Interesting Parallels in Germany – part seventeen

14 06 2010

Continuing with our Parallels in Germany series ( for background, click here ), I’d like to highlight an interesting discovery by my ‘informant’: another man who is fighting the German legal machine.

He writes:

I was in Monschau, where Geert Wilders was thrown out of town by the mayor, at the weekend.

Guess what, I discovered a man, Herr Schreiber an old cobbler who had been treated before the German legal system exactly as I had.

He does not have a computer which is unbelievable what he had achieved. He has been challenging the gits since 1969. 

I have sent him the law which set him up and the letter from the NAZI Ministry of Justice which explains adequately how they abused him.

I shall be going to see him again and will allow him to write his letters on my computer, he is quite good with a type writer so thst is useful when using a computer.

It would be interesting to hear what Mr. Wilders has to say as he was humiliatingly thrown out of town by the Mayoress. 

I will keep you posted.

That was several days ago. He writes again today with an update:

No problem, I am helping Rudolf in Monschau. I have prepared the Constitution for him by highlighting where the ambiguities are. Hopefully, I can get him to arrange a meeting with the Mayoress of Monschau.

I am breaking the law by giving ALTRUISTIC legal advice but it is the only type available, no one can trust lawyers today.

Someone I know in London who is helping me got in touch with the German Embassy, they refuse to answer questions concerning the Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935.

I will keep you posted.

More to come…




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