A Red Rebel Hit Job on Geert Wilders

12 05 2010

Via Politically Incorrect:

A Dutch film-making outfit known as Red Rebel Films has recently approached various European and American anti-jihad activists and asked to interview them for a documentary about Geert Wilders. The filmmakers have described their project as an objective look at the Dutch politician, and not an attack piece.

By Sukarno

So who are Red Rebel Films? What do we know about their objectivity when it comes to the subject of their upcoming documentary?

According to the Red Rebel website:

RedRebel Films is dedicated to filmmaking that promotes change. We uncover stories that need to be told and produce cutting edge programmes that enlighten, challenge, and provoke opinion.


RedRebel Films is a multi award winning documentary company formed in 2007 by filmmakers Mags Gavan and Joost van der Valk.

Nothing alarming here so far. They are based in London, Cardiff, and Amsterdam. Their experience in film is outlined on their “About” page:

When Mags eventually left BBC and joined forces with Joost, they dedicated their careers to making hard hitting films with a purpose, and set up RedRebel.


Immediately they began making cutting edge current affairs documentaries such as Kashmir’s Missing Men (about the independence struggle in Indian Kashmir).

Their site, however, fails to mention that the film about Kashmir has a pro-Muslim point of view. Does this provide a clue about Red Rebel’s attitude towards Wilders?

When he sent emails to people that he wanted to interview, Joost van der Valk explained that his film company was working on a programme for Dutch Television (VPRO) about the PVV and other similar parties which strongly oppose Islam in Europe.

This may not have been the whole truth, or perhaps it was a way or cover up their intentions. The film or documentary will be only about the PVV and Geert Wilders. There is no other topic.

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One response

10 06 2010

Go, Geert, go!!!… It’s time to stop islamic and all third world expansion to the West. If they want to live well, let them fix their own countries.

Thank you, Geert

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