The Weekly Wilders Round-Up, April 11th 2010

12 04 2010

Alright, here we go.

Zimbio – Wilders backs out of US anti-Islam film premiere

Bella Mentes – Frank Gaffney Address the Defense Freedom Forum

Gates of Vienna – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Five

Doc’s Talk – Fjordman Book Review: Wafa Sultan’s “A God Who Hates” – EU´s “Internal” Security Plan: Structure and Remit of the Police State According to the European Council

Kathy Shaidle, for NewsReal – Toronto Muslim: ‘We need another Holocaust’ (video)

Vlad Tepes – Report on Dudley protest by gay division of EDL

Web tourist destination – The crooked judges of Amsterdam

The Australian – Continental bid to remove veil in the face of Islamic extremism

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch Freedom Party: scrap RNW and public TV:

The Dutch anti-Islamic Freedom Party, led by opposition MP Geert Wilders, says it wants to cut the number of public broadcast channels.

The three public TV networks should be reduced to one, and Radio Netherlands Worldwide, the country’s international broadcaster, should be abolished altogether. The party argues in its election manifesto that these measures are necessary to free up the financial means needed to pay for health care.

Mr Wilders said that commercial broadcasters are facing unfair competition from public broadcasters who receive 700 million euros in subsidies annually. “We’d better economise here rather than in the health and social care sectors,” Mr Wilders told the Dutch daily AD on Tuesday.

Read the rest here. – Language test for toddlers, no free citizenship courses in VVD manifesto

Harrow Times – UKIP unveils Harrow East candidate

World News Blog – ‘I’m not a threat to anybody’

Politifi – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Five

David Mixner – Nationalistic Trend in Europe?

NRC Handelsblad – Dutch politicians campaign on a shoestring

Enough Room – Geert Wilders On Liberty

The Apricity Forum – Geert Wilders is major winner in Dutch polls

Understanding Islam – Geert Wilders Speech at House of Lords – UK – Geert Wilders was vroeger een neger

The Raven Foundation – Geert Wilders, the West, and Islam: The Escalation to Extremes

The Financial Times – Healing old wounds in cities of conflict

Cut and Shoot – Islam – Most parties have less to spend on election campaign – and ‘Non-western immigration costs up to €10bn a year’: update – Re: Geert Wilders and Nigel Farage test the limits of free speech

Something You Might Like – Americans Are Greatly Blessed To Have First Amendment Freedoms

Conservative Politics Examiner – Toronto Muslim: ‘We need another Holocaust’ (video)

Sean Hannity Discussion – What do you think of Geert Wilders?

Liberty Republican Forum – Europe rallying around Geert Wilders to Stop Radical Islam

Underground Politics – Geert Wilders: Islam rising trailer

UK Debate Forum  – Trial of Geert Wilders.

Read News – Europe rallying around Geert Wilders to Stop Radical Islam

Topix – Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders makes strong showing in local polls – What do you all think of this man? – Geert Wilders (video!) – An American Movie on Geert Wilders

Teton Gravity Research Forums – The REAL Racist Bigots

Real Americans Defend Israel – Socialism Is Modern Slavery … Video from SULTAN KNISH, Daniel Greenfield

We The People – Did You Leave Something Out Glenn???

Smoke Me A Kipper – Shiny Happy People

Square Mile Wife – Dieudonné to Perform in London *UPDATED*

Centurean2’s Weblog – [Islam in Europe] Netherlands: Non-Western immigration costs 6-10 billion euro a year….

Islamization Watch – PVV: Wilders gets figures: Immigration cost six billion euros

Bad News From The Netherlands – Wilders: New non-western immigrants cost 6-10 billion euro annually

De Telegraaf – Wilders krijgt cijfers ‘Allochtonen zijn leden van samenleving’

NIS News Bulletin – Anti-Terrorism Unit: Elections May Spark Violence

Charlotte Conservative News – Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Islam incompatible with Libertarian ideals

FrontPage Mag – Is Wilders Wrong About Islam?

The Guardian – Hungary party to follow European extremism’s move away from fringes

Ed West – The Conservatives anti-gay? Have you actually been to a Tory social event? – VVD rises in latest poll, Labour still on top – and CDA backs annual kilometre tax bill – The paper clip, 8 April

Gates of Vienna – “All Hell Will Break Loose in the Netherlands” – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Seven – and A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Six

Stand Up To Hate – Hungary party to follow European extremism’s move away from fringes

Islam + Obama = Death to the USA – Euro-Mediterranean project – and Geert Wilders at the House of Lords

Oy…My Valve! – Shepard Smith: Fox Sharia News Useful Anti-Israel Idiot

Occult Mosaic – Dark King (March)

Eternity Road – Madness not seen since Hitler.

The Blogmocracy – The upcoming elections in the UK: a choice between an uber-progressive, another uber-progressive, and an Alinksy-quoting “conservative”

ACT! For America Midwest Newsletter – ACT for AMERICA and the truth of the matter….

Coloplast Drugs – Fitna part 1/4 English Geert Wilders!

Brian Paget – He’s been a very naughty boy…

IsMySiteIndexed? –

EuropeNews – Is Wilders Wrong About Islam? – and A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Five

Understanding Islam – Geert Wilders Dutch Party For Freedom on Islam

Islamica Community – Geert Wilders to show anti-Koran film in Lords

Politifi – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Six

Documenting Reality – Geert Wilders Film


iPlextra – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Nine

EuropeNews – “All Hell Will Break Loose in the Netherlands”

Animillenialist Contra Mundum – Multiculturalism and craven self-censorship as the path to the Islamization of the West

Dutch Concerns – The Totalitarian Failure called European Union

Postmodern Conservative – Dutch Courage

Harrow Times – ELECTION 2010: Abhijit Pandya, UKIP candidate for Harrow East

Eurasia Review – Europe’s Islamophobia

Eye On The World – Video: Geert Wilders’ “Islam Rising” trailer

AnthroScape – Fitna the Movie by Geert Wilders

Gates of Vienna – A Rosetta Stone for Geert Wilders: Part Nine – Let Them Come to Berlin

Counterculture Con HQ – Geert Wilders Adresses the Court

Infidels Paradise – Geert Wilders’ Fitna Sequel “Islam Rising” Trailer: “Islam Is The Communism of Today”

Philadelphia Atheists Meetup – Geert Wilders trial

Rapture Ready – Geert Wilders Warning to America

View From The Right – “Harry” de Winter was not a mistake by Jakarta Post

John Hendrix – In EU vote out the massimmigration extremist politicans, they stopped free speech.

Islamization Watch – Scare tactics of security fears around Dutch elections and Wilders

JBlog Central – Video: Geert Wilders’ “Islam Rising” trailer

Elsevier – NCTb vreest aanslag verkiezingen: extra maatregelen – Martin Mawyer

Truthout – News in Brief

Our Changing Landscape – Lawyers enabling Terrorists, Geert Wilders’s Trial, and Other Articles by David Harris

Presseurop – PC and the rise of Geert Wilders

Seta’s Armenian Blog – FATHER FRANK’S RANTS – The Pope: a Turkish Defence

Topix – Stopping the Islamization of Europe – Dutch Member of Parliament Geert Wilders – Wake up, America

Gran Alacant Plaza – PC and the rise of Geert Wilders

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Dutch elections = greater terrorism threat – and Wilders: immigrants cost billions a year




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