Interesting parallels in Germany – part fourteen

3 05 2010

In this instalment of our Parallels in Germany series, I’d like to highlight some more correspondence. Here is a response to my ‘informant’s’ – a fellow currently embroiled within the morass of the German legal system – letter  letter to the UK’s David Cameron. But it’s not a response from David Cameron – it’s a response from his running-mate in the upcoming UK elections, Nick Clegg. Here’s his response:

Many thanks for contacting Nick Clegg.  I’m replying to letters and emails on his behalf.
It’s really kind of you to take the time to send us your thoughts.  It’s really good for us to hear what people up and down the country think about all sorts of issues and concerns, especially from outside the party’s established structures.  Hearing from people by letter and email can make us aware of different points of view and experiences we hadn’t heard before and we’re always keen to have them flagged up!  Please do rest assured that all your comments have been taken on board.
Thank you once again for contacting us.
Best wishes,
Bess Mayhew
Office of Nick Clegg
Leader of the Liberal Democrats

My ‘informant’ writes:

So this is the reply from Nick Clegg concerning the letter I initially sent to david Cameron to which he refused to reply.

As you can read he has taken all my points on board but does not see reason to do anything more about it. 

Yet more proof they are all the same. The evidence must be correct or he could have replied that I have not got a clue what I am on about.

More to come…




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3 05 2010
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[…] Interesting parallels in Germany – part fourteen […]

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