The Weekend Wilders Round-Up, March 28th 2010

28 03 2010

Alright, here we go.

Blue Collar Philosophy – Islam Rising (Video)

Boys Buzz – From The Fabulous To The Funky…..

The Toronto Sun – Cancellation of speech plays right into Coulter’s hands

Glamscene – Daily Online Alerts: Google Alert – Film | Television

De Israel Lobby – Knesset-lid noemt Britten ‘honden’

Rod Dreher – Dhimmitude at the drive-thru?

The Irish Times – Dual strategy needed of quick changes and long-term renewal plan

Pitts Report – Dutch anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders makes strong showing in local polls

Eine Kleine Nichtmusik – Glenn, Geller and Geert


Gates of Vienna – Gates of Vienna News Feed 3/24/2010

GayandRight – Good for Geert Wilders…. – Antigay Activist Prompts Dutch Pol to Pull Out of L.A. Film Premiere

Youtube – threatening Dutch values – Wilders pulls out, film premiere scrapped

Huibslog – LA Wilders Sanctification Movie Aborted: Yes, We CAN*! – and L.A., May 1st: Spencer and Geller Celebrate St. Geert Wilders, a Loony Prophet from Holland – London England UK Expels Israel Mossad, Gives Into Londonistan, Encourages Terrorism

Musings of a Durotrigan – UAF Mission Statement: a Pack of Lies

Islamic News – Netherlands: Children of immigrants are afraid to Wilders’ | Society | News | Islam and Muslims in Russia and in the world

Oklahoma Chapter of Americans United – Religious Right Filmmaker’s Anti-Gay Past Is Exposed By Americans United – Holland is scared

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Wilders backs out of US anti-Islam film premiere:


The Christian Action Network (CAN) decided to make a film about Geert Wilders after seeing him speak in public in Boca Raton, Florida. CAN President Martin Mawyer says he was impressed by the politician’s views on Islam: “We thought that churches and leaders from the religious movement needed to hear his words so we decided to take that speech, his Fitna film, and a description of Mr Wilders’ problems in the Netherlands in producing Fitna, put it altogether and produce a film called Islam Rising.”

‘Islam Rising: Geert Wilders’ Warning to the West’ was produced by PRB films and is a montage of clips from Fitna including images of hostages with guns being held to their heads and radical Muslims preaching hate at a gathering in London. It also includes news footage of the PVV leader.

The film was due to be premiered on May 1 in Los Angeles and Mr Wilders originally said he was ‘honoured’ to be invited. But he backtracked on Wednesday over comments allegedly made by Martin Mawyer, that gay people are sick, saying: “I don’t want to be personally associated with that.”

CAN says the screening won’t go ahead as planned but Martin Mawyer says the decision isn’t embarassing for the group: “We understand that in this movement to fight Jihad and radical extremism in the Muslim world, there’s going to be a variety of people with different political viewpoints. Our viewpoint on homosexuality differs from Mr Wilders’ and I can understand he has some objections to our biblical views on homosexuality.”

Read the rest here.

Ontd_political – Dutch Muslims and Wilders, revised because of LJ fuckup

Dr. Ko Ko Gyi’s Blog – Supporting blog of Bigot Neo-Nazi Human Rights Criminal Geert Wilders [ that would be us – happy to serve… ]

The Forgotten Minority – Received via Email from A Coptic Friend

The Lightning News – the keys of death and of hell

FrontPage Mag – The Silence of the Lambs

Weblog GeertWilders – Holland is scared

Hinduism Defense – NO JIHAD, NO ISLAM – Local Vote Gauges Wilders’ Popularity

Boris Braak International – A Right-Wing Swing in Political Europe

Life In Israel – Push for EU-wide minaret ban? Delegates gather

O Japan Business News 24/7 – Lifesaving dialogue past due between Islamic world and West

The Sample Gates – An Open Apology Letter to the Muslim World

Habib Siddiqui – Sex, Scandal, Modernity and Morality

Egregores – Geert Wilders Film Premiere Cancelled Over Gay Rights Dispute

Gates of Vienna – Geert Wilders Oppresses Women

The Japan Times Online – Lifesaving dialogue past due between Islamic world and West

Asian Tribune – Letter from America: Sex, Scandal, Modernity and Morality

Angus Reid Global Monitor – Most Dutch Prefer Cohen as Prime Minister – PVV definitely out of The Hague coalition

American Thinker – Democracy and Freedom

The Muslim News – Wilders Comes with message of hate

De Telegraaf – Albayrak: Wilders is onderdrukker moslimvrouw

Jacob Theodore – Geert Wilders: Muslims ‘Burning In Hell’ And All Other Moderate Views

The Fifth Column – Think-Israel January-February 2010 Issue

Dutch Political Report – Poll: Cohen and Wilders Popular Among Dutch Students

The Colossus of Rhodey – The inanity of the rest of the West

MoneyWeb – The changing social, political and economic landscape in Europe and the US

The Blogger – International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

Talk To Action – Fiasco: LA Premiere of Geert Wilders Documentary Cancelled Due to Christian Action Network Link – and Dutch Treat: AU Helps Netherlands Newspaper Kick CAN Over Anti-Gay Extremism

Human Rights Service – “Churchill hadde rett” – Press Review Thursday 25 March 2010

Atlas Shrugs – Anders Gravers, Danish Leader of SIOE, Threatened with Arrest

The Globe and Mail – Ann Coulter, come back! Bring Rush Limbaugh, too!

The HomoFile – Antigay Activist Prompts Dutch Pol to Pull Out of L.A. Film Premiere

Phaedo’s Corner – Glenn Beck: Out of His Depth on This One.

Politically Incorrect – New Wilders Film Splits taz Openly

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Muslims quietly take Wilders’ abuse

Bringitup – My World, My Views – Muslim immigration and the politicians of Europe

Brennan’s – Muhaddith Quran Miracles Islamic Videos Refuting Misconceptions – make money online europe – Labour remains biggest party in polls

The Muslim News – Interview with David Cameron

Spiegel Online – International Right-Wingers Gather for EU-Wide Minaret Ban

Ihsan Alkhatib – St. Martin’s Press Mainstreams Hate of Arabs and Muslims – Hollywood: Geert Wilders Movie Aborted: Yes We CAN!

Dear England – Geert Wilders on BBC Hardtalk- A modern day Hero

Gates of Vienna – Some Fallacies On the Subject of Crime — Part 1 

Bartholomew’s Notes On Religion – Fiasco: LA Premiere of Geert Wilders Documentary Cancelled – Dutch far-right party out in cold over head scarf ban:

 Dutch far-right leader Geert Wilders’ Party for Freedom (PVV) has scuppered its chances of governing in the city of Almere through its insistence on a head scarf ban, a crown-appointed official said Friday.No other party in Almere would accept a blanket ban on Islamic head scarves in municipal buildings, making it impossible to form a ruling coalition, said Boele Staal, a politician appointed by Queen Beatrix to investigate options for coalition government in the city where the PVV won March 3 municipal elections.

“The PVV wants a head scarf ban regardless of any (legal) test,” said Boele’s letter to the city council of Almere, nearly a third of whose 190,000 residents are of immigrant origin.

“With this position, the PVV has denied itself any possibility to be part of the municipal executive.”

Boele said he would continue leading exploratory coalition talks in Almere, “while no longer regarding the PVV as a possible coalition party.”

Read the rest here.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide – Newsline – ‘Coffee shop verdict may end Dutch soft drugs tolerance’

Refugee Resettlement Watch – Comment worth noting: the German approach to society

Frontpage Mag – Muslim Law Students’ War Against Free Speech – Dutch MP in UK to show Islam film

Ben’s Blog – Defamation of Religions UNHRC March 25 ’10

Ike Jakson’s Blog – Cycles and Circles updated for 2010



4 responses

28 03 2010
Ike Jakson

I found your ping-back and appreciate you keeping us informed. However, it would be unfair to support or criticize anyone on something that I do not have all the facts.

Can you send links please?

28 03 2010
walker morrow

Hi Ike, thanks for your comment.

A good place to look through for info would probably be this page:

It’s basically a link-dump regarding the Geert Wilders trial, including various newspapers, magazines, websites, and the like. Also, this page could be informative:

There’s information sprinkled throughout the rest of this site, too, if you feel like spending the time to dig through it all 🙂

29 03 2010

What a great site, Geert Wilders is a Modern day hero and should be supported, what has happened to him in the Netherlands is disgusting……

31 03 2010

Very good with a collection of these sites – stay connected for freedom

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