Berlin: A Sign for Democracy and Freedom

25 04 2010

Via Politically Incorrect:

This past Saturday afternoon, Berlin stood as a sign of complete solidarity with Geert Wilders and for the defense of free speech, without which it is impossible for a democracy — as a government of the people — to function. Some 150 participants arrived for the the rally put on by the Citizen Initiative Pax Europa (BPE) in collaboration with the Berlin PI group. Among the guests were a found delegation form the International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA) and the English Defence League (EDL) who was on the road from England to Berlin for a good 17 hours because of the volcanic ash hovering over Europe and the resulting cancellation of flights.

Marc DollJoachim Swietlik headed up the main program as the current regional presiding officer for BPE Berlin. Marc Doll (photo left) and René Stadtkewitz made their appearance as the main speakers.

Both brought to mind the essence of democracy, which has no reason for existence without a free people, and how the politicians can claim just as little right for making decisions against to the will of the people, which happens over and over again in Germany and Brussels. Today, many international organizations like the UN Human Rights Council no longer stand true to their original principles and have distanced themselves from their true purposes. René StadtkewitzIt is even more important for citizens as sovereigns in a democracy to assume responsibility for their citizens’ rights and not allow tyranny to take over their homeland as dictated by a Left-Green way of thought or as a totalitarian threat by the belief system of Islam.

Stefan Herre, founder of PI, gave a short greeting and encouraged the PI readers and the guests who travelled from afar that everyone is needed for the mutual battle for the preservation of democracy and freedom of speech, and even those who didn’t stand in front of the Dutch embassy but followed the event on Livestream. He appealed to the Dutch to end the trial against Geert Wilders and instead vote him in as Prime Minister in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

Read the rest here.

UPDATE: The International Civil Liberties Alliance: Photographs From Solidarity With Geert Wilders Demonstration in Berlin on 17 April 2010




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