The Wilders Round-Up, June 13th 2010

13 06 2010

Alright, here goes.

Yellow Stars Euroblog – The PVV, Markuszower and Dutch Security

Casuals Online – Casual – ISLAMIC HATE SPEECH against CHRISTIANS and JEWS

The Moderate Separatist – Suggested Viewing for Students

The Radio Patriot – Obama’s limp-wrist, limp-stick foreign policy

Patriot’s Corner – France moves to ban the burqua while allowing a super mosque to be built

How Can People Be So Stupid? – Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

Light Writer – Geert Wilders: Warning to America

BOB Jogging Stroller – what do we do now? And do we have the guts to do it?

Hodjas Blog – Støt Geert Wilders – re: Deporting Millions Of Muslims May Be Necessary – Geert Wilders

Zimbio – Dutch and Danes threatened by Al Qaeda for upcoming World Cup

Kendin Cos – Geert Wilders over immigratiekosten(7 miljard per jaar)

Mirror Football – Dirk Kuyt reveals ‘terror’ over Al Qaeda World Cup plot

Islamic Revival – Islam’s view towards Freedom of Speech

Winds of Jihad – Amira Nowaira shoots herself in the foot, projects Islamic hatred onto Lars Vilks

Bad News From The Netherlands – Party Leaders Get Extra Security in Anticipation of Elections

Islamophobia Watch – Portraying Muslims as sub-human is not ‘free speech’

The Soccer Room – Dirk Kuyt terrified over Al Qaeda plot

GM’s Place – Why I Drew Mohammad

Mohammed Abbasi – BBC Documentary on the Chav Fascists of EDL

Chasing Evil – “Dhimmitude” and the Muslim Exemption

Heavenly Deeds – Geert Wilders Defends His Anti-Islam Film –

Cempaka Belanda – Dutch candidate quit after secret service allegations

ClassicsLinguist – The Islamist Trojan horse

FlyerTalk – Anti-Muslim Party of Geert Wilders loses parliamentary candidate to Israel’s Mossad

Daylife – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Seventeen – new humanist rationalist association discussing humanism – Following Conservative Win in UK, Center Right parties appear headed for Victory in the Netherlands – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Seventeen

Sri Lanka Guardian – Fundamentalism and irrational bigotry

Comment Is Free – A predictable furore over Vilks

The Freedom Fighter’s Journal – Muslims Unhappy Over Draw Mohammad Blogburst (Like we care…)

Thinker’s Podium – And a separate post for the other loons…

Militant Ginger – ‘Progressive’ Britain

Theneointellectual – I’m Lars Vilks!… #freespeech #tcot #tlot #p2

Hickley – The state of play

Answering Muslims – The Next 10 Years of Free Speech in a 10 Minute Microcosm

Gates of Vienna –  A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Seventeen

Atlas Shrugs – Islamic Law Vs. Free Speech: It’s War

Exile On Moan Street – Keeper of Secrets – [UPD] ‘Sorry wereld voor Wilders’

World Wide News Flash – Wilders

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders to enter Dutch government after support for anti-Islamic party triples

Mark Steyn, in NRO’s The Corner – Subprime Election Coverage:

This will serve as a useful media template for many Euro-elections ahead. Meanwhile, the fourth-placed Jan Peter Balkende will continue to be described as “mainstream” while the third-placed Wilders will remain on the “extreme far-right fringe”. As I suggested to the media last time round, maybe he only seems so “extreme” and “far” because of where you’re standing.

Read the rest here.

The Jerusalem Post – ‘We have no problem to be tolerant of the tolerant’

Free Canuckistan – Steyner 413rd

Gates of Vienna – The Last Lap

Marginalized Action Dinosaur – The Freedom Party of Geert Wilders, became the third-largest party in the parliament

Fab5ive – Tim Pen en de PVV-stemmers; het verhaal

Elsevier – Wilders: Ik debatteer al zes jaar met kogelvrijvest aan

Vlad Tepes – Wilders Doubles his vote — PVV now Holland’s third party

Jay Currie – Holland turns right? – and Golem

Sky News – Geert Wilders Goes Mainstream

BBC News – Surge for Dutch anti-Islam Freedom Party

Blazing Cat Fur – Sites of the Day…

Stand For Islam – Freedom Of Speech: The Islamic Viewpoint

Boiling The American Frog – Another Testimonial to Not-So-Stealth Jihad

Middle East Affairs Information Centre – Wie de Waarheid Spreekt Riskeert Vervolging in Zweden

DC Comics Message Boards – Thread: What if Batman fought Geert Wilders

Zimbio – Following Conservative Win in UK, Center Right parties appear headed for Victory in the Netherlands

Topix – Immigrants cost the Netherlands 7.2 billion euros a year

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Immigrants cost the Netherlands 7.2 billion euros a year

Candace Chellew-Hodge – Anti-Muslim Group Targets South Carolina With New Wilders Film

NIS News Bulletin – Nyfer: Immigration costs 7.2 billion Euros a year – and CDA best for companies, worst for consumers

Manchester Evening News – Pakistan blocks Youtube and Facebook

Charlotte Conservative News – Following Conservative Win in UK, Center Right parties appear headed for Victory in the Netherlands

Deutsche Welle – The prospect of a burqa ban spreads across Europe – The paper clip, 20 May

Media Backspin – Chomsky, Wilders and the MSM’s Dissident Dissonance

Aberhart and Harper on Crusade – Anne Coulter, Tom Tancredo and Controlled Controversy

Joshuapundit – Why I Won’t Participate In ‘Everybody Draw Mohammed ‘ Day

Bookworm Room – Everybody Draw Mohamed Day — or, you’re not the boss of me

Tundra Tabloids – THE MULTICULTURALISTS’ DARK SECRET REVEALED: MASS IMMIGRATION COSTING THE NETHERLANDS 7 BILLION EUROS PER YEAR……. – Netherlands: Non-Western immigration costs 7.2 billion euro a year


Stand Up To Hate – The prospect of a burqa ban spreads across Europe

Atlas Shrugs – Islamic Free Speech Attack: Un-indicted Co-Conspirator, Hamas-Tied CAIR Demands Tennessee Tea Party Convention Cancel Pamela Geller – Whose Ethics? Whose Point?

Image Mentors – Pakistan bans YouTube over anti-Islamic film clips

Political Vel Craft – May God Bless Geert Wilders – Nation Of Holland Under Siege By Islamic Fascists!

Yellow Stars Euroblog – Dutch news media stumping for Wilders

De Volksrant – ‘Allochtoon heeft er baat bij om te weten wat hij kost’


The Holland Bureau – Lovely Rita – and Left or Right Forums –  (Netherlands) 50,000 non-western immigrants would cost €7.2bn, says Nyfer

Zionist Conspiracy – The Chomsky Affair

 2010 South Africa – Al-Qaeda threatens to attack Denmark and Netherlands teams

Jacques Littlefield – Pakistan blocks YouTube, Facebook over ’sacrilegious content’ – Geert Wilders Begins Campaign

Counterculture Con HQ – Geert Wilders: the Last Free Voice in the West

Myspace Forums – Geert Wilders

Slideshare – De Geert Wilders uitspraken generator

Christian Action Network – Geert Wilders begins his campaign in the Netherlands



2 responses

14 06 2010

Please remove the link to my blog from your site a.s.a.p. !
(Ad’s travelblog and other thoughts – The Dutch Parliamentary elections 2010)

If you had read the article, you’d know that I do NOT support Geert in any way and that I am NOT opposed to his court-case.

So: remove it!


14 06 2010
walker morrow

Sure – no problem. I try to link to both support and criticism of Geert Wilders, because – in my mind at least – the purpose behind this blog is to provide a full context of Geert Wilders’ prosecution; I’m just trying to provide information. You don’t have to support Geert Wilders to get linked by me – I’m half-in-half-out myself when it comes to supporting the man.

But if you’re not comfortable with being linked by a ‘pro’-Geert Wilders blog, I understand. I’ll take down the link.

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