so tolerant and kind, if we see you are really remorseful for your outrageous unfair attacks on your own countrymen, we probably will.

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