The Wilders Round-Up, June 2nd 2010

2 06 2010

Alright, here goes.

The Guardian – Geert Wilders, the ultra-right firebrand, campaigns to be Holland’s prime minister

Libertarian Republican – Geert Wilders and Party for Freedom new ad – English Translation

Worldwide Liberty – des nouvelles annonces par Geert Wilders et le parti de la liberté

Vlad Tepes – Geert Wilders tells it like it is! Watch and admire!

T-Six – When religion and culture part ways

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Who will be the next Dutch prime minister?

Gates of Vienna – More Security, Less Immigration

Krapuul – Telegraaf neemt Wilders tegen zichzelf in bescherming – Homohaters alleen Marokkaans? – Geert Wilders de man die van demoniseren zijn beroep EN zijn hobby heeft gemaakt over… demoniseren – PVV-splijtzwam HeroBrinkman en zijn jongeluiVolgend debat dan maar bij de Vara; Cohen, Halsema, Pechtold v.s. Wilders – Zijn de PVV en NSB met elkaar te vergelijken – eens kijken wat zo’n PVV’er daarover vindt – PVV’er Wilders bepleit cordon sanitaire voor PvdA – and En WEER een debat waarvoor Wilders “geen tijd heeft”

Yellow Stars Euroblog – Wilders and Israel, the Freedom Party and Likud

EuropeNews – More Security, Less Immigration – EDL support Geert Wilders London 5th March 2010

Blood and Soil – European nationalist parties.

Waves PR – Being offensive to improve communication

I Mitt Sverige – Petition till stöd för Geert Wilders – Geert Wilders Freedom Party PVV: Official TV Spot – and Stötta Geert Wilders kamp för allas vår framtid!

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – This week in the Netherlands

Weird Wonderful Whatever – Same me, oh peroxide warrior (Geert on a roll)

View From The Right – Wilders’s plea for freedom and truth

Make It Right! – Another Wonderful MSM Heading – Dutch Islamophobe hits political nerve

Conservative Liberal – Trying to get back into the game

British Democracy Forum –  Nick’s Post BNP Leader Role

Site: Bosnia Pyramid Step Visoko – Bosnian English Free Translation

Politifi – Stöd Geert Wilders!

Ben Price – News – 05/17/10…

Myrtus – US Right-Wing Sponsors Geert Wilders

Yahoo Buzz – Geert Wilders, the ultra-right firebrand, campaigns to be Holland’s prime minister

Free Canuckistan – Steynian 411rd

FrontPage Mag – Harry Potter and the Vanishing Jihad

Roubini Global Economics – A Return to the Guilder?

Andrew Sullivan – “An Epidemic Of Not Watching” Ctd: The Christianist Alliance

The Zimbabwe Mail – White South Africans use Facebook in campaign to return to Holland

The International Free Press Society – English Defence League Website Censored

Matthew Yglesias – A Post-Jewish Pro-Israel Movement

New Music Releases – New pop release by Geert Wilders, The

Vox – Muhaddith Quran Miracles Dispelling Misconceptions Islamic Videos

PastelMoon – Geert Wilders Trial

Philadelphia Atheists Meetup – Hatemongers Geert Wilders and David Horowitz routed at Temple U.

Apni Community – Aktuelles Interview: Geert Wilders bei Glenn Beck Deutsche Untertitel

Reuters – Dutch concerns over Islam, globalisation drive Wilders’ support 

The Telegraph – Protests for and against the visit of Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders – Dutch, Danish teams and fans potential targets at World Cup – and Anti-squatting law likely to be passed

The International Civil Liberties Alliance – English Defence League Website Apparently Taken Down For Telling The Truth About Islam

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch face left-right election choice

Islamization Watch – Wilders Predicts: ‘Freedom Party gets 25 seats’

EuroSavant – To Wilders Or Not To Wilders

Exposing Islam – English Defence League website apparently taken down for telling the truth about Islam



The Key To Power – Muslims have adopted wrong method to Fight the Evil Facebook Page that urge people to have Draw Muhammad Day on May 20th

Ed’son De Pary – Dutch Politics Wahala

Scholarship Applications – PhD Student The Rhetoric of Authenticity in Politics and Literature

British Democracy Forum – Watch the PVV’s party political broadcast here (with English subtitles)

One News Page – Geert Wilders, the ultra-right firebrand, campaigns to be Holland’s prime minister

Booman Tribune – Partners of Wilders in US Earn Big Bucks from Jihad Watch

TC Tubantia – Wilders: ‘PVV krijgt 25 zetels’

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – ‘Muslim women eat herring as well!’

Stemhok – Everybody Draw Geert Wilders Day

Myrtus – “Everybody Draw Geert Wilders Day” contest kicks off in Holland

Geek Host – LiveLeak: Video Web Host Pulls Dutch MPs Anti-Koran Film

Radio Free Britain – The Failed State of England


News – Blog – Make Wilders work for you

Hot Music TV Network – Wilders

Mercury In Motion – Howdy, Hattiesburg / Houdoe, Holland – Geert Wilders – Jihad against the Western Civilisation

Ebook Reviews – Wilders. Here’s How.

It.politica – Fa esplodere la CP in NL Geert Wilders?: ‘Leader di lista temono dischiesamento’

Euronews – The Netherlands: Looking out for Henk and Ingrid

Charlotte Conservative News – Dutch and Danes threatened by Al Qaeda for upcoming World Cup

Bloomberg Businessweek – Al-Qaeda Denies World Cup Terror Plot Alleged by Iraq (Update1) – Press Review Tuesday 25 May 2010 – Liberals increase election lead

Political Blog – Geert Wilders in HARDtalk – part 1

Living The European Dream – Questions for Supporters of Geert Wilders

Real Americans Defend Israel – As Israel goes, so goes the entirety of Western civilization

Beltway Blips – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Eighteen – PVV candidate withdrew after security service report: NRC – and ‘Purple coalition very unlikely’ says Liberal leader Rutte

Click Liverpool – Liverpool FC’s World Cup stars facing Al Qaeda threat

The Juice – Allen West Is to Denmark What Hasselhoff Is to Deutschland

Bad News From The Netherlands – Wilders: Moroccan Suspects Six Times More than Ethnic Dutchmen

Gates of Vienna – Glenn Beck and European “Fascism” – The PVV Demands an Apology from the Turkish Minister for European Affairs – and A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Eighteen

Tel-Chai Nation – Spot on

A Guide to Denmark and the Denish Way – Hahahahaha-hahahahaha-hahahaha-ha ha! Danish People’s Party – hahahaha ha ha.

Pete’s Place – The Narrative of Defeat

Answering Muslims – Rick Barber Runs for Congress–The Spiral Begins

Janslog – 2010 elections

Musliminfo: Info Islam Tanpa Sempadan – Campaign: STOP ISLAM IN U.S.

Armchair General – Geert Wilders: Europe is almost lost to Islam.

 Beltway Blips – “The Netherlands Stands at a Crossroads”

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Candidates clash in first TV election debate

Stress Help – Create Your very own Wilders.

Musings of a Durotrigan – Electoral Prospects for Geert Wilders and the PVV

Hot Music Shop – Wilders

Gates of Vienna – “The Netherlands Stands at a Crossroads”



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9 06 2010
World Wide News Flash

The Wilders Round-Up, June 2nd 2010…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

11 06 2010

Fab5iver bedreigd door PVV-stemmers…

I found your entry interesting do I’ve added a Trackback to it on my weblog :)…

11 06 2010

Thanks! Much appreciated.

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