Interesting parallels in Germany, part three

25 03 2010

To continue onward with our Parallels in Germany series, I’d like to highlight a little more correspondence between Kristina Link of the German Die Linke political party, and my ‘informant’ regarding a relatively ancient German law that was, originally, put in place by the Nazis. Some earlier correspondence can be read here.

Here’s the email from Kristina Link, slightly edited to protect certain private information:

Datum: 08.05.2008 14:53:44 Westeuropäische Normalzeit
An: *******

Dear Mr. *****,

I am responsable legal consultant of DIE LINKE.

I am happy to inform you, that the former Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 was annuled.

Opinion of german left party concerning this Law was and is very critical. Especially the aim to get jewish people out of their job-practice was the main and severe criticism of DIE LINKE.

Fortunately, this law was annuled. Now, our aim is to allow altruistic legal advice by law. But german government and other political parties do not chair this ambition

Thanks for your interest.

Yours faithfully,

Kristina Link

Kristina Link
Referentin für Rechtspolitik

Fraktion DIE LINKE. im Bundestag

Platz der Republik 1

11011 Berlin

Telefon +4930/227-54580

Telefax +4930/227-56580


DIE LINKE wirkt.

Abonnieren Sie jetzt:

My Mr. ***** ‘informant’ gives an alternative view in an email to me:

Attached is an e-mail from Frau Link in which she claims the Law on Legal Advice 13th December 1935 had been annulled.

Why were they very critical about the part of the law that referred to Jews when the German Ministry of Justice had made it clear that it is no longer discriminatory?

She must know of this law because she as a lawyer had to renew her PERMIT under it to work in her profession every year.

She had to change her story on this law when I told her to read the letter from the German Ministry of Justice.

The story continues…



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